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Ed Laborio, One Of A Kind Philanthropist With so much poverty, war, crises and greed around, these aren’t exactly the proudest times in the history of mankind. The fast paced world has become all about serving self-interests of individuals. People who have a heart for others are difficult to find these days. Boston has one such person of its own. Edward M Laborio is a selfless humanitarian activist who has devoted his life in serving the humankind. He’s been fighting a war for the deprived class on various fronts. Talking about Eddie’s profile, it gives the impression of next door type American, college graduate, striving hard to make its way towards the success. But most of this personality is because of his humility. He, in fact has had a lavish career in capital management, perfect for quality life every American dreams off. The only problem is, in addition to his next door personality, Eddie Laborio has a heart of gold when it comes to helping the poor and those in need. He has despised the dual standards of the society where the rich get to enjoy luxurious life, but poor cannot even make the ends meet. Coming to terms with his young determination of serving those in need selflessly, Ed Laborio started taking parts in humanitarian activities. His interests involve eliminating hunger, poverty and providing basic shelter, medical aid and clothing to every deprived person. His volunteering activities further strengthen his belief in his cause for humanity; so much so that he actually went ahead to adopt philanthropy fulltime after giving up his fortune making career in asset management. His continuous efforts span over a decade and till date has made a difference in lives of hundreds of deprived children and their families – providing them with quality education, free medical aids and treatments for sick populace and other basic necessities. For more information visit:

Ed laborio, one of a kind philanthropist