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Injury Attorney Car Accidents

In the year 2009, about 5.5 million accidents were recorded in the United States Out of these accidents over

31,000 were life-threatening among these accidents

over 2 million people including passengers, drivers and pedestrians got injuries

Get Medical Help Take medical help as early as possible if you or your passenger happen to get injuries It is not important whether the injury is apparent or not, the important thing is the doctor is in a better position to examine problems and offer immediate treatments certain injuries take time before appearing and may require years for certain injuries to show their effects, it is absolutely important to get immediate medical attention to avoid any health risks in the future.

Record The Incident In case of an accident, it is very important to take the PHOTOS of the accident – the details of the damage, the car, the location of accident and the relative position of the cars to each other or the road. As well, take the photos of the injuries incurred by the passengers because they are very valuable in the process of claims later.

Get documentation In addition to photos, keep record of all receipts, medical records, prescriptions and police reports filed related to the incident. Also keep a record of the name and address of the witnesses of the accident.

Call your car accident lawyer It is very important to contact a personal injury lawyer who will advise you on what to do and what not to do. In most of the cases, it is a better idea to seek the advice of a representative of a personal injury law firm before you proceed to contact the insurance adjuster. Many insurance companies wish to settle the claim as early as possible even at the expense of those involved.

A Personal Injury Lawyer Ensures That: • All relevant documents are properly filed, processed and recorded • The insurance provider is informed in a timely manner • There is proper and regular communication between the insurance provider and the parties involved in the accident • In the event of a court hearing, you are properly presented • Your interest are safeguarded

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