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Here comes the winter, almost everyone wrap tightly like a buffalo---- Fat! But there is one person in our AP center who is not afraid of cold, Guess who? He comes from Utah, a very cold place. The lowest temperature almost gets -34 °C. By comparing with the climate there, here is the “paradise”. On the other hand, there are many changes of emotion on him and his living habits changes a lot after he came to China.

Interview: Matt Dawson 1. Here comes winter, do you have any change of mood? Will you become lazy, whiny, or something else?

This depends on what the situation is. At home, I will say no, because there are many things I

can do in the winter, I mean there are many winter sports. Like ice skating. Ice climbing. So it is easy to be active. So I don’t, when I live in China, I don’t become lazy or whiny, it is difficult to be active. 2

Interview 2. How many clothes you used to wear in winter? Are you afraid of chill?

No, that’s doesn’t bother me. This is what I wear. My hometown is extremely cold, -40 degrees. However, where I live is much more common to have the buildings

that are well insulated. The buildings are much colder here, even though the temperature is lower, or the temperature is higher here. My home is lower but it feels warmer. So, I wear more clothes here than I was at home. 3. Do you have any plan for this winter? What special things (sports) do you do in winter?

I ski. I have skied for almost 30 years. So this winter, I am

planning to go to the North Korea. Then I plan on skiing in India and Japan, and maybe China.

4. What food do you eat in winter? Anything different than others?

I eat mostly the same, I don’t change my diet. a

5. What five things do you think are the most important to you in winter? Why?

I don't think it changes from the winter to the summer, so I think all the years the five important things are, I think it’s important to eat well, I think it’s important to sleep, I think it’s important to be active, to do sports.

Reporter: Mimi and Tony




Winter A Season of Festivals

*Ice engraving


*6000 people snow ball fight, which created a new Guinness World Record 4

Winter, as a season for snow, ice and coldness, is, at the same time, “Season of Festivals”: Christmas, Thanksgiving Day, New Year and so on. People around the world celebrate winter in a variety of ways because of different cultures. In the following paragraphs, let’s travel around the world and enjoy the beauty of different winter traditions. Almost everyone have had snow balls war with family or friends at least once before. I bet you have never attended a snow ball war which thousands of people joined. People were divided into different teams and hit each other with snow balls. According to media, about 6000 people joined the snowball fight which also created a new Guinness World Record in Seattle, WA at 11th November.

Festivals Winter Solstice is one of the most important festivals in China and other East Asian countries like South Korea and Japan. Winter Solstice is the time sun appears at noon at its lowest altitude above the horizon which means the day of the shortest daytime and longest night of the year. According to Wikipedia, in ancient times, people celebrated Winter Solstice because they thought it was a turning point in winter because after Winter Solstice, daytime gets longer and longer. Also, Winter Solstice is considered a signal of the beginning of “deep winter.” People started to prepare for the coming deep winter in Winter Solstice, therefore most cattle were slaughtered so they would not have to be fed. Most beer and wine made in the year was finally fermented and ready for drinking in the winter. So at that time, Winter Solstice was almost the only time in a year with their families. One of Chinese traditions is making and eating Tangyuan (pictured) which a symbol for reunion is. Patjook (pictured) was sprayed around house and used to repel sinister spirit since people believed it has special power. According to Wikipedia, Thanksgiving is another famous winter festival. It is celebrated on the fourth Thursday of November in the United States and on the second Monday of October in Canada. It was considered as a symbol of religious and cultural traditions. Especially in 16th century, it was celebrated in churches. But now people celebrate Thanksgiving for blessing of the harvest in a secular, or

nonreligious, manner, so actually we can considered it as a harvest festival. Food has a deep root in Thanksgiving. Turkey is one of the most well-known dishes of Thanksgiving. Also there are many side dishes such as winter squash, sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes, dumplings, noodles, corn on the cob or hominy and so on. Besides food, football and parades are also important traditions for Thanksgiving because before, people celebrated Thanksgiving for harvest. People usually play sports and games to celebrate it. Therefore football is absolutely necessary for Thanksgiving. For many people, winter is the season of white. However, winter is actually a colorful season. People spend their time with different kinds of unique winter festivals. Coldness cannot freeze people’s passion. Winter comes, let’s celebrate.

(Reporter: Tommy.Z & Justin) 5


Christmas Although each country has its own version of Christmas, it is a big holiday that is celebrated throughout the world in different ways. The meaning of Christmas is unanimous though the traditions and practices are different all around world. Christmas is not only a religious holiday for Christians, but also the time for families and friends to gather together. Here are some Christmas traditions globally.

In Bethlehem Bethlehem is the place where Jesus was born. It is ablaze with flags and decorations every Christmas. Natives and visitors will crowd the church’s doorways or stand on the roof to see the dramatic annual procession. Horsemen and policemen mount on horses and lead the parade. They are followed by a lonely horseman which rides on a coal-black horse. Then the churchmen and the government officials come. The procession enters the door of the church and put an ancient statue of the Holy Child in it (pictured). Deep stairs lead to a dark cave, where visitors can find a silver star marking the site of the Jesus’s birth.

In Italy

You will wish one another a Buon Natale if you spend Christmas in Italy. The celebration starts 8 days before Christmas and lasts for 3 weeks. Children go from one house to anther cheering up people and are given some money as a treat to buy presents. Unlike any traditions in the world, children wait until January 6th to open their gifts. And those gifts are brought by an ugly witch called Befana. 6

Festivals In Africa The annual Christmas pageant was the origin of Christmas in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Groups of carolers walk though the village and sing lovely carols that are known around the world. Usually people may be awakened by a group of carolers beginning to meet on the house of worship. The most important part of their Christmas worship service is the love offering, and they give gifts to Jesus. They go to celebrate the birthday of Jesus and lay down the gift on the platform near the Communion table, and everyone is included. Christmas is a summer holiday in southern Africa. School are closed, and children start their summer holiday with beautiful varieties of flowers decorate the houses and streets. Many South Africans have an open-air lunch for their Christmas dinner. Boxing Day is special public holiday which is fell on December 26 and is a day of real relaxation.

In Russia Although you can still find some traditional decorations of Christmas, Russians now celebrate the festival of winter, which is a secular, or nonreligious, holiday. Traditional celebrations include thirty-nine days until Christmas Eve, which is held on January 6th. It’s the day when people can see the first evening star appear in the sky. And then, a twelve-course meal is following, to honor the 12 apostles. There is a traditional person called Father Frost, who gives gifts to children with his granddaughter. (Reporter: Brenda)



DIY Cookies! 上上层(Shang Shang Ceng) is a DIY (Do It Yourself) bakery where consumers can make cookies, cupcakes, chocolate and other desserts. After eating noodles, we wanted to try our hand at cookies. A young woman gave us two bags of butter. One is yellow for cream, and another is brown for cocoa. Here are the steps we followed: Step1: Take one piece and make it flat on the table. Step2: Choose one mold you would like to make. Step3: Put the butter on the ovenware then to the oven. After 15 minutes of baking, aroma from the cookies spreads into the whole room.



Can you guess what it is? Yes, it is a snail. People always use escargot (a cooked land snail) to make a savory dish. According to Wikipedia, it is high in protein and low in fat content (if cooked without butter). Escargot is estimated to contain 15% protein, 2.4% fat and about 80% water. It is often served in French restaurants. But today, we want to introduce escargot as an Italian dish. Baked escargot is such a popular dish in Saizeriya (an Italian restaurant) that almost every customer orders it. The restaurant places each golden snail in a single hole of 6 snail dishes (pictured) with some edible oil. You may even smell the flavor of butter and garlic before you eat it. Its texture is just like abalone because it’s rubbery. And you should be cautious because it is served very hot. Many people think escargot itself is very good while others think the butter on it is good. Escargot is a specialty in this restaurant. The most fantastic thing in restaurant is that Saizeriya has a fast service. Bon apetit! Thanks the following people for tasting: Mr. Hulse, Mr. Brown, Mr. Trebatch, Miss Xiaoqing (Reporters: Sophie, Jessie)



Fog and smog Recently, when we open the window we can

out the toxic gases like SO2, NO2 and SO.

see nothing except large piece of white curtain in

Seemingly you feel no difference when you

Suzhou. Some students think it is fog and don’t

inhale them, but the smog will actually hurt your

actually is a covert killer who is always called


make a big deal about it. However, Mr. White smog instead of fog.

Let’s firstly talk about what we are familiar

respiratory tract and bring you lots of serious Asthma is easily stimulated in smoggy

weather, and other little ailments like a runny

with----fog. Have you ever heard about the

nose and fever are common. What we need to

complaint from the car’s radio station toward the

pay more attention to is the RTI (respiratory tract

on. Nevertheless, the fog itself is actually

Chinese academy of sciences (CAS) said that

harmless for human beings. The constitution of

“Smog causes cancer easier than smoking”.

damn foggy day? It caused mess, accidents and so

fog is just water molecules. When the atmosphere

infection). Zhong Nanshan, the president of

We have some ways to distinguish between

has kept enough vapors and the temperature

smog and fog without a machine. Firstly, we can

decrease, vapors drop down and form fog, the

look at the color of “weird vapor”. Commonly if

white and un-touching matter.

it’s like pure white and visibility is probably 1km

appearance as fog, is the gas from your car’s

fog. Smog is colored and denser. Generally when

tailpipe or a factory’s smokestack mixed with

you look at the “weird vapor” in certain special

water vapor in the atmosphere. It is one of the

angle, you can see a little yellowish tint. In smog

particularly nasty forms of “fog”. If we analyze

weather the visibility is lower than 1km.

the constituents of smog, it’s not difficult to find

Finally, I have several suggestions to help you in

Reversely, smog, which has the similar

to 2km, or farther. We can basically judge it as

smog weather. 1.

We can use KN90 or N95 mask (mask can catch 90% or 95% PM2.5 particle).The normal cotton mask is completely USELESS!


Clean your nose every day and change clothes. The toxic particles can easily stick on clothes or in your nose.


Grow more plants. They can purify our room air.


Close your window and travel less.


Don’t always go to the place which has


Stop morning exercise and remember

poor ventilation like the supermarket. to eat healthy.

( Reporter: Richard Li, Jessie Zhou ) 10

Movie Review

Recommendation: Leon The Professional

A heart of kindness and naivetĂŠ below a cold, silence and unsmiling appearance.

Storyline: Mathilda is a twelve-year old girl. She lives among her half-family in which her father is a drug dealer and her mother only care about herself. She hates her life and does not study well in her school. Life is simple and boring, until one day a disputation between her father and bad Stansfield leads her family to disaster. Stansfield and his team take revenge on her family. Fortunately, Mathilda is able to survive as she goes out shopping. Leon, the killer, finally gives her a shelter. Two cold-hearted guys congregate together and everything starts to change, it is the time when the two cold hearts start to warm up. And Leon and Mathilda learn to love each other and begin to love their life. Everything goes smoothly. However, accidents happen and Mathilda gets involved in the fight with Stansfield. Leon, the professional and experienced killer who has never made mistakes made the biggest mistake in his whole life... 11

Movie Review Opinion: Personally speaking, “Leon The professional” is one of the most touching movies I have ever watched,imagine, when you think about killers, what is your first scene? I am sure that most people will say coldness and violence. But the “Leon The Professional” gives me a totally different feeling, in the first 30 minutes, I thought it was a common killer movie mainly to depict Leon’s smart killing skills and he never made mistakes, full of drugs, guns, and Leon’s massacre, but later on ,I felt the whole sentiment had changed entirely, just at the moment when Leon opened his door and adopted his last neighbor, a girl whose family numbers making living by selling drugs were all killed and was in danger being hunted down, it was the time Leon began to change, his cold and violent appearance was wiped out and inside was a kind and fatherly heart, he no longer regarded his fellow, the little and tragic girl as an encumbrance, He trained her patiently, came off his cool perch and played with her like a father, he even made a silly mistake that he never did, fight against the government for her. The tremendous changes and reflection gave me a great shock and it convulses to the deepest corner of the heart, awake everyone’s kindness and morality which have been hidden for a long time after facing to this era of extraordinary versatility and sophistication, I even got moist eyes after watching. in a word, it is the most touching movie I have ever seen. Movie information Country: France Language: English | Italian Release Date: 14 September 1994 Also Known As: El perfecto asesino Runtime : 1 hr. 50 min (110 min) Genre: Crime | Drama | Thriller Other resources: Download resource :( Blue ray, 12.6GB) Movie music Shape Of My Heart----Backstreet Boys Venus As A Boy----Bjork 12

Reporter: Bob Liu


The Ideal Place to Travel in Winter Hainan is an island where it’s easy to fall in love because of its peace, sunshine, beaches, sea and fresh air. Seasons in Hainan seem not to change. The graceful green coconut trees, natural hot springs, tropical rain forests, and the charming sea also may not change in winter. Diving is one of the most famous forms of entertainment in Hainan. Many people explore the sea by diving and they find lots of interests in the sea. Hainan is in the south of China. It has an airport and many piers, so you can get there easily. When people chat with each other about Hainan, they will always think of the sun, sea, beaches and coconut trees. The sun is always very warm in Hainan, even during the winter. The sea is full of lives and color in Hainan. There are a lot of flowery corals and a large number of beautiful and various fishes. The fine golden beaches in Hainan are shinny in the sun. Besides the beautiful view, there are also a lot of famous food and fruits in Hainan. One of my favorite fruits is coconut. Hainan’s coconuts are tasty and sweet, which can let a person feel comfortable and refreshed. Hainan has vast pristine tropical rain forests. It has countless strange flowers that grow in the forest. And there are also many different kinds of tropical rare animals perching there. Walking in the forest is great for people who are tired of city life. So this is the ideal place to travel in winter. The locals welcome you to visit it.

(Reporter: Ricky)



Orange Hug Sally Chao

1 That was my last time to see him. 2 It was chilly outside. It was about 6 o’clock in the evening. I stood alone at a crossroad, just finishing

crosswalk in front of me but he still didn’t appear. He had already

“Where did you first make that mistake?” I was curious.

missed today’s sunset. Actually

“In that café”. He pointed a small

there was no sunset today because

café near the end of street, but not

it was a day with heavy haze.

far. I was sure I could see it. Then we






just talked for nine minutes more.

watching the lights in this city one

countless shops with lights on. I fixed

Actually, many days after that were

by one direct a wink at my toecaps.

my eyes on one side of the street,

similar—One cup of tea for me,

Almost every day in this year,

where stood the café he often went

another for himself, and we began to

when the sun decided to fade from

to. That café was now shimmery like

talk and talk, for ten minutes in total.

the skyline, I could see him walk

a fish nightlight, swimming at the

Ten minutes was as fate ordained.

across the long crosswalk and came

bottom of the sea. The place at

Ten minutes was in God’s control. No

and stood by my side. He always

which he bought the two cups of tea

more than ten minutes, also, no less

stopped at the crossroad for about

by accident the first time was exactly

than ten minutes. We talked about

ten minutes then left. It seemed that

that café. He once told me this, at the


he was consciously waiting for daily

time of nightfall he stood by my side

yesterday’s weather, and tomorrow’s

sunset. He was not like anyone else

and pretended he bought two cups of

weather. We talked about food,

in this city, I said to myself. He

tea by accident again for the thirty-

American food, Chinese food, and

walked slowly with elegance, with a

fifth time, thirty-four days after

Italian food. We talked about almost

cup of tea in his hand. His smile

Christmas Day.

everything—the little cuddly cat he

“You’re lying,” I smiled, looking

was orange.



kept messed up his room again or

“I bought two cups of tea by

down at my toecaps, “Every day you


accident, do you want one?” said

make the same mistake, buy two

additional money to lend his best

he. Last Christmas, when we two

cups of tea and give one to a

friends because this month he failed

waited for eight minutes together in

stranger,” continued I.

to sell his books again.

the snow, he suddenly talked to me. I felt a gust of cold air and warm air. So I caught the cup, being afraid to look at him. 3 I glanced at my watch, five past six. All the lights brightened the


“That’s true. I am lying,” said he, smiling to me, “I am not silly. But I still












want to make the same mistake

“Not really.”

every day.” A warmer smile flickered

Sometimes I wanted to ask him a

across his face. Orange, I described

lot of questions but finally I chose

his smile in this way.

reticence. His name, his age, his real

“On purpose”.

job, his hometown, I knew nothing

“True,” replied he.

about him except three things—he

Story “Tomorrow,




liked drinking tea, liked smiling, and

man barked at me. And I saw a

liked making the silliest mistake in

couple falling apart quietly at the

married,” with a gentle voice, he

this world for a girl whom he met ten

corner of the street.

broke the silence again.

minutes a day. He chose reticence as well. He didn’t ask my name, my age, where I

I turned my back on the bustling

I looked down at my toecaps

and well-lit street and prayed for his

where snowflakes were covering

brief appearance.

and where lights coming together

was from, and the reason why I came to this city alone.


reflected my sorrow.

When something light and fine

I knew who would have that

We had the closest relationship,

touched my nose, l looked up at the

seemingly, for ten minutes every day.

sky. All the while I was thinking

“It’s always like that. Here in winter.

We were the complete strangers,

weather it was snow. Then I seemed

It just suddenly began to snow.” I

seemingly, for the rest twenty-three

to get a glimpse of his figure, always


hours and fifty-six minutes.

tall, always slender, which had

“Oh, really?”

haunted me since the first day I met

“But I like it.”


“Me too.”

“Maybe it is just a dream.” One day, gazing upon his back vanishing into the orange afterglow, I said to myself. “It’s time to go home.” Then, I stood alone for another ten minutes, and vanished into the darkening street.

It was him. Indeed.

“Why do you like drinking tea?”

He was coming, from the opposite

“It smells good.” “You know what,” I paused, and

direction He stopped by my side and I noticed today he bought two cups of

4 Six past ten. I watched people went in and out of the café. There was no him. I shook with cold in the wind. A freezing boat was I who endeavored

special cup of coffee.

tea and one cup of coffee. I had a hunch that he was about to tell me something. I saw farewell in his grey eyes.

then continued, “I finally knew the fourth thing about you.” Then I just kept looking up at the western darkening sky. “Merry Christmas.” He suddenly said.

He spoke first, “Your cup of tea”, giving it to me without hesitancy.

“Merry Christmas.” That was my last time to see him,

to anchor in a harbor where his

“Thanks.” I said.

on Christmas Eve and on that day, it

embrace filled with particular smell of

“Have it before cool down.” He


tea warmed me and where his hand


7 “I bought two cups of tea by

reached for my hand and held it with silence. A black dog going walk with an old

“Are you cold?” After a long pause, he asked, looking at me. I nodded. I casted a glance at his shoulder and there were snowflakes. It was snowing.

accident, do you want one?” It was a miracle for me to remember a stranger’s word in a strange city. So I never forgot him for one second.



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