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Financial and Managerial Accounting 9th Edition by Needles Test Bank 9781439037805 1439037809 ISBN13: 9781439037805 ISBN10: 1439037809

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The item you are looking at is Financial and Managerial Accounting 9th Edition by Needles Test Bank 9781439037805 1439037809

Table of Contents 1. Uses of Accounting Information and the Financial Statements. Supplement: How To Read An Annual Report. CVS Corporation Annual Report. Southwest Airline Co. Financial Statements. 2. Analyzing Business Transactions. 3. Measuring Business Income.

Supplement: Closing Entries and the Work Sheet. 4. Financial Reporting and Analysis. Supplement: The Annual Report Project 5. The Operating Cycle and Merchandising Operations. 6. Inventories. 7. Cash and Receivables. 8. Current Liabilities and Fair Value Accounting. 9. Long-Term Assets. 10. Long-Term Liabilities. 11. Contributed Capital. 12. Investments 13. The Corporate Income Statement and the Statement of Stockholders' Equity. 14. The Statement of Cash Flows. 15. The Changing Business Environment: A Manager's Perspective.

16. Cost Concepts and Cost Allocation. 17. Costing Systems: Job Order. 18. Costing Systems: Process Costing. 19. Value-Based Systems: ABM and Lean. 20. Cost Behavior Analysis. 21. The Budgeting Process. 22. Performance Management and Evaluation. 23. Standard Costing and Variance Analysis. 24. Short-Run Decision Analysis. 25. Capital Investment Analysis. 26. Pricing Decisions, Including Target Costing and Transfer Pricing. 27. Quality Management and Measurement. 28. Financial Analysis of Performance. Appendix A: Accounting for Investments. Appendix B: Present Value Tables.

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Financial and managerial accounting 9th edition by needles test bank 9781439037805 1439037809  
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