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ICSE English Core books ICSE English Core books Oswaal Study Material Based on NCERT Textbook English Core For Class 11 Hornbill Product Details Publisher: Edition: ISBN: Pages:

Oswaal Books 2008 978-81-89969-12-7 220

Book Description This series of "Oswaal Study Material" has been launched this year by Oswaal Publications after the entralling success of "Oswaal Chapter Wise Series" which was introduced in 2002. Being a reputed name in the field of publishing for the last 40 years, Oswaal has been intrumental in developing high quality educational books that have enabled students from across categories excel in their chosen stream of study. Know More About :- English Core Books for ICSE

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Oswaal Chapter Wise Solutions CBSE English Core for Class XI Product Details Publisher: Edition: Pages:

Oswaal Books 2011 252

Book Description About Oswaal Chapter-wise Solutions Oswaal ‘Chapter-wise Solutions’ are designed to assist and equip the students with the right kind of study material for Secondary and Senior Secondary Examinations. Books are prepared strictly in accordance with latest syllabi. One can’t grasp the subject only at coaching classes or by taking tuitions. Thus, just after learning a topic in the class, a student can prepare the same topic through these books. The ‘Chapter-wise’ presentation of important questions will enable a student to prepare each topic thoroughly and deeply. Moreover, these books will prove highly beneficial for the students studying independently to provide relief from burdensome task of making notes. Now, just plan your studies with Oswaal series of reference books presto and achieve maximum results. Oswaal Sample Question Papers CBSE English Core for Class XI Product Details Publisher: Edition: Pages:

Oswaal Books 2011 120

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