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The Real Facts About The Human Growth Hormone: HGH or Human growth hormone is pituitary secreted natural growth hormone, literally master hormone for responsible all of our growth related issues. Apart from the growth regulation it maintains the whole body’s metabolic activities. HGH is also responsible for cell re-generation and damage repairs. So maintain the body’s real mechanism human body need to secrets hgh in proper quantity. Proper amount of hgh helps our body to maintain normal activity. In lack of hormone secretion adequate hgh supplements can be need to intake for maintain the human growth. Medical professional advice for hgh supplements when our body’s natural secretion of hgh decrease. It also need keep in mind that like other chemical substances hgh can be create dangerous situation if you intake it without proper medical attendance. Stunt growth is the common symptoms in child where hgh secretion is not properly takes place in adequate quantity. In case of adulthood where lack of hgh secretion seen the fatigue, obestity, metabolic disorder can be seen. Muscle and bone weak is the common phenomenon of hgh deficiency. In recent times hgh supplements are widely used for treating aging symptoms. Decreasing hgh quantity is a true phenomenon with the age, with the external hgh supplements can increase the volume of secretion. Therefore, people are now trying to get hgh supplements as hgh therapy. But without proper knowledge of using supplements can creates great danger in human body. American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists warned the users about the side effects of overdoes of hgh supplements. People who are using hgh supplements for antiaging treatment must considers the facts hgh supplements is not a pack of hgh, it is a stimulator to pituitary gland to stimulate the secretion of human growth hormone. As people using hgh supplements for anti aging treatment other group of people using it as muscle building. Athletic are also using hgh supplements for boost up their performances. Although in international games, drug test banned using this type of supplements in sports events; still some athletics are using it. FDA approved the using of human growth hormone supplements among the child born with hgh deficiency, but still people using it as anti aging supplements and for muscle building.

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The Real Facts About The Human Growth Hormone