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Dubai Office Rent - Determining Factors Once you have signed the tenancy agreement, you have to pay Dubai office rent. This is the amount of money that the office bearers are required to pay so as to continue using the office. In most cases, office rent is paid on a monthly basis. Some business owners may opt to pay office rent in advance. For instance, in many cases, you may opt to pay office rent for a whole year. Many businesses treat office rent as a fixed cost. You have to pay the office rent whether your business is making a profit or not. There are several factors that may determine the amount of rent that you are supposed to pay. One such factor is the size of the office. If the office is large, the amount of rent needed for such an office may also be high. However, for small offices, the amount of office rent needed may not really be as high. Therefore, as you choose the most suitable office size, you need to have your budget in mind. How much can you afford to pay in terms of office rent? If your budget can accommodate a high Dubai office rent expense, you may consider going for the spacious offices that are very flexible to work in. However, if your budget cannot accommodate a high office rent expense, you may be forced to go for the more affordable but smaller offices. In addition, the amount of office rent may depend on the type of the office you go for. Prestigious offices with unique designs are likely to have a high office rent figure that the simply styled offices. The prestigious offices have one main advantage; they portray an appealing business image. Their only drawback is that they are likely to be a bit expensive to pay for than the simply designed offices. On top of the office design, the facilities available in the office will go a long way in determining the amount of Dubai office rent. Some offices may be fitted with facilities such as air conditioners and heating systems. Such offices may have high rent costs. The rent paid for such offices has to be high enough to meet the various expenses. For instance, the rent figure has to accommodate the energy costs arising from having to pay for the energy spent by the air conditioning system and heaters among other things. Different offices in Dubai may have varying office rents but this will depend on the different office designs as well as facilities available in these offices.


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