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The College Dilemma Selecting a college to attend is certainly a tricky position to be in, although, a great one. It should signify new beginnings within your life and be a positive forward motion to prosperity. Facts are facts though, and we need to deal with the realisation that we are now becoming independent from the family nest, leaving friends, family and leaving home comforts behind. There are some points that need to be recalled when choosing your next destination in life, and in this article I shall go onto discuss some of them.

1) Freedom from the Nest The thought of divorcing your life of being looked after by your parents, upheaving your worldly possessions and leaving friends behind can be absolutely terrifying. Your friends may be in the same predicament, in fact, millions of people all around the world are having the same worries and woes. The big question is, what for? It’s all in the name of education, and it’s certainly not going to be in vain.

2) What fits Best First things first, you need to be prepared to roll-up the sleeves and get some essential research done. Have a think about what would be the best fit for you and your lifestyle. If you don’t think that you could leave the home comforts, think about staying a little closer to the nest. If you live in and around the central belt of the USA, you may want to have a look at Santa Barbara Business College. They have a fantastic reputation and their Bachelors in Business Administration Degree, is a very well-respected course.

3) Take to Google To be honest, the geographic region of where to study is the tip of the iceberg, you really want to explore as many avenues that the college will allow. Why not connect with lectures on social networking sites such as LinkedIn. Research courses, institution reputations, scan social media for comments and discussions. See what the online community think about particular colleges. Look at areas including, support structures, college culture, syllabus, amenities and transport links. The world is your oyster, so make sure that your decision is the correct one.

4) Money Finances - an important, but revered topic. At the end of the day, money makes the world go round, and when spending money on education, make each dollar count. Your education is an investment; therefore make sure that you have sufficient finances to cover your living expenses and the cost of your education itself. There are many options for you in terms of your education, and of course depending upon your budget. Problem is that there is no “one size fits all” model. Your choice depends upon your circumstances and the best advice is to speak with your chosen educational institution on funding options.

The decision of which college or university is positively, not an easy one. Lots of research, thought and commitment, only then will find the best fit for you and your way of life. Seek the expertise of industry professionals, such as student advisors, school career counsellors.

The College Dilemma  

Bachelors in Business Administration Degree

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