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ZyXEL Firmware Release Note N4100 Release V1.00(BWE.8)C0

Date: 2012/6/19 Author:


ZyXEL Confidential ZyXEL N4100 Standard Version V1.00 (BWE.8)C0 Release Note Date: 2012/06/19 Supported Platforms: N4100 Versions: Firmware: Known issue: Firmware upgrade via https protocol sometimes won't successfully upgrade. Modification V1.00 (BWE.8 )C0 / June 15, 2012 1. [Modification] Symptom: Tax Percentage can integer round off to the 2nd decimal place.

2. [Bug Fixed] Symptom::Can’t save article; If go to Customization and select Advanced, after typing in the information it will only save the "Welcome Slogan" and "Comments" it will not save the "Article" or "Information"

3. [Modification] Symptom:: User Session Limits default change to 128

Modification V1.00 (BWE.7 )C0 / Apr 16, 2012 1. [Modification] Symptom:Firmware is same as version 1.00(BWE.7)b2, just change version number to 1.00(BWE.7)C0 Modification V1.00 (BWE.7 )b2/ Apr 16, 2012 1. [Modification] Symptom:When set filter on WAN site, WAN user can't log into device from http. Modification V1.00 (BWE.7 )b1 / Mar 12, 2012 1. [Modification] Symptom:Super account supports idle-timeout function. Modification V1.00 (BWE.6 )C0 / Oct 28, 2011 2. [Modification] 2/9

ZyXEL Confidential Symptom:Firmware is same as version 1.00(BWE.6)b1, just change version number to 1.00(BWE.6)C0 Modification V1.00 (BWE.6 )b1 / Oct 27, 2011 1. [Modification] Symptom:When firmware 1.00(BWE.4), account create to 100 upgrade to 1.00(BWE.5)b01, all accounts are deleted .When create account show the error message " cannot create account " Note: These firmware branched from 1.00(BWE.5)b02. DONOT use the below listed firmware version to upgrade from v1.00.BWE.4 or earlier version. 1) 1.00(BWE.5).b01 2) 1.00(BWE.5).b02 3) 1.00(BWE.5) Modification V1.00 (BWE.5 )C0 / Oct 17, 2011 2. [Modification] Symptom:Firmware is same as version 1.00(BWE.5)b2, just change version number to 1.00(BWE.5)C0 Modification V1.00 (BWE.5 )b2 / Oct 11, 2011 1. [Modification] Symptom:TT853#A few websites cannot be displayed Modification V1.00 (BWE.5 )b1 / Sep 23, 2011 2. [Modification] Symptom: TT855#Printer IP address on N4100 didn't match with SP300E in default Modification V1.00 (BWE.4 )C0 / Sep. 13, 2011 3. [Modification] Symptom:Firmware is same as version 1.00(BWE.4)b4, just change version number to 1.00(BWE.4)C0 Modification V1.00 (BWE.4 )b4 / Aug 29,2011 1. [Modification] Symptom:Syslog send to Email server SMTP username and password Mail address length extended (max=100 characters). 2. [Modification] Symptom:Client login page-username and password could use "-" and "_" 3. [BUG FIXEDE] Symptom:Account list Time Left show abnormal. 4. [BUG FIXEDE] Symptom:Cann’t printer the daily report on 31st (1,3,5,8,10) via SP00E. NOTE: If your version is under 1.00.01.b08(not equal), please do reset to default after firmware upgrade. Modification V1.00 (BWE.4 )b3 / Aug 15, 2011 1. [Modification]


ZyXEL Confidential Symptom:Modify Web UI page "Syslog" : Mail address length extended (max 80 characters) 2. [Modification] Symptom:Radius Server could allow multiple user login. 3. [BUG FIXED] Symptom:Device got some packet lost when sending session trace logs 4. [BUG FIXED] Symptom:When enabling authentication on BWE.1 then upgrade to BWE.3, this function will be disabled. Modification V1.00 (BWE.4 )b2 / Jul 08, 2011 1. [Modification] Symptom:Rewirten the DNS proxy, initial & utility shell script for opensource purpose. If your version is under 1.00.01.b08(not equal), please do reset to default after firmware upgrade. Modification V1.00 (BWE.4 )b1 / Jun 13, 2011 1. [Modification] Symptom:Support hidden URL which named tools_archangel.cgi to control debug message. Application Note:Tools_archangel.cgi can control the arch_angel daemon whether send Syslog or not to our Syslog server. Modification V1.00 (BWE.3 )C0 / May. 18, 2011 Formal Release 4. [Modification] Symptom:Firmware is same as version 1.00(BWE.3)b4, just change version number to 1.00(BWE.3)C0 Modification V1.00 (BWE.3)b4/ April 29, 2011 1. [BUG FIXED] Symptom:Safari using Paypal transaction click Submit Transaction and Login button pop up the verify certificate message box transaction website cannot show normally. 2. [BUG FIXED] Symptom:System will send out "blank attachment" of mail logs when using "GMX" mail server. 3. [BUG FIXED] Symptom: Administration page can't login on Safari5 with MAC OS X10.6.6. The page actfor nothing after entering user credential. 4. [Application Notes] Symptom:When credit card option is PayPal or Worldpay, after the transaction submitted, the user will be temporarily passthrough for 5 minutes to complete the transactions. The above behavior will be allowed for two times in one hour. Modification V1.00 (BWE.3)b3/ March 30, 2011 1. [Modification] Symptom:Update agent from release4_1000321.tar.gz. 2. [Feature] Symptom:Support Currency Symbol displayed on the Credit Card Service Selection page. Application note: About currency symbol displayed on the credit card service selection page, the admin must manually synchronize the currency 4/9

ZyXEL Confidential setting in the  ADVANCED > BILLING > Billing Profile > Currency and  ADVANCED > CREDIT CARD.  Merchant setting page.  Unknown.  Secure Pay: AUD.  WorldPay: Manually Setting in ADVANCED > CREDIT CARD.  Paypal: Manually Setting in ADVANCED > CREDIT CARD. 3. [Bug Fixed] Symptom:In the end-user login page, N4100 have one frame named login and it has a link to PayPal credit card. If the user click submit button in PayPal, N4100 redirect (HTML 302) to payment gateway in the same login frame without changing the URL ( in address bar. So the browser acknowledges the PayPal’s cookies are third-party cookie because of setting with different domains ( than the URL ( shown on the address bar. 4. [Bug Fixed] Symptom:Customization-> account print out enter Russian characters. When create ticket with web UI show unreadable characters. When print out with SP300E, ticket show different to setting page. 5. [Modification] Symptom:Add URL into default pass-through list Modification V1.00 (BWE.3)b2 / Dec. 01, 2010 5. [BUG FIXED] Symptom:DNS can’t be set correctly when using "suffix" settings. Modification V1.00 (BWE.3)b1 / Oct. 01, 2010 1. [Modification] Symptom:Remove SMTP port limit. 2. [BUG FIXED] Symptom:WLAN LED is always on even wireless function have been disabled. Modification V1.00 (BWE.2 )C0 / Aug. 31, 2010 Formal Release 5. [Modification] Symptom:Firmware is same as version 1.00(BWE.2)b14, just change version number to 1.00(BWE.2)C0 Modification V1.00 (BWE.2)b14/Aug. 24, 2010 1. [Modification] Symptom:Firmware is same as version 1.00(BWE.2)b13, just change version number to 1.00(BWE.2)b14 Modification V1.00 (BWE.2)b13/Aug. 18, 2010 1. [Modification] Symptom :Update OPENSSL version from 0.9.8g to 0.9.8o 2. [BUG FIXED] Symptom :Using https, firmware upgrade was failed (frequently). 3. [BUG FIXED] SPR ID:100811781 Symptom :Shared Secret Key will be cleared after upgrade firmware. Modification V1.00 (BWE.2)b12 /Aug. 06, 2010 1. [BUG FIXED] 5/9

ZyXEL Confidential Symptom :Keypad UI page of post-paid billing profile  unit price has been cleared. 2. [BUG FIXED] Symptom :Primary DNS is not set to the first DNS server in dined. Modification V1.00 (BWE.2)b11 /Aug. 03, 2010 1. [BUG FIXED] Symptom:When finished firmware upgrade, keypad UI page of post-paid billing profile ->unit price has been cleared. 2. [BUG FIXED] Symptom :Accounting discount price of unit price decimal place. (dot change to comma). 3. [BUG FIXED] Symptom :When enter the setting of create new of account, the status bar will show html code error. Modification V1.00 (BWE.2)b10 /Aug. 03, 2010 1. [BUG FIXED] Symptom :Restore config file fail issue. 2. [BUG FIXED] Symptom :Accounting discount price of decimal not changed to "comma" issue. 3. [BUG FIXED] Symptom :When using IE8 GUI of bandwidth and ping command show abnormal. 4. [Modification] Symptom:Update agent. Modification V1.00 (BWE.2)b09 /Jun. 15, 2010 1. [Modification] Symptom:License service will auto refresh after 24 hours. 2. [Modification] Symptom:In registration page, there is no button” check’ to check whether user name exist in database 3. [Modification] Symptom:In registration page, there is no hint for customer how many alphanumeric characters can be inputted in username and password item. 4. [Modification] Symptom:In registration page, The “Apply” button is not shown unless scrolling the page 5. [Modification] SPR ID:100811781 Symptom:The wireless Secret Key will not back to default setting after firmware upgrade. Modification V1.00 (BWE.2)b8 /Jun. 18, 2010 1. [Modification] Symptom :Support WiFi Certification. 2. [Modification] SPR ID:100420121 Symptom :License Service automatically refresh after 24 hours. 3. [Modification] SPR ID:100419991 Symptom :Add “check” button in license existing account page. 4. [Modification] Symptom :Add the username and password max character in new account page. 6/9

ZyXEL Confidential 5. [Modification] SPR ID:100419993 Symptom :Modify the height of the Registration page. 6. [Modification]SPR ID:100419996 Symptom :Remove button “Service” “Status” “Registration Type” “Count” of LICENSING Service page. 7. [Modification] SPR ID:100416894 Symptom :When user login in registration page, the default show be show the existing account page. 8. [Modification] Symptom:Add the advanced_licensing_server.cgi to modifiy myZyXEL register server address. 9. [Modification] Symptom :Update index.html page wording. Modification V1.00 (BWE.2 )b7 /Jun. 15, 2010 1. [BUG FIXED] Symptom : "When super user change ip , has been deleted from current user. 2. [BUG FIXED] Symptom : No Authentication mode syslog message of Mac address show wrong (proxy user). 3. [BUG FIXED] Symptom :System status not show dhcp relay of Server IP Address. Modification V1.00 (BWE.2 )b6 /Jun. 08, 2010 1. [BUG FIXED] Symptom :Current user page not show super user issue. 2. [BUG FIXED] Symptom :DDNS status not show according spec. 3. [BUG FIXED] Symptom : SNMP Privileges select to "ALL" not work. 4. [BUG FIXED] Symptom :Account expired issue. Modification V1.00 (BWE.2 )b5 May. 27, 2010 1. [BUG FIXED] Symptom :WAP PPTP Connect on demand not work. 2. [BUG FIXED] Symptom :Admin UI page cannot login using opera browser. 3. [BUG FIXED] Symptom :Cash is not subtract from radius server issue. 4. [Modification] SPR ID:100420121 Symptom : Force to update every 24 "hour(s)" issue. Modification V1.00 (BWE.2 )b4/ Apr. 08, 2010 1. [BUG FIXED] Symptom :Wrong to show system status and quick view of wireless Encryption. Modification V1.00 (BWE.2 )b3 Apr. 01, 2010 1. [BUG FIXED] SPR ID:100118409 Symptom :Use WPA/WPA2 mixed mode with RADIUS Server. 7/9

ZyXEL Confidential 2. [BUG FIXED] Symptom :Account print out issue. 3. [BUG FIXED] SPR ID:100118409 Symptom :Account printout with Use WPA/WPA2/mixed with RADIUS Server issue. Modification V1.00 (BWE.2 )b2/ Mar. 23, 2010 1. [BUG FIXED] Symptom : MTU setting to 1460 cannot surf internet issue. 2. [BUG FIXED] Symptom :account list expiration time issue. 3. [BUG FIXED] Symptom :information windows using IE cannot scroll down. Modification V1.00 (BWE.2 )b1/ MAr. 03, 2010 1. [BUG FIXED] Symptom :system uptime error. 2. [BUG FIXED] Symptom :Postpaid with user login page no need credit card link.. 3. [BUG FIXED] Symptom :Using paypal account transaction , show 500 internal server error. Modification V1.00 (BWE.1 )C0/ Apr. 16, 2010 Formal Release 1. [Modification] Symptom :Update filename to V1.00 (BWE.1) C0 and remove C0 wording GUI 2. [Modification] Symptom :Change default register server site to 3. [BUG FIXED] Symptom : "When server reset license key, “Service Refresh License” button does not work." 4. [BUG FIXED] Symptom : "When server reset license key, “Service Refresh License” button does not work." 5. [BUG FIXED] SPR ID:00118373 Symptom:PPTP can't work with Windows 2003 server in connect on demand mode. Modification V1.00 (BWE.0 )C0/ Mar. 1, 2010 1. Update filename to V1.00 (BWE.0) C0

Formal Release

Modification:F/W: V1.00 (BWE.0) b13/ Feb, 8, 2010 1. [BUG FIXED] SPR ID: 100118374 Symptom :Setting DDNS and apply and click "update status now" , the status bar show html code and status are "N/A" but DDNS status are already updated. 2. [BUG FIXED] Symptom :Setting redirect user login page or agreement login page, sometimes browser login page is lagging and finally cannot get login page. 3. [BUG FIXED] Symptom :DUT power on, pc can get IP and then release /renew, that pc cannot get IP anymore. 4. [BUG FIXED] Symptom :Filtering the URL, but client can surf that web page.


ZyXEL Confidential Modification:F/W: V1.00 (BWE.0) b12/ Feb, 5, 2010 1. [BUG FIXED] Symptom :When IP change, information window time is changed issue pc1 IP remaining time is 2:00:00 pc2 IP remaining time is 3:00:00 when pc1 get pc2 IP information window time is change to pc2 remaining time. pc2 get the IP is not in usage IP (DHCP never offer that IP) , information window time is showed "00:00:00" 2. [BUG FIXED] Symptom :Accumulation account will be deleted after logged in xx day issue Set accumulation account will be deleted after logged in 3 days user login usage time is 2hours. User uses 1 hour and expiration time left 1 hour. That account deleted depend on expiration time, not after logged in 3 days. Modification:F/W: V1.00 (BWE.0) b11/ Feb, 3, 2010 1. [Modification] Symptom:Update agent. 2. [BUG FIXED] Symptom :Current User list not showed No Authentication users, when change Authentication to No Authentication mode. 3. [BUG FIXED] Symptom :N4100 default reset, not delete Logo and SSL certificate file. Modification:F/W: V1.00 (BWE.0) b10 / Jan, 29, 2010 1. [BUG FIXED] Symptom:Reset default select 『keep subscriber profile』 but clear all of settings. 2. [BUG FIXED] Symptom:Post paid mode, account list Time used is not updated the current used time 3. [BUG FIXED] Symptom:Fail to restore config file when setting secure remote and backup config file. 4. [BUG FIXED] SPR ID:100118409 Symptom:RADIUS server left less than one minute cannot logout then delete that user from current user list but that user can surf internet till change the mode to No Authentication or user agreement. 5. [BUG FIXED] Symptom:Billing not select tax , (postpaid mode)when delete the account printer print, but the charge is correct, account losg show the charge is calculated charge. 6. [BUG FIXED] SPR ID:00118373 Symptom:WAN mode of PPTP not work on different subnet, DUT at 192.168.200.X PPTP server at 192.168.200.X DUT can connect to PPTP server and can get IP. 7. [BUG FIXED] SPR ID:100119418 Symptom:Can’t register to ebeta because of invalid MAC address. 8. [Modification] Symptom:Add the session trace records when user use paypal access for DUT 3 minutes passthrough.