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Gujarat Board Biology Sample Papers Gujarat Board Biology Sample Papers 1. State the deficiency effects of chlorine. 2. Which process does not take place )during cyclic photophosphorylation ? 3. What is egg-apparatus ‘.7 4. What is lenticular transpiration ? 5. State the location and function of sertoli cells. 6. DeĂąne 2 Respiratory Quotient. 7. State the main goals of. 'Conservation' in Biosphere reserves. 8. State the names of countries, which have 0.6 % natural growth rate. (Any two) 9. State the function of LH in Women. Know More About :- Gujarat Board Chemistry Sample Papers

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10, What is 'tillage' 11. Which stage succeeds floating stage 12. Explain : Antigen. 13. Explain : Placenta. 14. Describe the factors affecting the process of osmosis. 15. State any four goals of animal breeding. 16. State the disorders resulting due to defĂŹciency of Riboflavin and 17. Thiamine and Write any two symptoms of each. 18. Explain the synthesis of aminoacids. 19. State the oxides of nitrogen and particulate matter as type of air pollutants. 20. State the location : Caecum and vermiform appendix.

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Gujarat Board Biology Sample Papers  
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