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Maharashtra Board Environmental Studies books Maharashtra Board Environmental Studies books? Environmental Science (EVS) is the study of the interaction between living beings and their surroundings. It talks about the living as well as non living world around us and introduces us to the elements that aid life on this planet. This book gives you a brief idea about humans and their correlation with their immediate surroundings. It begins with an introduction to Our Body and follows with topics closely associated with it, viz. Healthcare and the Clothes we wear. The central section of the book deals with the living world of this fascinating planet, aptly categorized into Plants, Animals, Birds, Insects etc. Moving forward to the inanimate constituents of our environment, the concluding part of the book emphasizes on the elements of nature viz. Air, Water, Sky and Earth. This perfect blend of content would give kids an apt idea of the factors that constitute to support life on earth. The entire content in this book is aptly supported by Fine Illustrations and we are sure that the richness in visuals would generate curiosity and keep kids attuned to the subject. We hope with all the hard work behind it, this book works out as a perfect medium of Environmental Education for kids.

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With understanding of ecology becoming increasingly important today, the Maharashtra State Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education (MSBSHSE) has now made environmental science (EVS) an additional subject of 50 marks for standards XI and XII from the academic year 2013-14. Thus, the examination will be of a total 650 marks instead of the present 600. The subject will be compulsory in both years as decided on the lines of the National Council of Education Research and Training (NCERT). Board chairman Sarjerao Jadhav said, “The Supreme Court had asked to give marks to the subject, instead of the grades given earlier. SC also directed that these marks be shown in the final marksheet. Accordingly, we had submitted a proposal to the state government. This has been approved, and a circular was issued for it recently.” Jadhav added, “The board will implement the directives from the academic year 2013-14. The subject will be compulsory for minimum competency vocational courses (MCVC). Our study board members have already started working on it and have informed respective colleges of the decision as well.”

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Maharashtra Board Environmental Studies books  
Maharashtra Board Environmental Studies books