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In this Edition: Who Advises Our Leaders?-An In-Depth Look at the Chairman’s cabinet Narwhal Hunting Season Begins Space Station Construction Resumes A Diplomatic Tour by Chairman Reed Invicta-TLR Summit Ends on a Positive Note Tour of the Republic: Carter0912

Plutonian Diplomats have been very busy the last few months working alongside TLR diplomats on the TTK-TLR ODP and the TLR- SE ODP Agreements, announced just a few days ago

The Cabinet (Part 1) Vice-Chairman Paul Ryan Vice-Chairman Ryan is an old hand in Istanbul Politics. Before being selected as ViceChairman he served for 15 years in parliament. At the top of Ryan’s resume is his work as Head of the Budget Committee. There he worked closely with Chairman Reed constructing the yearly budget. This close working relationship with Reed is seen as one of the key factors in his selection. Another factor was Ryan’s political affiliations, being more conservative than Chairman Reed Ryan helped unify the countries opposing political ideologies +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Director of Education Woodrow Wilson Woodrow Wilson comes to Istanbul with over 30 years experience as the President of one of the most prestigious universities in all of Plutonia. His work in higher education is admired throughout the world and his students can be found at the highest levels of society. Though not a politician, Chairman Reed nominated Wilson for the Director of Education position based on an exemplary career in education. +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

Director of Defense Gen. Norman Schwarzkopf General Norman Schwarzkopf is another one of Reed’s appointees who has no political background but is well-respected within their field. During the last war Schwarzkopf most notably lead the charge on the nations of the URON Alliance. Cutting deep into URON territory until outside forces pressured the battle group forcing the Republic to surrender. +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Director of Intelligence J. Edgar Hoover With the expansion of the National Intelligence Agency (NIT), it was deemed necessary to make a cabinet position specifically for intelligence gathering/analysis. With over 35 years experience in the Bureau of Investigation (BoI). Hoover was an obvious choice for the position. His work in the BoI convinced Chairman Reed to enhance the budget by ₏700 million. With the increase in funding the BoI was updated and brought into the 21st Century. +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Director of Health Dr. Gregory House Known for his unorthodox methods and unique approach House helps to provide a diverse opinion which is surely to clash with a fellow cabinet member. In order to effectively rule Chairman Reed has found it most beneficiary to have as many opinions and experts in the room as possible. Dr. House

Brings with him many years experience as the Head Doctor at Plutonia General Hospital. +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

Director of Industry George Romney

Romney, Former Chairman and CEO of Plutonia Motor Corporation (PMC) comes to the Cabinet leaving his current term as Governor of the Germanic Provinces. While at PMC Romney increased productivity and Reed has promised that he will take that success and use it to help the industries of the nation. +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

Stay Tuned for the next addition where we discuss the following Cabinet Positions: Director of the Treasury Director of Foreign Affairs Director of Energy Director of Justice Director of the Interior Director of Information National Security Advisor +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

Narwhal Hunting Season Begins

->Some helpful hints to make this your


best season itizens of Plutonia it is with great joy that I write to you about the upcoming Narwhal Hunting Season.

The Narwhal Hunting Season is of course an

protect the vital organs of the body from being punctured by the “spear-like” tusk. This tradition has come under fire recently by Animal Rights Activists. In response to protests both at home and abroad from our allies in the Republic the hunting season has been confined to one week in July.

historic event dating back to 1885 when the first settlers of Plutonia killed a narwhal to feed themselves during the hard winters. To honor their hardships we kill narwhals to remind us of our roots and of how our lives have improved since then. Offices for the Games and Wildlife Recreation Agency have already extended their hours in preparation for the large numbers of people expected to register for the event.

Narwhals typically roam around in small packs, or “families”

The consensus from most professional hunters is to wait for the narwhals to come to a narrow area of water and then strike. Very rarely do they die with the first strike so be prepared to hit them multiple times. Always be careful when approaching them, they are as beautiful as they are deadly and have been known to kill. Though not normally worn by seasoned hunters the Games and Wildlife Recreations Agency recommends wearing a Kevlar Vest to

A couple of fishermen enjoy the sun as they go hunting for narwhal

Rearden Steel Presents


Rearden Steel, the backbone of Plutonia! Sincerely,

Hank Rearden CEO & President of Rearden Steel

Space Station Construction Resumes With the nation’s rebuilding efforts finished the direction of the country now looks to the sky. At the outbreak of the last global war, the planning of the Plutonian Space Station (PSS) had been shelved but now Chairman Reed has made a promise to set up a permanent space station in orbit within 10 years.

Chairman Reed Visits NPL and UPN on a Diplomatic Tour A Plutonian Astronaut works on a Space Station belonging to another nation of the Republic The station would be primarily designed for Research Purposes and hold 4 main labs along with living quarters for 7 people. In addition Chairman Reed has stated that when the station opens it will also be open to the top scientists of the Republic.

Our glorious leader Chairman Reed has gone abroad on a diplomatic tour to the alliances; Nuclear Proliferation League (NPL) and the United Purple Nations (UPN). While on this tour Reed has been instructed to answer any questions the two alliances had for him and to ask questions he deems necessary. While he has no set objective for the tour he did say this: “I wish to spread the Republic’s message of peace and prosperity to those willing to hear it. We live in a Dark Age when alliances can declare war on another on the whims of uneducated warlords, and in this Dark Age finding alliances that are competent, loyal, and brave is a rare sight. In addition to the formal conferences I also take in the culture of the alliance, NPL’s Atomic Burger is by far the best I have ever had”

Invicta-TLR summit Ends on Positive Note ÂťTreaty Upgrade signed The cool sea breeze from the sound swept

discussion regarding Foreign Policy. With

across the assembly. The final meeting was the

both parties satisfied they retired for the night.

closing of a 4 day summit on the Puget

The following day took a more relax approach

Sound. Hosted by the Republic’s President,

with an open bar and a dinner party planned.

Sojourner, the main goals of the Summit were

In celebration of the brotherhood held by

to establish a mutual understanding between

those present a drinking contest was held: after

the 2 alliances. Those in attendance including

a few hours many had been fallen to the

many of the top government officials for both

ground but a champion was crowned,

alliances including our very own Chairman Reed.

Sojourner president of the Republic. On the fourth day of the Summit a major breakthrough occurred. Thrash, the newly promoted president of Invicta, approached us regarding a proposal to upgrade the current treaty between the Invicta and The Republic. The proposal was taken to the council and given a unanimous approval. Bernard Klein was given the task of drawing up the specific terms

A sail boat maneuvers through the sound near the site of the Summit

After a few opening remarks the two parties met behind closed doors for a private

of the treaty. The agreement had four main sections. Section I forbids either party from engaging in

aggressive actions towards the other. Section II

for canceling the treaty should that ever be

established that should either group come


under attack the other would assist in the defense of the other party. Section III outlined that should one party go to war the other can, but is not obligated to help support the offensive war. Section IV set up the procedure

Shortly after it was signed the treaty was announced on the Net. The upgrade was celebrated around the world but there remained uneducated and savage factions who cried out in a sad attempt to draw some attention away from their decrepit states.

Signed for The Last Republic, President of Council &Secretary of Foreign Affairs

Sojourner Secretary of Internal Affairs

StockHunter Secretary of Development

Brataslavia The Republican Guard

Gen. Bernhard Klein

Signed for Invicta,

Thrash, President and no Dan2680 of Red Army, President of Invicta

Rotty, Vice President Learz, Minister of Foreign Affairs Killlman4, DMoFA of Invicta, And one sexy beast

Ellis, DMoFA President Gunn, Ghost of Invicta

Tour of the Republic: Carter0912 By Ron Burgundy This month I sat down with Carter Whitmore of Carter0912 to do an interview. Whitmore is a rising star in the Republic with job postings in all the key departments and recruiting success that has brought even more wealth to the Republic. RP: Let’s start off, first question: when your nation formed what factors lead to you joining the Republic? CW: The biggest factor was the cruel dictatorship of the old party and President Sojourner’s good looks.

many vacation spots mentioned in “Sight-Seeing Guide to the Republic”

RP: Final question; if you could pick any location on Planet Bob to have vacation where would you go and why? CW: Most likely Disney Land the happiest place on Bob RP: Thank you for your time I’m sure our readers will love it CW: It was fun but now I have to go play Diablo III

RP: What acts of savagery did the old party commit? Things like economic sanctions or genocides? CW: The violent endings to peace full protests, while there were no economic sanctions, they murdered countless peaceful protesters RP: What is the Government of your nation now? CW: limited monarchy, the government consists of a parliament and an executive branch. RP: What aspect of your society would you like to be known for? CW: The statue of Zeus, one of the Seven Wonders Of the World

The mysterious game known as Diablo III has many rulers addicted but has been banned for its demonic content in nations such as Total Domination

This is Ron Burgundy signing off, you stay classy Plutonia!

A photo inside the Statue of Zeus, which is among the

Election Notice Elections for the Secretary of Economics and Secretary of Development will be held soon. These are 2 very important positions within the Republic. To find your voting location please contact your local representative.

Think you have what it takes to become the next rich investor? Test your knowledge by competing in the Stock Game this summer.

Sponsored by the Central Bank of Plutonia

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PH #2 enjoy :)

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