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Cbse Board Science Text Books Cbse Board Science Text Books NCERT India is the apex body for CBSE education. It is actively involved in formulating policies and programmes for formulating and implementation of highest standards in the field of school education in India. To undertake the preparation and for the publication of such NCERT textbooks, CBSE Course materials, Educational journals/periodicals and other literature and to develop and/or to disseminate improved educational tools, techniques, technology and practices in schools. NCERT also conducts National Talent Search [NTS] NCERT publishes and disseminates NCERT textbooks for Science, Maths, Social Sciences and other subjects for Class I to Class XII CBSE. Not only does it prescribe the syllabus but also updates it periodically. NCERT Science subject focuses on inculcating the scientific bent of mind with activities of theory and laboratory. NCERT science syllabus is designed to provide informative knowledge, practical exposure, innovation skills leading to all-round development scientific temperament. Students learn about the evolution and growth of scientific industry but also instil a feel for innovation and technological excellence.

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CBSE Science curriculum and books has always been to provide students with education material that is 'true to life, true to child and true to science' . The CBSE has been publishing CBSE Science text books with content that reflects this philosophy. To make the process of conceptual understanding and learning systematic,CBSE has divided the entire CBSE Science curriculum from grade 1 to XII into various levels. These levels focus on the progressively incremental nature of the knowledge acquiring process that emphasizes a sequential building of concepts. A learning process that is sequential in nature helps students understand the concepts easily and also leads to a better retention of the studied material as it fits into the knowledge schema that already exists with the child. This helps students to efficiently master all important concepts particularly in the in sciences and maths. At the first level, that is the primary level , the focus is on 'exploration'. Here the students are encouraged to explore the world. Through the various activities and practical exercises in the CBSEScience Solutions books, the students are encouraged to gain knowledge through hands-on experience. For example in the primary classes while teaching about trees, the students are asked to collect different type of leaves and prepare a scrap book with the names of each of the leaves. Once a student passes through the first level the next is the upper primary level. Here the stress is on learning by involving the students in group discussions with peers, performing simple experiments etc. Under the 'Extended Learning' activities in CBSE Science books, the students are guided to explore more information about the topics already studied. Once the required information is gathered a classroom discussion following it helps to concretizing the learning and fills the gaps. A group discussion facilitates easy exchange of information. For example, in the CBSE Science book for Class VII an activity in the Chapter 'Nutrition in Plants', asks students to visit a greenhouse and observe how plants are raised. They are also asked to collect additional information on the regulation of light, water and CO2 and discuss the same with the classmates.

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Cbse Board Science Text Books  

Cbse Board Science Text Books Page : 1/3 Know More About :- Cbse Accountancy Syllabus NCERT India is the apex body for CBSE education. It is...

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