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POETRY GROUP PROJECT In a group of 4-5,you will create a presentation and tri - fold board on one poet and his/her poetry. The tri-fold board consists of 3 parts: the biographical data, the poetry analysis and the literary criticism/reflection. The presentation will be an oral presentation of the information gathered and learned. Purpose: The purpose of thisproject is to immerse yourself into the work of one poet in order to understand his or her style better, looking at the diction, imagery, details, figurative language and meter used. Tri-fold Board Part One: Biographical Data (the left side of the board) 1. Locate biographical data on your selected poet Please use the Wilson Biography Reference Bank to find biographical information. Be sure to paraphrase the info and use internal citation (MLA format) and a Work Cited at the end. Nott)araphrasing and using internal citation/W ork Cited is plagiarism and will result in a zero project grade for the entire group. ' . 2. fuclude a picture of the poet 3. Decorate the section with famous quotes of the poet as well as the biographical information. Part Two: Poetry Analysis (the center of the board) 4. First, read five poems written by the poet 5. While reading the five poems, highlight and attention to the poet's use of~,~ ictio point of vie fane and to convey theme. Keep a look out for symbo m, usion and other literary/ poetic devices. Staple the five annotated poems on the back of the tri-fold board. 6. Select one poem to present to the class. 7. Type a clean copy of the poem and place it in the center of the board. Then, identify at least4 poetic devices and type up a paragraph (chunk) for each device identifying the device, the meaning of the quote and the effect of the device. Place these paragraphs around the poem on the center of the board.

Part Three: Literary Criticism/Reflection (right side of the board) 8. Locate a literary criticism for the poem you have chosen to present You may find literary criticisms on either the chosen poem or the poet him/herself. You will find a literary criticism on Galileo (Literary Reference Center). Please see the Media Specialist for help if needed. 9. Staple the criticism itself to the back of the board. 10. Write a summary of the critique and place on the right side of the board. Be sure to use internal citation and a Work Cited at the bottom of the summary. Not paraphrasing and using internal citation/Work Cited is plagiarism and will result in a zero project grade for the entire group. 11. Next, write an original poem in the same style as your poet Staple the poem on the right side of the board. 12. Finally, each member of the group writes a reflection. In your own words, explain what you have leamed about yourself, poetry and your poet during the course of the project There should be 4-5 reflections on the right side of the board, depending on the number of group members.

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