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Selection Criteria Agreement As part of the partnership between TAMSA-MUHAS and IMCC Danzania, it is agreed that whenever there will be an opportunity in which selection of participants is required, the selection process will involve the following: • •

Announce the date and criteria of the selection and publication time of the result to all TAMSAMUHAS and/or IMCC Danzania members at least a week in advance from the selection date. The selection panel in Denmark must be composed of at least three IMCC Danzania members and in Tanzania at least three and no more than eight TAMSA-MUHAS & IMCC group members and one member from the EB of TAMSA-MUHAS. (Note: If any of the above mentioned individuals plans to apply, he/she is automatically excluded from the criteria setting panel.)

At the end of the selection process, minutes from the selection meeting must be sent together with the dated application call to the counterpart. The minutes must include a description of the selection process, the criteria and the grading of each applicant in accordance with the set criteria.

This agreement shall be in effect and valid from the date of signing by both groups until both parties mutually agree to renew the accord.

On behalf of the organizations,

On behalf of TAMSA-MUHAS

On behalf of IMCC Danzania

Peter J Asilia

Amir Ali


IMCC DanZania

Dar Es Salaam,22nd/August/2011