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Tamilnadu Board Text Books Tamilnadu Board Text Books tamilnadu education board is the top most and oldest education board in the India which was established in year 1910. The tamilnadu education is affiliated by the department of education, which is working under the tamilnadu government. Tamilnadu education board works for the higher secondary education for the students of Tamilnadu. This education board means Tamilnadu education board specially works on the some of the most popular stream like Anglo India stream, the matriculation stream, secondary school for leaving certificate and the oriental school for secondary certificate. This education has the biggest responsibility to conduct the two of the exams for the students of tenth and 12th to check the performance of the students. The tamilnadu education board used the scores of 12th standard board examinations to get the record for eligibility criteria and as a cut-off for admissions into their programs for admission process and others. The exams of secondary school for leaving certificate and oriental school for secondary certificate are generally held in the month of March, June, and October Here we are going to discussing about the mathematical topic about the different parts of the circle. Know More About :- Sample Papers For West Bengal Board

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Center: it is a point called as center point of the circle. Radius: It has the distance from center to any point of surface of circle. All radiuses have equal distance from circle. In the circle radius is denoted by r. The value of radius is just half of the diameter. This is given below: Radius (r) = diameter (d) / 2 Circumference: It can be describe as a boundary of the circle. It means to say that the area around the shape of the circle is actually called as circumference.Diameter: It can be describe as a line coming from one surface point to another surface point through the center. It means to say that a line which having a line from one circumference point to another point which also penetrate the central point. The diameter is denoted by D whose value is double to the radius. This is given below: Diameter (d) = radius*2 Chord: It is also like a diameter but this line does not penetrate the central line. Area of the circle is very easy to find if a person is very well aware of the properties of the circle. Properties of the circle help the students to find out the area and circumference of the circle. The formula for the calculation of area of the circle is: Area of the circle: � * r* r Circumference of the circle can be represented as a single round of circle. The calculation formula of the circle is given below: Circumference of the circle: 2 * � *r In the below we show some of the targets or dreams to fulfill the requirements of the Govt. affiliated schools and to increase the education level of the tamilnadu. Read More About :- Tamilnadu Board Sample Papers

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Tamilnadu Board Text Books  

Tamilnadu Board Text Books Page : 1/3 tamilnadu education board is the top most and oldest education board in the India which was establishe...

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