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The New American Democracy 7th Edition by Fiorina Test Bank 9780205780167 0205780164 ISBN13: 9780205780167 ISBN10: 0205780164

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The item you are looking at is The New American Democracy 7th Edition by Fiorina Test Bank 9780205780167 0205780164

Table of Contents I. THE FOUNDATIONS OF A NEW AMERICAN DEMOCRACY. 1. Democracy in the United States. 2. Establishing a Constitutional Democracy. 3. Federalism: Division of Power Among National, State, and Local Governments. 4. American Political Culture

II. THE INGREDIENTS OF THE NEW AMERICAN DEMOCRACY. 5. Public Opinion. 6. Individual Participation. 7. Interest-Group Participation in American Democracy. 8. Political Parties. 9. The Media. III. CAMPAIGNS AND ELECTIONS. 10. Electing the President. 11. Choosing the Congress. IV. THE GOVERNMENT. 12. The Congress and Its Work. 13. The Presidency: Powers and Practice. 14. The Bureaucracy. 15. The Courts.

V. CIVIL LIBERTIES AND CIVIL RIGHTS. 16. Civil Liberties. 17. Civil Rights. VI. PUBLIC POLICY. 18. Domestic Policy. 19. Economic Policy. 20. Foreign and Defense Policy. APPENDICES. The Declaration of Independence. The Constitution of the United States of America. The Federalist No. 10. The Federalist No. 51. Presidents of the United States of America.

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The new american democracy 7th edition by fiorina test bank 9780205780167 0205780164