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Andhra Pradesh Board Biology Syllabus Andhra Pradesh Board Biology Syllabus

AP® Biology Syllabus 3

Course Overview My AP® Biology course conforms to the standards instituted by the College Board for all AP courses and covers all of the topics in the AP Biology Course Description. These include biochemistry, cell structure and function, metabolism, genetics, molecular basis of inheritance, DNA technology, evolution, microbiology, classification, plants, animals, animal physiology, and ecology. Furthermore, all the above topics are integrated throughout the course using the eight major themes from the AP Biology Curriculum Requirements. [C6] This is a laboratory course in which students are expected to use collected data to solve biological problems. [C4] The objectives of the course are that each student shall • demonstrate skills in using various types of biological instrumentation and scientific methodologies, Know More About :- Biology Andhra Pradesh Board Syllabus

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• learn how to read and critique papers written by scientists in the field of biology, • practice finding and using patterns in collected data to solve scientific problems, [C4] • exhibit mastery of the major principles of biology, and • apply biological knowledge and critical thinking to environmental and social concerns. [C7]

AP® Biology Syllabus 4

EXPECTATIONS AP® Biology is both a hard and a fun course. It provides students with an opportunity to develop a conceptual framework for modern biology, emphasizing applications of biological knowledge and critical thinking to environmental and social concerns. This is a college-level course, and students will be held to high expectations and mature responsibilities just like a college freshman taking Introduction to Biology.

GOALS OF THE COURSE: THEMES AND CONCEPTS The AP Biology Examination continues to emphasize the concepts and themes of biology. Less weight is placed on specific facts than on the “big ideas” that tie them together. There are two major goals of AP Biology: (1) to enable students to develop a real understanding of the principal concepts in biology and (2) to experience science as a process of problem solving and discovery. AP Biology at our school accomplishes these two goals in the following way. Each unit is organized and taught with great attention paid to the themes below. Lessons are designed to highlight the repeating, overarching themes or patterns that thread their way through three major topics (subject areas in biology). Those topics are: • • •

Molecules and Cells Heredity and Evolution Organisms and Population Read More About :- Gujarat Board Geography Text Books

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Andhra Pradesh Board Biology Syllabus