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Board Of Gujarat Board Of Gujarat gujarat state education board or Gujarat education board have Chairman and Deputy chairman that are head of Gujarat secondary education board and they are appointed by Government of Gujarat and other employees include 16 Ex- Officio members and 44 other employees recruited from academic organizations. Examination Committee, Finance Committee, Education Committee, Magazine Advisory Committee are some of the committees that are maintained all the issues related to the Gujarat education Board . Gujarat state education board conducts annual exams of class 10th or secondary class and 12th that is also known as the higher secondary class in the month of March of every year. In the month of June of each year, results are declared by Gujarat higher secondary education board .There is a network of more than 2000 schools established by Gujarat higher secondary education board and there are more than 11 lac students studying in these schools. Gujarat higher secondary education board is one of the most prominent boards of India that sets the standards for other educational boards. Recently Intel Teach Program has introduced by the Gujarat state education board which helps teachers to enhance the standards of learning and keeping up the pace of the teaching the students with 21 st century in a very practical approach . Know More About :- Board Of Intermediate Education Andhrapradesh

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The main aim of the program is providing digital literacy, problem solving, critical thinking and collaboration for the student and it also provide the healthy environment for the students that generate the healthy competition among the students. This package contains set of customizable offerings like basic ICT skills that is training on tools to provide assistance to students in best possible way for understanding the way of learning. Gujarat state education board will continue with its effort to spread literacy to every part of the state by opening more schools and enrolling more and more students and also ficus on giving the quality education to their students to make them more productive . In mathematics there is one most important topic is trigonometry that define the relation between the angles and sides of a triangle that is specially a right angled triangle that is a triangle that have one angle of 90' degree. We can define some formulas of trigonometry for a right angled triangle as: sin Θ = perpendicular / hypotenuse (Θ is an angle) cos Θ = Base / hypotenuse tan Θ = perpendicular / Base There are some expression that are based on above functions of angle : (I) cos 2 (Θ) + sin 2 (Θ) = 1 (II) 1 + tan 2 (Θ) = sec 2 (Θ) (III) cot 2 (Θ) + 1 = cosine 2 (Θ) (IV) cos (p + - q) = cos (p) cos (q) - + sin (p) sin (q) (V) sin (p + - q) = sin (p) cos (q) + - cos (p) sin (q) Read More About :- Chemistry Text Books Of Cbse Board

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Board Of Gujarat  

Board Of Gujarat Page : 1/3 Know More About :- Board Of Intermediate Education Andhrapradesh Gujarat higher secondary education board is one...

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