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Gujarat Board Chemistry Sample Paper Gujarat Board Chemistry Sample Paper The Gujarat Class 12 Chemistry paper is a 100 mark paper to be attempted in the time frame of three hours. The syllabus and paper pattern has undergone a change after 2008. So it is important that if you are using previous years’ papers you are following the right portion and paper pattern. The question paper has a total of 60 questions all being compulsory ones. There are four sections in each paper name Section A,B,C,D. Each section is supposed to be attempted on a new sheet. All the answers need to be supported with the relevant diagrams and the chemical equations. Failure to do this may result in cutting of marks even if the student has written a lot of material for each question. You may be given a log table or a simple calculator for solving some of the sums. The questions 1 to 16 in Section A will be multiple choice questions. Each carries one mark. The questions from 17-32 in Section B are single questions carrying one mark. Section C comprises of questions from 33 – 48 carrying two marks each and they are also single questions. Questions 49 – 60 belonging to section D are three mark long questions. Know More About :- Biology Gujarat Board Sample Paper

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The Chemistry paper is entirely based on the syllabus. It is a scoring paper if one supports all his answers with diagrams and relevant chemical equations along with a point to point answer. You need to keep the time limit in mind. The four sections carry marks in an increasing order. Be sure to do the previous year’s paper to learn about them most likely questions to be asked in the exam. You may be given a choice internally to pick one question of the two. Such choices come in the three mark question types 1.Why does ice melt slowly at higher altitudes? 2.Name the two elements predicted by Mendeleev’s periodic table. 3.Draw the structure of benzoic anhydride. 4.What is the SI unit of molarity? 5.Give the resonating structures of CO3-2 ion. 6.Predict the reaction of 1N sulphuric acid with Cu. Given: EoCu+2, Cu=0.34V 7.Give reason: The boiling point of alkane decreases with branching. 8.Why is second electron gain enthalpy taken as positive? 9.Which physical quantity has the dimensions of Planck’s constant? 10.Give IUPAC name for CH3-COCH (C2H5)- CH2- CH2Cl.

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Gujarat Board Chemistry Sample Paper  
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