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Karnataka Board Sample Papers Karnataka Board Sample Papers SAMPLE PAPER CLASS 10 SOCIAL SCIENCE 1. What is Khalsa? 2. What was the effect of cultural revolution in china? 3. Why did America enter the second world war? 4. What is the greatest achievement of the World Health Organization? 5. What was the aim of the ASEAN? 6. How did the USA come to know India's position regarding nuclear power? 7. Why are the mangrove forests called sunderbans in the ganges delta? 8. What is transport?

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9. What is Green Revolution? 10. What were the terms of treaty of Madras? 11. Mention the result of the first Anglo Maratha war? 12. What are the advices of Charles wood seen in the present system of education? 13. How was Quit India movement of Isure different from the movement of other places? 14. Why did Sardar Patel decide to launch 'police action' on Hyderabad? 15. Give any two reasons for the failure of league of nations 16. What are the aims of the Non - Aligned Movement? 17. Which are the illeagal methods used for profiteering? 18. What is the role of the international court of justice in the U.N.O? 19. How are the hauman rights protected under the indian constitution? 20. Differentiate between the western ghats and the eastern ghats. 21. How is coal formed? 22. Consumption of cement is the index of the country's progress. How? 23. Mention any two disadvantage of Air transport 24. How are small scale industries helpful to rural areas? Read More About :- Sample Papers For Tamilnadu Board

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