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5 Ways Tungsten Carbide Is Used Dealers of tungsten carbides are often asked precisely what is this type of metal as well as what it is used for. This particular compound is made from both carbon and tungsten. Before it is manufactured, it looks like a gray powder. Following processing, it can be made into many different types of objects. Significantly denser than titanium, tungsten is two times as strong as steel. What this signifies is that this metal can be used for items which other metals are too weak and not durable enough for. Below are some of such uses: Sports When individuals think about sports, the metal used in the construction of products are often ignored. Specific sports, nevertheless, do require items made out of a really strong substance. Roller skiing, which is how cross country skiers exercise during warm weather months, demands ski poles with tips made of tungsten carbide. This is because the skiers might need to use those tips to assist them to stop on their roller skis during the summer season. The tips will have to hold up against asphalt, cement or other very hard surfaces because they are exercising off of soft snow. Some biking sports also turn to tungsten carbide suppliers for very strong studs that help to provide riders better riding traction on ice. Those who are acquainted with sports that involve horses may also be interested to know that using this metal in horse shoes helps the horse to have more sure footing in slick conditions. Jewelry The diamond is no longer the only jewelry-related item that is known specifically for its toughness. Tungsten carbide dealers are seeing an increasing demand for jewelry crafted from this substance because it is extremely hard and is not easily scratched. Some people have bought wedding rings made out of tungsten carbide as opposed to some other metal due to the resilient factors where they don't have to be concerned with it getting smashed or injuring their fingers. This metal is a lot more capable of resisting harm. In emergency situations, many people may be concerned a ring made from tungsten would be impossible to cut off. An emergency room saw nonetheless is able to cut through the metal and the ring can be safety cut off should you suffer an injury of some sort. Tools Tools and equipment parts now more than ever are being made making use of tungsten. This is because it's very strong and can withstand higher temperatures than many metals. This particular material is also found in machining and manufacture. This is because it keeps a really sharp edge that helps with cutting, and it is able to hold up against the high temperatures used in the machining process. Some drill bits also are made from this stuff. Not only are they much harder than most metals, the bits can withstand high temperatures needed to drill through various materials. Surgical Tools With its unique ability to retain a sharpened edge, tungsten carbide has also been used in surgical instruments. More expensive than typical stainless steel equipment and tools, those made out of Tungco, Inc.

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5 Ways Tungsten Carbide Is Used tungsten perform a lot better which appeals to individuals. Other Uses This durable metal is also used in a few ways that many would not imagine. It is utilized in the tips of ballpoint pens, guitar slides, and even armor-piercing ammunition. Perhaps tungsten carbide is a metal worth researching if you are looking for a really hard, scratch proof material that is capable of maintaining a razor sharp edge. Acquire the best price when hoping to buy tungsten carbide at Tungco. More information on Tungco are readily available on the company's web site,

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Tungco, Inc.

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5 Ways Tungsten Carbide Is Used  

Acquire the best price when hoping to buy tungsten carbide at Tungco. More information on Tungco are readily available on the company's web...

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