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Ap Board Text Books Ap Board Text Books New Textbooks for Classes I, III and V for Andhra Pradesh Schools New material for classes II, IV and VI to be implemented from 2009-10 Hyderabad: Classes I, III and V of the State Syllabus will have new textbooks from the next academic year (2008-09). The manuscript is ready and the strike order for printing the books is awaited from the respective editors. New material for classes II, IV and VI is being finalised and will be implemented from 2009-10. Director of School Education S. Balasubrahmaniam told The Hindu that the revamp of curriculum for classes I to X would be completed in three phases each year from 2008-09 to 2010-11. The curriculum for classes I, III and V in various media of instruction will be fitted into 57 titles, each representing a reader.

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Class I will have a language subject in mother tongue and two compulsory subjects -- English and Mathematics -- but classes III and V will have an additional subject titled Environmental Studies which is a combination of hitherto general science and social studies. Incidentally, the introduction of English in Telugu medium for classes I & II is strongly opposed by various teachers’ unions on the ground that it is not desirable at such an early stage. The State Council of Educational Research and Training (SCERT) involved in preparation of material has withheld release of English Syllabus for the two classes until the State government took a final view. The SCERT in-charge Director M. Savitri said only drilling material in an informal manner has been prepared for English reader of classes I & II. The children were only supposed to listen to the teacher and speak out the same. They were not required to read or write. The curriculum for classes I, III & V has been finalised for English, Telugu, Hindi and Urdu media based on National Curriculum Framework – 2005 released by the National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT). The lessons were prepared keeping in view the State’s requirements. The curriculum was also ready in Sanskrit for classes III & V of oriental schools, according to Ms. Savitri. A significant feature of the revamp of curriculum is introduction of Environmental Studies in a single textbook from class III. The reader will have two parts – Part I for social studies and Part II for science. There are 11 units each in the Environmental Studies for classes III & V. Each unit has three or four sub-units. Second language The SCERT is proceeding with finalising the manuscripts for classes II, IV & VI in the same pattern, but class VI will have an additional subject to accommodate introduction of second language. Read More About :- Andhra Pradesh Board Math Books

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