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Street market in Norwood Norwood is a part of Lambeth in London and has a park at a substantial elevation which offers a panoramic view of South London.The park can be reached by crossing the Thames at Vauxhall bridge and taking the A203, then turning south by getting on to the A23, passing Brixton Hill before turning south east to take the A 205 also known as the South Circular road, then taking a turn to the south to join the A2199 before turning west at Gipsy Hill to take Gipsy road and following on to Salter’s Hill to reach the park. Alternately, the A23 can be left at StreathamMemorial Gardens to turn east and take the A214 to reach the park after Crown Dale. The park has no open and close times. A children’s play area and a club for children under five are available at the park. An athletic sprint track with grass surface is available but needs to be booked. A football pitch with tarmac surface is also among the facilities at the park. Adjoining locations are the Upper Norwood library which serves five boroughs while not being attached to the library services of any borough. The independent library service is currently funded by Lambeth council. It can be reached by continuing on the A214 past Norwood park. The West Norwood library on the High Street is being renovated and is set for a reopening in 2015. It is presently functioning at a location in Knights Hill which can be reached through the A215 after turning east when coming from Streatham on the A214. The West Norwood Feast is a street market that is next running on Sunday, April 6. Astreet market offers a bounty of goods from clothing, artifacts to food. The Feast will run on the first Sunday of the next eight months winding up on the first Sunday of December to take a break of three months. The four categories of stalls are those of the Food Fair, Artisan’s Market, fresh ‘n’ Green and Retro Village. The Retro Village offers personal accessories such as bags and shoes from bygone fashions and furnishings, curiosities from the years gone by. The Food Fair and the Retro Village are held at Knight’s Hill. Artisan’s Market and Fresh ’n’ Green are at Norwood road. Fresh produce to last a week’s supply can be purchased at Fresh ‘n’ Green with choices from cheese, meat, fish, fruits and vegetables. Plants are also on offer. Train services to London Bridge and Victoria are frequent. People looking out to move into south London can contact letting agents in Norwood and select a residence that is in line with their requirements for schools, offices, transportation and activities.Lambeth is a part of three Parliamentary constituency which are Dulwich and West Norwood, Stratham and Vauxhall. Vauxhall had an electorate of over 73, 000 in 2010 and has elected Kate Hoey since 1989.Dulwich and West Norwood has an electorate of over 71,000 and has been represented by Tessa Jowell since 1997. Streatham also has over 71,000 voters. Costs of Living in Kent The record for the highest temperature in England is held by Faversham in Kent which recorded 38.5° Celsius on August 10, 2003. The average high in Kent in August is 21.9°. Kent is one of the counties in south-east England which is the most populated among the nine regions of the country. Rents in the area are higher than most other areas of the country. Retail, manufacturing and real estate are the main

employers in the county. London is connected to the port at Dover by the A2 highway. Young commuters in Kent have the Young Person’s Travel Pass which gets them to use the bus network without any limit through the year with a payment of £200. The age group for the plan extends from 11 to 16 years. The proposal is about to be approved soon. It will allow unlimited travel from 6 Am to 7 Pm from Monday to Friday between September 1 and July 31. It extends the provision of Freedom Pass which is designed for children aged between six and 11 for a standard payment of £100.In London, those below 16years of age are granted free travel in buses. A Crossing across the Thames is being proposed at lower locations at Dartford and east of Gravesend. Other proposals that are related to transport include a multi-storey car park at the north side station entrance.Council taxes in the south east are the highest among the nine regions of the UK. Weekly domestic rates were £24.50 in the south east compared to the national average of £19.70. Weekly charges for water were £7.80 in the south east compared to £6.40 in Scotland, £6.60 in the north-east, £6.90 in the east midlands, £7.40 in the west midlands, £7.70 in the east and the north-west. Only Wales and the south-west had higher rates of £8.00 and £8.50 respectively.Kent University has partnerships with many European Universities which facilitates exchange programmes for students of the U.K and the E.U. Of the 19,275 students enrolled at Kent University, 15.5 percent are overseas students, studying at campuses in the UK at Canterbury and Medway and in the EU at Brussels and Paris. The University which was founded in 1965 has campuses at Tonbridge, Athens and Rome. The three faculties in the university are Humanities, Sciences and Social Sciences. The University plays a sizeable role in the economy of the south-east and sustains nearly 700 jobs in the region. The Gulbenkian Theatre is a part of the Arts department of the university and attracts people from the region and further with its performances and screenings. Sports facilities at the university are also utilised by people in the adjoining communities. Letting agents in Kent are able to get customers the right accommodation within the county for students, working professionals and businesses. One of the warmest parts of the country, Kent has many other attractions that have given it the description of Garden of England. Among the other attractions in Kent are its over 200 venues for weddings.

How much does a detached house cost in Beckenham The search for a house can be a formidable challenge for people looking out for a residence in the suburbs of London. Making the right decision requires considerable application of analysis with each area having advantages that have to be weighed before homing in on the right locality. Letting agents in Beckenham have an extensive range of accommodation that can provide all customers with the right residence that suits their purpose, spending and travel. People searching for independent houses can get good properties from around £300,000. After comparing the proximity to schools and railway stations, customers can make a pick from the advertised properties. Registered agents can help customers through the process of ascertaining the conditions of various components within the building and to find out if the valuation is fair. Some roads will have premium pricing because of the prestige and the convenience. Customers have to ensure that they are not paying a high price for a property that has the description of being sought after. Some of the

properties may have price tags that are near the million mark. Flats with one bedroom can cost around ÂŁ200,000. Those with two bedrooms can be in the same range as well as reaching close to ÂŁ1 million. The area has many options for shopping and entertainment which makes it an attraction for young families. The area has many primary, secondary and independent schools. Transportations options are many in the area with train, tram and bus facilities. Families have to make decisions with regard to residences keeping in mind the requirements of children over a long term. Frequent changes of residence will not be possible and can disrupt the established routine. When a house is selected after taking into consideration all the factors, a residence can serve as an ideal location for a number of years and decades. When purchasing a house, the tasks of title and documentation have to be gone into with efficiency. Agents can be a partner to customers during this process. Right from the onset until the consummation of the contract, customers will find that the services of agents are invaluable. The most basic task that is fulfilled by the service provider is that of getting the right residence for the customer. Once the location has been selected, the task of going through the documents and inspecting the house are undertaken. When the inspections have been completed, it is the time to draw up a contract. Legal proficiency is necessary to ensure that the transaction is framed properly before the registration is completed. After buying a flat or a house, customers have to draw up the costs of maintenance that the house requires on an annual basis. This amount has to be set aside so that there is no delay in fulfilling any scheduled work. This guarantees a secure house that functions to perfection and also ensures that the value of the house is maintained. A house which needs many repair works will not make an attractive proposition in the future when it is put up for sale. Visit -

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