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Andhra Pradesh Board Business Studies Sample Paper Andhra Pradesh Board Business Studies Sample Paper Part -A (Sample Paper) Q1. What do you mean by Management ? Q2. "Management is both art as well as science". Explain. Q3. What do you mean by 'Levels of Management' ? Q4. Explain the meaning of 'unity of direction'. Q5. What is meant by 'Delegation of Authority' ? Q6. What is functional structure of organisation ? Q7. Distinguish between delegation of Authority and decentralisation. Q8. Differentiate between Time study and Motion study. Know More About :- Geography Books for ICSE

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Q9. Define recruitment. Explain in brief the internal sources of recruitment. Q10. Distinguish between recruitment and selection. Q11. Explain in brief the meaning and importance of motivation. Q12. Differentiate between formal and informal communication. Q13. What is planning ? What are its characteristics OR Describe briefly the steps involved in the process of planning. Q14. Explain the characteristics of a good control system. OR Explain the relationship between planning and control. Part-B Q15. What is capital structure ? Q16. Explain the meaning of money market. Q17. State any two functions of stock exchange. Q18. Explain the objectives of Financial Management. Q19. State the objectives of Marketing. 3 Q20. What is SEBI ? Explain the functions of SEBI. Q21. Explain various methods of sales promotion. Read More About :- ICSE Board Hindi Syllabus

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Andhra Pradesh Board Business Studies Sample Paper