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Edu Webers LA Team A

Our Team

Theofilos Theodorou &

Anastasia Ioannou 

Liberal Arts Course of Study

B Lyceum Aradipou Lyceum

Why we chose EduWeb •

Challenging Experience

Learning new technology and new tools

Helping digitally illiterate

Our Work Category : communication

Digital skills : ď ľ

communication and co-operation

Target Group: anyone with basic computer skills

Skype •

Very popular

Easy to install and Use

Both mobile and desktop application

Communication using text, video, voice, file sharing

Its free!!!

Our families preference

Lessons Pilot team to find needs using our families  Consult our Teacher-Tutor on How to proceed  Lesson Samples 1. Downloading skype 2. Creating an account 3. Skype’s settings 4. Communicating with others  Pilot implementation  Deliver for revisions , recommendations 

Present & Implement Present our work on the multiplier event ď ľ Train our Ancient Greek teacher how to install and use skype to communicate with her son who lives abroad. ď ľ

OUTCOMES Satisfaction Pleasure Feeling


Lessons Uploaded in Greek 

Μάθημα 1 – Εγκατάσταση Skype σε περιβάλλον Windows (flipbook)

Μάθημα 1 – Εγκατάσταση Skype σε περιβάλλον Windows (Video Tutorial)

Μάθημα 2 – Δημιουργία Λογαριασμού στο Skype (flipbook)

Μάθημα 2 - Δημιουργία Λογαριασμού στο Skype (video tutorial)

Lessons Uploaded in English ď ľ Lessons


Issues to consider for future developers! Know How (Tools, Digital skills, accounts )  Constant change of apps  Simple steps for adults to be able to follow  Time consuming  Video tutorials are more popular than text books!  BYOD thus focus on mobile apps 


Eduwebersla skypeteam eng patra

Eduwebersla skypeteam eng patra