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8th Class Question Papers 8th Class Question Papers CLASS 8 SCIENCE 1. Fill in the blanks 1) …….is the variety of coal with maximum carbon content. 2) Which fuel is used in jet aeroplanes? 3) ------------petroleum product used to manufacture candles, Vaseline, grease, polish etc. 4) Which petroleum product is used for surfacing roads? 5) The fuel obtained from coal that is almost pure form of carbon is……. . 6) The planet which is farthest from the sun is __ 7) The planet which appears reddish in colour is __ Know More About :- Icse Sample Papers 2012

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8) A group of stars that appear to form a pattern in the sky is known as a __ 9) A celestial body that revolves around a planet is known as a 10) Asteroids are found between the orbits of __ __ and __. 11) In human fertilization occur in ----------12) The transformation of the larva into an adult through drastic change is called -----13) The --- gland produce hormone which stimulate other gland to release their hormone 14) The larynx is bigger in ----------(boys or girl) 15) Every sperm has --------chromosomes. 2. Answer these questions 01. Why is our energy consumption increasing so rapidly? 02. Why are fossil fuels considered as the most important sources of energy today? 03. What are the advantages of using natural gas as a fuel? 04. Which planet is known as morning and evening star? Why is it so called? 05. What are the asteroids? Differentiate between meteors and meteorites 06. What is Mensuration? Under what circumstances can twins be born in humans? 07. How is zygote developing in uterus? Read More About :- Cbse Important Solved Papers

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08. If natural resources are renewable still get exhausted. Discuss with two examples. 09. Why is pituitary glands called “master glands�? 10. What is the function of endocrine system? What is it made up of? Classify the crops based on the seasons. Give examples. 11.

Why do farmers carry out leveling of ploughed fields?


What is meant by sowing? Explain the various methods of sowing the seeds.


What are the advantages of sowing seeds with a seed drill?


Define transplantation. State its advantages.


How soil gets affected by repeated growing of crops in the same field?


How are fertilizers different from manures?


Farmers in northern India grow legumes as fodder in one season and wheat in the next season.


What is this practice known as?


How does this practice help in the replenishment of soil?


How are weeds removed from the crop fields?

19. What is a combine? State its function. 20. What name is given to the cutting and gathering of food crop like wheat or paddy?

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8th Class Question Papers  

CLASS 8 SCIENCE Know More About :- Icse Sample Papers 2012 4) Which petroleum product is used for surfacing roads? 7) The planet which appea...

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