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ICSE Geography books ICSE Geography books Around the World 8 (Geography) (ICSE Board) Around the World (Geography) is a series of three textbooks for Classes 6?8. They are based on the latest syllabus of the Inter-State Board for Anglo-Indian Education, followed in ICSE schools. Simple language has been used for the children to understand the text easily. Large-sized maps make learning geography a hands-on experience. Ample illustrations, photographs, diagrams, maps and stories have been included, in all three subjects, to stimulate the interest of the children and enable them to grasp the concepts clearly. The books have been structured in a way so as to develop in children a love for the subject. Therefore enabling them to absorb the contents better. FRANK MID SCH GEOGRAPHY-VII 2011 Frank middle School Geography is the new revised, ungraded series for the Middle Schook, written in strict confromity with the latest syllabus prescribed by the Inter-State Board for Anglo-Indian Education, which has been recommended by the Council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations, New Delhi. In order to make the Practical Geography and the study of climate more Know More About :- Chemistry ICSE syllabus

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interesting, the study of instruments, recording and analysis of the cliamtic data have been incorporated. The approach adopted for practical work will involve student's participation and promote effective learning through team work. The chapters on Physical Geography help children develop a concern for the environment and to appreciate the interdependence of man and nature. The section on Regional Geography, written strictly as per the syllabus, ANALYSIS AND INTERPRETATION OF TOPOGRAPHICAL MAPS (REV) Analysis and Interpretation of Topographical Maps covers Section A of the Geography Syallabus for the ICSE examination. This throroughly revised book discusses physical and cultural features of topographical maps and also explains how to interpret different symbols used in these maps. topics coered include scale, contour patters represent different landformsm area calculation by grid square method, and the mesuarement of distance, direction of gradient. This book also covers cultural features like types of settlement, land use, irrigation and modes of transport. This revised edition carrieds abundant illustrations and disgrams to help students get a better understanding of the features discussed. Also included are eight coloured and four black and white topographical sheets for practice. Exercises and a detailed glossary are appended at the end of the book. ICSE GEOGRAPHY With Workbooks (For Classes 9–10) ICSE Geography is a series of two course books based on the latest syllabus for ICSE schools. The books have comprehensive and student-friendly contents. They cover all aspects of the subject, such as practical geography, continents and water bodies, their physical features, climate, natural vegetation, resources, utilization and life of the people. There is a special emphasis on topics related to the environment. Large-sized maps make learning geography a hands-on experience as they take the learner on a virtual tour around the globe. The attractive photographs are colourful, authentic and enrich the text greatly.

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