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Andhra Pradesh Board Geography Sample Paper Andhra Pradesh Board Geography Sample Paper 1.Write any one definition of human geography. 2.Name the elements related to the scope of human geo graphy.208 3.Write the position of India and China in the world according to population? 4.Write any two characteristics of settlements in the rural settlements. 5.Draw an “Radial Pattern�. 6.Write the names of the major factor of transportati on ? 7.Write importance of sex-ratio.. 8.Compare between livelihood agriculture and commerci al agriculture. 9.Explain the concept of sinking world. Know More About :- Andhra Pradesh Board Chemistry Sample Paper

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10.Why is means of transport called the backbone in th e development of a country? 11.Describe the reasons for the decreasing sex-ratio i n India. 12.Why is conservation of natural reources necessary ? 13.There is unity on diversity in India. Explain with ourguments. 14.Why the fishing trade is backward in India ? Where the costal line in 15.Express your views about the main new agriculture t echonology in India. (OR) What is green revolution ? Explain the importance in Indian agriculture. 16.Write in short note about the following Industries in chhattisgarhI. Bidi Industry II. Jute Industry210 (OR) Describe in short about the following rivers of chh attisgarhI. Mahanadi II. Indravati river 17.Write the problems how to solve the problems of Ind ustries in the world. 18.Why is forest conservation necessary ? Explain in d etail the measures taken for the forest conservation. 19.Describe the geographical conditions for the growth of sugarcane in India. Write the names of two major states in India for th e production of sugarcane (OR) Describe the tea-producing regions in india and exp lain their importance of Indian economy. 20.Write about the required factores for establishing Iron and Steel Industry in Bhilai Explain in detail.. (OR) Mention the main reasons of centralisation of Cemen t-Industry in2011 chhattisgarh. Read More About :- Andhra Pradesh Board Economics Sample Paper

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Andhra Pradesh Board Geography Sample Paper  
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