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Emma: To start off could you explain how Nordhagen Management and Nordhagen Projects help companies in the offshore, maritime and oil and gas industries? Could you explain the breadth of your experience, such as your noted works with the likes of BP, Aker and Transocean? Olsen: Nordhagen Group, which consists of Nordhagen Projects AS located in Bergen (Norway), Nordhagen Management in Stavanger (Norway) and Nordhagen Projects Ltd in Aberdeen (UK), provides a customizable total project management solution, which helps our Customers to reach their goals within safety, cost, time and performance. This is achieved by our expert project teams together with our proven project management system, N`PAS. We can deliver total project management as well as an integrated project management team together with our Jonny Olsen, CEO Nordhagen Management AS Customers own people. Our software N`PAS, coupled with our best case processes and procedures, gives a total project management package which maximizes cost efficiency and de-risks project work scope, through robust project planning, leading to effective project execution. We use a slogan to illustrate this: “our contribution, your success”. Nordhagen Group offers predictability, structure and speed. We have a proven track record with more than a decade of project management experience. All of our project work as well as processes and procedures are certified and according to DNV ISO 21500 and ISO 9001. We work very close with our valued Customers, such as Transocean, Songa Offshore, Odfjell Drilling, BP, Prosafe, Maracc / Island Drilling and Aker. Nordhagen has a frame agreement with Transocean and have managed and participated in every project in Transocean Norway since 2006 providing our expert project teams and our project management system N`PAS. Project management is key

Emma: Could you explain to our readers why it’s so important for Oil and Gas / Maritime companies to utilize various project management products and services? Olsen: Project planning and execution on an out of service project is not normally part of our Customer’s core business. Rig owners and oil companies core business is drilling and E&P activities in normal operation. When a rig / drillship is going out of services for Class activities, upgrades or modification, these are activities that have to be done but are not part of the Customers core business activities. The rig owners and oil companies normally just want the project completed according to budget and plan, so they can get back to normal operating business. This is when project management experts like Nordhagen Group come in and help our Customers to achieve their goals, and get the rig or drill ship back in service as soon as possible, with zero incidents and within the budget and plan. This is our core business, our niche and our speciality. By utilizing our project management system and expert teams we optimize the

planning and execution, and save significant time and cost on behalf of our Customers. Emma: There are many approaches to project management. Traditional approaches spring to mind such as the traditional phased approach, lean project management and critical chain to name a few. What approach(s) does Nordhagen use in most cases for Oil and Gas or Maritime clients? And what products do you employ to achieve the desired results for your clients? Olsen: There are many theories around project management. Our main approach is based on performing a comprehensive package of procedures, that are reviewed and approved by the Project Stakeholders, and sanctioned by a best case Stage Gate / Decision Gate process management. Our processes and procedures are approved and certified according to DNV ISO 21500 and have been thoroughly tested. Our proven track record based on this approach, as well as our experience with several Customers working with a similar approach, gives a solid foundation when introducing our project management solution.

OGI Autumn 2014  
OGI Autumn 2014