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Tackle academic stress, manage your time and money, and learn essential tips to achieve your best at Solent University.

Student Development Workshops Faculty of the Creative Industries and Society

Designed by Edward Bailey


Student Development Workshops

• Time / Project Management


• Critical v Reflective Writing


• Managing Academic Stress


• Portfolio


• Presentation Skills


• How to use Social Media in your career


• Relevant sources of information


Student Development Workshops



Time/Project Management

ne aspect of uni life that many students often struggle O with is managing their time. While studying is obviously your main concern, it’s important to balance it out with your social life. This workshop will include: •

Tips and tools to establish a work / life balance

• Understanding the essential skills of project management •

Planning for assignments and deadlines

How to use these skills to benefit your career

Led by Sophia Rolfe and Adam Kelly Date: Time: Location:

07/11/2012 14:00 to 15:00 HC107

To attend please email either: or


Student Development Workshops

Critical v Reflective Writing

arious assignments will require you to use different V styles of writing. This workshop will help you become familiar with the differences, and provide tips to improve your skills: •

Highlighting the difference between critical and reflective writing

Good examples of critical and reflective writing

Tips to writing effective assignments

Led by Devon Campbell-Hall Date: Time: Location:

27/11/2012 10:00 to 11:00 RM136

To attend please email either: or

Student Development Workshops


Managing Academic Stress

t’s almost inevitable that stress will affect you in some way IThis during university, but it is entirely possible to manage it. workshop will assist you in that by doing the following: •

Break down the social barriers that affect students in Higher Education

• Introduce types of stress and how they affect different people •

Help you to understand your own comfort levels

Teach techniques to help control your stress levels

Provide practical tasks to sample

A handout will be provided for future reference and reflection.

Led by: Adam Kelly and Gem Sirett (VP Welfare) Date: Time: Location:

28/11/2012 14:00 to 15:30 SM107

To attend please email either: or


Student Development Workshops

Quick tips for top marks

Organising your time

Writing reflectively

What portfolios are trying to assess

Designing Portfolios

reating a portfolio can play a big part in your course, and C it’s important to know how to design yours effectively. This workshop will provide you with:

Led by Fiona Handley Date: Time: Location:

06/12/2013 11:00 to 12:00 RM154

To attend please email either: or

Student Development Workshops


Presentation Skills

o matter what course you’re on, it’s likely that you’ll be N asked to do a presentation - either on your own or as a group. This workshop will provide you with all the knowledge you need, including: •

Planning your presentation

Designing effective slides

Essential presentation skills

Why you need presentation skills

Combating nerves prior to and during presenting

Basic tutorial in using Prezi online presentation software

Led by Adam Kelly / Succeed@solent Date: Time: Location:

30/01/2013 14:00 to 15:00 RM154

To attend please email either: or


Student Development Workshops

Social Media

ocial media has become a powerful tool to further your S career. It’s much more than a place to keep up to date with your friends and share pictures. This workshop will include: •

The strengths and weakness of social media

How to use social media effectively

Linking social media and career plans

Making the most out of your contacts via social media

Led by Adam Kelly, Daniel Jones & Steph Powell (VP Engagement) Date: Time: Location:

5/12/2012 11:00 to 13:00 SU Centre for Student Involvement (At the top of the SU)

Date: Time: Location:


To attend please email either: or

Student Development Workshops


Sources Of Information

you’re in need of any more information, the places listed Ifbelow will be happy to assist you. • Succeed@solent

Via Explore Virtual Campus on the portal.

• Student 1st

At the bottom of the main entrance or via Support on the portal.

• Student Union Sabbaticals Above the SU bar. • Course Support

Faculty of the Creative Industries and Society

Faculty of Business, Sport and Enterprise

Maritime and Technology Faculty • Careers advice Via careers, then careers homepage on the portal.


Student Development Workshops

Student Development Workshops


Student Development Workshops  

Student development workshops.