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Cbse Board Previous Year Papers For Home Science Cbse Board Previous Year Papers For Home Science Q1. Give the target group of the Integrated Child Development Services scheme. Q2. Kesari dal in used as an adulterant in which foodstuff? Give its one illeffect on health. Q3. List two advantages of using silk fabric for making clothes. Q4. How do our clothes help us to develop self-confidence? Q5. Which emotion will one-year old Anuj show if he is put in a new and unfamiliar situation? Q6. Prepare a format to record the daily household expenditure of your family. Q7. Name and give the full form of the mark Sunita should look for on a jam bottle to ensure that she buys a good quality product. Q8. Brifly explain any two ways by which knowledge and skills acquired in child care can help in supplementing the family income. Know More About :- Computer Science Books for Andhra Pradesh Board

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Q9. Give the meaning of ‘natural’ and ‘acquired’ immunity. Q10. Present the cleansing a action of a good fabric washing soap. Q11. List any four characteristics of safe drinking water. Q12. During the foetal stage, what kind of problems can lead to physical and mental disability in children? Q13. Enumerate any four needs of supplementing family income. 2 marks Q14. Briefly describe two needs of socially disadvantaged children. What role should thegovernment play in meeting these needs? Q15. When would you describe an advertisement of a product as ‘misleading’. Explain with a suitable example. Q16. Differentiate between real direct income and real indirect income. 2 marks Q17. Sameer is a preschooler who is suffering from diarrhea. What meathods will you use for the care and management of his disease? Q18. Describe any three factors affecting meal planning for families. Q19. Explain ‘filtration’ as a method for making water safe for drinking. Q20. Suggest four ways, if followed will help the food handlers to prevent the spread of diseases. Q21. Give any three basic objectives of investing in life insurance policies. Q22. Explain with suitable examples the three conditions under which the food is considered to be adulterated. Read More About :- Andhra Pradesh Board Geography Books

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Cbse Board Previous Year Papers For Home Science