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Ed Laborio’s Life As Philanthropist Philanthropy is all about working for others welfare with high commitment and dedication. Edward M Laborio is one such person having devoted his life to the betterment of less fortunate. The main purpose is to gather funds to reach all the less privileged class. These funds are used for the betterment of poor and to support many organizations running as charity in education, medical and other non-profit sectors. How many among us talk about others’ well being usually? Not so many! We rarely talk about it as we do not have time to think out of our busy schedules. The aim of Eddie’s philanthropy is to fight against poverty and kill its root causes; it is managed by raising the funds. There are many non-profit individuals and organizations set to serve for this noble cause. Edward Laborio one of them and in fact needs no introduction. He is known as a man who lives for other’s welfare, his goal is to assist the society and meeting other’s need. He works hard to improve the well being of needy through different ways including implementing better and free education programs for poor, providing basic needs including food, shelter and clothing to the poor. Ed Laborio has raised funds for the poor through various means and gets involved in charity events regularly. He also helped many organizations providing funds to meet the need of poor. Philanthropy is one step ahead of charity as its aim is to fight against poverty and kill its root causes, it does not only provide the funds to help poor but also provide better and sustainable sources of income for the well being of society. Many people are serving the society as philanthropists in the world, where they manage to arrange for the basic needs of mankind without expecting anything in reward. For more information visit:

Ed laborio’s life as philanthropist  
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