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Usually a Nightmare, Now Choosing a Perfect School is Easy-Peasy with All parents concerned about the education of their kids have until now been kept in the dark as to what the schools in their neighbourhood are really like. With the arrival of, they can get the full picture of any schooling facility they choose. This innovative online service is dedicated to bring the maximum amount of data on every English school to facilitate the decision making process of every parent challenged by the choice of the right school for their children. What we think is going to account for the website's future popularity is its simplicity in structure. The creators of knew what they were doing when designing the platform: “When working on our website, we had one thing in mind – helping parents to find great school for their children. Even an average Internet user will feel at home among our graphs and diagrams that actually show very complex statistical data.” can assist you at every moment in the education path of your kids, since the platform features information on primary, secondary and high schools. Apart from providing the essential data, such as the school's address, website, reference number or its headmaster's name, offers a wide range of information that derives from a careful analysis of heaps of statistical data that would otherwise be hard to access. Thanks to the service, you'll be able to get all the current and historical data and this will allow you to trace the school's development. Starting from the current enrolment figures divided into boys and girls, the data on pupil absences, a breakdown of the school's workforce, or the teacher-student ratio and ending with a detailed account of the pupils' performance on key level tests, both general and split into subjects, will draw a complete profile of the school and present you a ready report. Moreover, you'll be given an insightful analysis of the school's spending that will show you how much grant funds are received by the school, what are the costs for teaching staff or the expenses of the school's catering. This could make a real difference when choosing a school as you'll be able to assess the school's financial focus and development. There is no doubt that offers information that can play an important role in choosing the perfect schooling facility. The best thing is that all the statistics are represented in an understandable way, not to mention the fact that they're already analysed and waiting for us to have a look at them and assess the school's performance. All data is always shown in contrast with the average of the region and of the whole of England, which gives a pretty good idea on the school's overall character and helps to find what we're looking for in a schooling facility.

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