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Best tricks and tips to get the most out of your iPhone 5

The iPhone5 is simply as user-friendly as every iPhone that came prior to it, but yet offer you some tips and tricks to ensure you get the maximum out of your device. Regardless of whether you are a new iPhone user or a experienced user, we have ensured to incorporate a little something for everyone. After going through this guide, you should be a little savvier than your every other iPhone 5 using friends! Find contacts, emails, apps and more with ease on the iPhone 5 When you are on the initial page of your iPhone5 screen, just swipe to the left and you can see universal search bar of iPhone 5. Begin writing in what you are looking for and it should turn up. The initial few results is going to be apps or content material that may be on the phone and when there is absolutely nothing relevant on your iPhone5, it is going to execute a Web search. Refresh your email with just a simple wave on the iPhone 5 Are you addicted to emails? If you do not have push email setup, you can just go into your email inbox or set of inboxes and swipe the entire screen downward. It will force your iPhone 5 to check on for new messages. Go full screen on your iPhone 5

In order to get into full screen mode in Safari, just turn your iPhone to landscape mode (make certain that display orientation is unlocked) and you will begin to see the expansion arrows

around the lower right hand side. Touch the arrows and you are in full screen mode! To revert it, touch the arrows once again. Know how you can save an image from the Web on the iPhone5 Just touch and hold on any picture you see and touch "Save Image" once the option pops up. The image will be stored inside your Images app and you can visualize it in the Gallery. Search inbox on the iPhone 5 Searching for a message? When you enter into your inbox of choice, just pull down on the screen and a search bar will be launched. Can not find what you are looking for? You will have the choice of verifying your e-mail server in case the iPhone 5 can not find it inside the history. How to flag/edit/delete messages in batches on the iPhone 5

Simply click edit in your inbox and choose messages you intend to archive, delete or proceed to particular email folders. Set up VIP contacts on the iPhone 5 Having iOS 6 in the iPhone5, you are able to setup VIP contacts so that all of your vital messages are arranged in a single location. You can also setup notifications so that whenever your VIP contact messages you, you will know straight away that it is not just another junky e-mail coming through. Edit your drafts quickly on the iPhone 5 When you push and hold the compose key inside your mailbox, you will be taken directly to your drafts where you are able to modify or send off messages which are all set to go.

How to update your Facebook or Twitter status quickly on the iPhone5

When you sign into your Twitter and/or Facebook accounts in Settings (Get into Settings and scroll down for Facebook and Twitter), you can actually update your status from anywhere on the phone. Just draw the notification center all the way down by pulling the bar that tells you the time and your battery-life, and you will notice 2 buttons for Facebook and Twitter. Just touch either one and you are set. Add special characters in your emails and messages on the iPhone 5 Searching for a letter having an umlaut or something a little unique? Just press and hold a key on your key pad and you will get a bunch of special characters pop-up. Glide your finger over to the one you need and you are done. You can find your stolen iPhone 5

Go to App Store and Install "Find my iPhone" from there and ensure you are all setup on iCloud. You need both "Find my iPhone" and iCloud , so visit and setup an account and perform exactly the same in your iPhone under Settings (in Mail, Calendars, Contacts). Set Do Not Disturb on the iPhone 5, so that you aren't disturbed Open your iPhone settings and turn on "Do Not Disturb". This feature can be set to turn on and off at certain times during the day, and you may also allow specific people get through to you

even when the feature is turned on. Or even if someone calls you several times within a short period of time, the phone call can get through as it is either a serious event or just an extremely inebriated buddy having a really great story to tell. Learn iPhone Programming at Edumobile, taught by real teachers who guide you through every topic step by step. EDUmobile also operates a popular free iphone and android tutorial blog read regularly by over 35,000 developers.

Best tricks and tips to get the most out of your iPhone 5  

Learn iPhone Programming at Edumobile, taught by real teachers who guide you through every topic step by step.

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