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ICSE Syllabus ICSE Syllabus The full form of ICSE is Indian Certificate for Secondary Examination. It is a Delhi-based board but it is also available in all commonwealth countries. This helps a lot if one is relocating constantly on an international level. The advantages of choosing an ICSE syllabus over CBSE or any other board for that matter are: Higher level of difficulty: The ICSE syllabus challenges the students to do better constantly, but in a good way. They do so without putting pressure on the child and makes sure the child enjoys what he or she is studying. Its level of difficulty is higher than that of any board, but in such a way that it ensures that the child is comfortable with the level of difficulty. Strengthen the fundamentals: ICSE ensures that the fundamentals of subjects such as Mathematics and Science are relatively strengthened so that they can grasp the subject better in the future with no trouble absolutely. What students o ICSE learn in class 8 is taught in higher grades in other boards such as CBSE, SSC, etc. The topics are repeated constantly in the higher grades so that they are thorough with the ICSE syllabus. Choice of subjects- The ICSE syllabus is very flexible and unlike other boards, is leass rigid when it comes to the choice of subjects. After class 8, students are allowed to drop subjects like Mathematics and Science if they do not feel comfortable with it.

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Students can choose subjects that they are more comfortable with instead and concentrate on nurturing their area of interest. ICSE board does not force students to do anything unlike other boards. Concentration on language- The advantage of taking up an ICSE syllabus is that it will make sure you will excel in your languages. ICSE syllabus offers two papers for English. One language and one literature. The English language paper concentrates on the students' writing abilities. Different kinds of essays, letters (both formal and informal) and even a comprehension along with precise writing is a part of the ICSE syllabus. English literature on the other hand concentrates on prose, poetry and drama. The works of William Shakespeare are also a part of the ICSE syllabus in the higher classes. This makes their command on English a notch higher that the syllabi of other boards has to offer. While, it is excellent in teaching good English to students, it does not lag behind in terms of second languages. It has one paper devoted to a second language of the students' choice. This helps students learn two languages well on a simultaneous basis. It helps students immensely. Concentration on humanities- The ICSE syllabus makes sure to concentrate an equal amount on subjects related to humanities. This helps in strengthening communication skills of students. They become more confident. ICSE syllabus offers two papers on social sciences (History and Geography) while other boards offer only one. It gives students more extensive knowledge because the portion is vast. It is very helpful. Innovating and creating- There is one very important aspect about ICSE that you can not miss. They give a chance to students to practically study their curriculum. They are given a chance to step out of their world of text-books and actually study it practically with the help of practicals, projects, day-trips, etc. This gives students exposure and ensures the overall development of students. Out of the box- ICSE syllabus offers unconventional subjects so that students do not have to restrict themselves in their areas of interest. They offer subjects like Environmental Education, Socially Useful Productive Work, Agriculture, Home Science, etc. This gives students a chance to think out of the box and learn more.

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ICSE Syllabus  

Page : 1/3 Know More About :- West Bengal Board Syllabus for Science Its level of difficulty is higher than that of any board, but in such a...