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Andhra Pradesh Math Syllabus Andhra Pradesh Math Syllabus Mathematics is always a very important subject no matter which level one is dealing with. At any level of the course, mathematics remains one of the most logical and conceptual subject. Paper Description: The paper of mathematics I includes topics like Algebra, Vector algebra and trigonometry. All these are said to be the base topics of mathematics. Without these topics, mathematics is incomplete. Te study under these topics includes study of algebraic equations and finding an unknown quantity with known quantities. The directional analysis of quantities such as force and acceleration is also studied in this subject. Frequently asked question: Questions like sketching of graph fro sin X or Cos x at various degrees of X, finding the real value of various expression and functions, and proving of expression and then finding out expression in that term are few questions that gets repeated almost every year. Apart from that, questions like finding out the value of x from a given expression or finding value of various Sin and Cos degrees using the formula etc gets repeated almost every year. Know More About :- ICSE Board Psychology Syllabus

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Paper pattern: The paper pattern of Andhra Pradesh State Syllabus, Mathematics I A (Algebra, Vector Algebra and Trigonometry), Intermediate Model Exam Paper is divided into phases. The paper is divided into 3 sections; Section A, B and C. all together the paper has 24 questions in it. Section A has 10 questions of 2 marks each. Section B has 7 questions of 4 marks each, and section C has 7 questions of 7 marks each. Out of the 10 short questions in section A, one has to answer all of them. Out of the 7 questions of section B, one has to answer any 5. Out of the 7 long descriptive type questions, one will have to answer any 5. Total Marks and time allotted: The total time taken by candidates to complete this 75 marks paper is 3 hours Recommended books: Differential Equations - Schaum Series (Frank Ayres) by N.M. Kapur

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Andhra Pradesh Math Syllabus