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Business Law 12th Edition by Brown Test Bank 9780073524948 0073524948 ISBN13: 9780073524948 ISBN10: 0073524948

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The item you are looking at is Business Law 12th Edition by Brown Test Bank 9780073524948 0073524948

Table of Contents Part One: Ethics, Law, and the Judicial System Chapter One: Ethics Chapter Two: Sources of the Law Chapter Three: The Judicial Process NEW Chapter Four: Alternate Dispute Resolution Chapter Five: Criminal Law Chapter Six: Tort Law Part Two: Contract Law

Chapter Seven: The Nature, Characteristics and Status of Contracts Chapter Eight: Offer and Acceptance Chapter Nine: Mutual Asset and Defective Agreement Chapter Ten: Contractual Capacity Chapter Eleven: Consideration Chapter Twelve: Legality Chapter Thirteen: Written Contracts Chapter Fourteen: Third Parties in Contract Law Chapter Fifteen: Discharge and Remedies Part Three: Sales and Consumer Protection Chapter Sixteen: Sale and Lease of Goods Chapter Seventeen: Title and Risk of Loss in Sales of Goods Chapter Eighteen: Performance and Breach of the Sales Contract Chapter Nineteen: Warranties and Product Liability Chapter Twenty: Consumer Protection Part Four: Property Chapter Twenty-one: Personal Property Chapter Twenty-two: Bailments Chapter Twenty-three: Real Property Chapter Twenty-four: Landlord and Tenant Chapter Twenty-five: Wills, Trusts, and Estates Part Five: Negotiable Instruments Chapter Twenty-six: Purpose and Types of Negotiable Instruments Chapter Twenty-seven: Transferring Negotiable Instruments Chapter Twenty-eight: Holders in Due Course, Defenses, and Liabilities

Chapter Twenty-nine: Bank Deposits, Collections, and Depositor Relationships Part Six: Insurance, Secured Transactions, and Bankruptcy Chapter Thirty: The Nature of the Insurance Contract Chapter Thirty-one: Mortgages and Other Security Devices Chapter Thirty-two: Bankruptcy and Debt Adjustment Part Seven: Agency and Employment Chapter Thirty-three: The Principal and Agent Relationship Chapter Thirty-four: Agency Operation Chapter Thirty-five: Employment Law Chapter Thirty-six: Labor-Management Relations Part Eight: Business Organization and Regulation Chapter Thirty-seven: Sole Proprietorships and Partnerships Chapter Thirty-eight: The Corporate Entity Chapter Thirty-nine: Corporate Governance Chapter Forty: Government Regulation of Corporate Business Part Nine: Emerging Trends and Issues Chapter Forty-one: Professional Liability Chapter Forty-two: Substantive and Procedural Cyberlaw Chapter Forty-three: International Law Appendix A: U.S. Constitution Appendix B: Uniform Commercial Code (Abridged)

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Business law 12th edition by brown test bank 9780073524948 0073524948  
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