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Icse Board Sample Papers For Social Science Icse Board Sample Papers For Social Science Q1. What are the two main types of heritage? Q2. Where is the statue of Gomteshwar situated? Q.3 What Kind of Musical Instrument is Sarangi? Name the language in which Valmiki composed the Ramayana Q4. Write a brief description on Indian Classical Music. Q5.Write a short note on colonial heritage. Q6. What is conservation of lakes and tanks necessary? Q7.What is the role of people in the preservation of heritage? Explain Q8. How is soil formed? Q9.What is railway so important now a day?

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Q10. What do you mean by transport? Q11. Why is the iron and steel industry located in peninsularIndiaonly? Q12. Describe the method to control environmental degradation. Q13. Distinguish between Natural gas and Bio – gas. Q14. Describe replenish able ground water resources ofIndia. Q15. Distinguish between Rabi and Kharif crops. Q16. Study the given outline map ofIndiaand identify the features represented by A, B, C and D and write their correct names on the marked place on the map. Q17. On the given outline map of India mark the following Q18. Area of Black Soil Q19. Mountainous Soil (Arunachal Pradesh) Q20. When is the world consumers rights day celebrated? Q21. Why is there a need to regulate prices? Q22. Name any two types of economies. Q23. Why was the national Minority commission been set up? Q24. What is the meaning of non – alignment with reference toIndia’s foreign policy Q25. Why is sustainable economic development necessary for economic growth? Q26. Why is literacy essential for human development?

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Icse Board Sample Papers For Social Science