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The Importance of Rig Inspections for Reducing Operational Costs and Increasing Safety Frequent and timely rig inspections can be a nuisance but end up saving time and money. To ensure maximum rig safety, early identification of potential risks and the taking of the appropriate measures to eliminate risk factors are needed. Oil and Gas Innovation interviews one of the world leaders in this field, Aberdeen Drilling Consultants. OGI: Could you start by explaining Aberdeen Drilling Consultants’ credentials and experience in terms of rig inspections? We understand you are one of the world leaders in the field. Could you tell our readers the breadth of your experience, how long you have been active, how many rigs you have inspected and your worldwide reach? ADC: ADC are an international, family owned company with a worldwide reputation, gained by providing the highest standard of Rig Inspection services to companies across the globe for over 29 years. Having conducted over 15,000 rig inspections in more than 85 countries, we believe our single-minded obsession with detail is the primary reason for our success, and the reason why we continue to be rated number one within the industry. Such close attention to details ensures that the engineers we employ, are not only of the highest calibre backed by years of experience, but also are able to work easily with rig personnel anywhere in the world. Our work frequently joins youthfulness and maturity, partnering seasoned oil field professionals with fresh-faced technology laden graduates. The benefits of this are numerous, valuable and sometimes legendary. Our work has led us to the development of our much-acclaimed TRAMS reporting system, unique to ADC, and a first for the industry. Not only does it deliver standardisation to the reporting process, it significantly reduces the reporting time frame, enabling, in some cases, an interim report to be available even before the engineers have left the rig. This has inspired the creation of our own online training facility, VIRTUAL ACADEMY which is approved by the Scottish Qualifications Authority (SQA) with courses accredited by both the IWCF and IADC. Written and developed by our engineers, many of whom are experienced oilfield veterans and all are subject matter experts, the teaching is uniquely designed to stimulate real competence through understanding based assimilation. And lastly,


OGI Autumn 2014