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Andhra Pradesh Board Economics Syllabus for Class 12

Board Sample Paper Andhra Pradesh Board Economics Syllabus for Class 12

Karnataka Board Class 12 Physics Sample ECONOMICS Paper of 2012 CBSE Class - XII PAPER-II-ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT OF INDIA Board Class 10 Science 2008 UNIT-I: DEVELOPMENT-CONCEPT AND FEATURES 17 Periods Tamilnadu Board Class Meaning of development and growth – Main features of de-veloped and developing economies – Determinants of eco-nomic development – India as a developing economy. Ref: Meir : Issues in Development, Oxford. 12 Biology Sample Paper Of 2011 Gujarat UNIT-II: MARKET ECONOMY AND DEVELOPMENT 25 Periods Board Class 12 Concept and basic features of Market Economy – Inter-de-pendence of State and the Markets – Liberalization, Global-ization and Privatization, the Pre-requisits for Promoting Glo-bal Market – Global Market, Trade and Development Business Studies 2011 – Origin of international Trading arrangements and basic features of GATT negotiations – Establishment of WTO and its salient features – WTO and the Indian Economy. CBSE Board Class 12 Home Science 2009 UNIT-III: GROWTH OF POPULATION AND DEVELOPMENT OF HUMAN RESOURCES 16 Periods CBSE Board Class 12 Growth of population and occupational distribution of popula-tion – Birth and death rates – Population policy Amartya Sen’s concept of capability as related to human resources development – Role of Education and Health – Magnitude of Physics 2008 CBSE Univer-sal education, Female education and health care systems. Ref: Dutt & K.P.M.Sundaram – Indian Economy 1998 Amartya Sen – Economic Development of India 1996. Board History Sample Papers for Class 12 for UNIT-IV: NATIONAL INCOME, INEQUALITIES IN THE DISTRIBUTION OF INCOME – UNEMPLOYMENT AND year 2011 Gujarat POVERTY IN INDIA 30 Periods Trends in the growth of National Income and percapita In-come since Independence – Changes in the sectoral Board Class 10 Home contribution of National Income – Shares of Public and Private sectors in National Income – Inequalities in the distribution of Income and Wealth – Fac-tors influencing Inequalities in the distribution of Income – Measures to control inequalities – Science 2011 CBSE Meaning, Causes and es-timates of Unemployment – Concept of Poverty – Poverty line – Rural and Urban Pov erty – Board Class 12 Causes of Poverty – Anti poverty measures. Biotechnology 2009 UNIT-V: AGRICULTURE 35 Periods CBSE Board Class 9 The place of agriculture in Indian economy-Causes for low Agricultural productivity-Measures to increase productivityCauses for and conse-quences of small Agricultural holdings – Consolidation of holdings – The need for land reforms – English Core 2008 Salient features of land reforms – Cooperative farming-Existing pattern of land utilisation- Estimates of irrigated Previous Year Paper area-Green revolution- Changes in cropping pat-tern – Nature and sources of Agricultural credit – Causes for rural indebtedness – Remedial measures – Re organization of rural credit and role of NABARD Agricultural Marketing , Defects in Agricultural Marketing in India. –Remedial Mea-sures – The present position of agricultural labour in India. 1. Mishra & Puri-Indian Economy 2. C.B.Mamoria-Indian Agriculture.

CBSE Board Class 11 Biology 2011 CBSE Board Class 12 Physics 2010 UNIT-VI: INDUSTRY 25 Periods CBSE Board Class 11 The role of industrialisation – Pattern of industrialisation af-ter liberalisation- A brief outline of the growth of large scale industries – Cottage and small scale industries – Their im-portance, problems and remedial measures – Industrial es-tatesHistory 2010 – Short term and long term institutions of industrial finance – Industrial policy resolutions of 1948,1956 and 1991- The present position of Industrial Labour. CBSE Board Class 10 1. R.Dutt & K.P.M.Sundaram – Indian Economy Social Science 2005 2. Battwal: Industrial Economy. CBSE Board Class 10 UNIT-VII: TERTIARY SECTOR 13 Periods English Core 2010 Importance of Tertiary sector in economic development in-creasing role of transport, banking and insurance-Infrastructural CBSE Board Class 11 development. 1. R.Dutt & K.P.M.Sundaram – Indian Economy Physics 2009 2. World Development Report on Infrastructure CBSE Board Class 11 UNIT-VIII: PLANNING IN INDIA 13 Periods History 2011 A brief review of the achievements of various Five Year Plans – Objectives of 9 th Five Year Plan – Causes and CBSE Board Class 10 consequences of Regional inbalance – Measures to achieve balanced re-gional development. 1. R.Dutt & K.P.M.Sundaram – Indian Economy. Home Science 2011 CBSE Board Class 9 UNIT-IX: ENVIRONMENT AND DEVELOPMENT 16 Periods Concepts of Environment, Ecology, Eco-system, Stability of Eco-system and Pollution – Sources of Pollution: Air, Water, Computer Science Soil and Sound – Resource exhaustation and Pollution, the basic causes of Environmental degradation – Effects of Envi -ronmental Degradation and the need for preserving the envi -ronment – Environment and Economic growth – Concept of 2005 sustainable development. CBSE Board Class 9

Math 2009 Syllabus

Andhra Pradesh Board Class 11 History CBSE Board Class 11 Social Science Business Studies Gujarat Board Class 12 English Elective CBSE Board 12th Computer Science Syllabus Gujarat Board Class 9 English Core ICSE Board Class 11 Home Science Andhra Pradesh Board Class 12 Chemistry West Bengal Board Class 10 Syllabus Of History CBSE Board 12th Biology Syllabus Maharashtra Board Class 11 Physics syllabus

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