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How To Decorate Your Blank Walls

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n case you are tired of looking at bare walls, adding some dĂŠcor will add a touch of personality to your walls. There are a number of ways on how you can stop your walls from appearing plain and empty. Listed in the following paragraphs are

several of them. Huge artwork A common sight in many houses is one big art print. Given their size size, a large artwork creates a point of interest in the space. There are numerous unique artworks you can find. Metal wall art, for instance, will give a modern feel to your space. DIY art If you are on a budget, you can also produce DIY works of art. For example, you can stretch a fabric with a unique print over a canvas frame. You can also use foil tape to create a wallpaper-like style on your otherwise empty wall. Unique pieces of wall art can be made by repurposing items you already have in your home, like unique-looking serving trays and plates. Making use of decals is also a simple way to embellish your walls on the cheap. There are numerous DIY wall art projects you can make and there are just as many web sites out there that offer suggestions. Small photos You don’t need to go for an individual big piece. Several photos, when grouped together in identical frames can also serve as a good focal point on your wall. To truly have a cohesive composition, search for prints or photos of similar sizes and set up the frames in a grid style on your wall.

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Use other sections of your wall The center of the wall isn't the only place where one can install photographs and works of art. You could create a gallery of frames above a window or on the soffit atop your kitchen cabinets. You can go for a variety of colorful artwork should you have a wall with a natural shade, or black-and-white photos if your wall is more colorful. Shelves You can even install floating shelves to add character to your blank wall. After the shelf is mounted, you can layer framed prints or photos and other treasured things along the shelf. Mirrors If you need a quick but beautiful way to fill up your uninteresting wall, add an oversized mirror. You can add more personality to your ‘reflective artwork’ by using a vibrant or interesting frame. Besides being a point of interest, the mirror reflects light across the area, which makes it feel larger.

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How to decorate your blank walls  

In case you are sick of staring at bare walls, adding some décor will add character to your walls. There are several ways on how you can kee...

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