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CBSE Home Science Syllabus CBSE Home Science Syllabus Unit I: Know Little Children (0-3 years) :- Some specific characteristics: physical and motor-height, weight and body proportions; motor development during 0-3 months, 3-6 months, 6-9 months, 9-12 months and 1-3 years (milestones only); social and emotional developments; recognition of people around; socialization, expression of emotions; cognitive development; learning through concrete operations and language development. Unit II : Nutrition for Self and Family :- Planning meals for the family: meaning and importance of meal planning, principles and factors affecting meal planning, planning meals for the family; keeping in mind the needs of individual members, including children, pregnant women, lactating mother, members suffering from fever and diarrhoea; role and preparation of ORS. Unit III : Money Management and Consumer Education :- Family Income: various sources of family income: (i) money income, (ii) real income, direct and indirect; Supplementing family incomeneed & ways; need and procedure for keeping household accounts. Unit IV: My Apparel :- Clothing and its relation to personality: Elements of line, colour, texture: elements of design: balance, rhythm, proportion, harmony, emphasis; factors that influence the selection of clothes: personality, age, climate, occupation, figure, occasion, fashion; selection and purchase of fabrics. Know More About :- Karnataka Secondary Board

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Unit V: Things I can do with my Home Science Education :- Application of knowledge of Home Science in everyday life. Usefulness of some of the skills learnt here for supplementing family income. Skills learnt here can be gainfully used for employment (self-employment, apprenticeship). List of Questions Q. No. I : List of questions regarding the experiments from Group A (Unit I parts a, b and c). 1. Prepare a chart to record the milestones of physical development of child from 0-1 year 2. Prepare a chart to record the milestones of language development of a child from 0-3 years. 3. Prepare a chart to record the milestones of motor development of a child from 0-3 years. 4. Prepare an immunisation chart for a child from 0-3 years. 5. Prepare an interview schedule for a working mother to find out the arrangement for her pre-school child in her absence. Q. No. II : List of questions regarding the experiments from Group B (Unit II part a ). 1. Plan meal for a family and suggest modifications for: any one of the following: a lactating mother / a pregnant woman / a person suffering from diarrhoea / a person suffering from fever Prepare one of the modified dishes. Q. No. III : List of questions regarding the experiments from Group B (Unit II parts b and c). 1. Prepare oral rehydration solution. (ORS) 2. Test adulteration and identify the adulterant in one of the following: (i) Cereals (iii) Milk and Milk Products (v) Dhania Powder (vii) Haldi Powder

(ii) Pulses (iv) Tea leaves (vi) Gur (Jaggery) (viii) Black Pepper (Whole) Read More About :- Indian Education Board

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CBSE Home Science Syllabus