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CBSE Fashion Studies books CBSE Fashion Studies books Practical Work Book in Fashion Studies For CBSE Class XI And Class XII Introduction Designers, in their quest for the best functional and aesthetic solution to a problem, need to be aware of and explore as many possibilities as they can. Clarity of the final conceptual idea and its communication to others is of utmost importance. With ever advancing technology in every field of life, intensive and extensive practical knowledge will help achieve the best possible ergonomical designs. Design is all about systematic planning and clarity in effective execution of a concept, after overcoming all possible environmental and technical constraints. The following exercises will help students visualise, and practically substantiate, fundamental design concepts they learn theoretically in the textbook of Fashion Studies. BASIC SUPPLY LIST The following supply list is the compilation of items recommended for elements of Design. Individually faculty may recommend and add on to the list at the beginning or during the course period. Know More About :- Sociology Books for CBSE

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FASHION STUDIES BOOK FOR CLASS XI A Manual for Practical Work in Fashion Studies for Class XI: Content: 1. Elements of Design — Part A Introduction Suggested Guidelines for Instructors Basic Preparation Practical Exercises 2. Elements of Garment Making — Part B Introduction Practical Exercises Annexure I Sewing Kit Annexure II Common Machine Problems

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CBSE Fashion Studies books  
CBSE Fashion Studies books