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EDUCATION SOLUTIONS CANADA Apply now for September 2018 Admission in CANADA

Why Apply to Education Solutions Canada 

The convenience of ONE centralized application with option for Admission to over 50 schools across Canada.

Based on your program of choice, you will be evaluated for viable admission to schools that fits your qualifications.

You will be able to choose affordable locations and best fir schools from the option presented to you.

How Education Solutions Canada is Different 

Quick, User-Friendly and Straight forward login and application process.

No Hidden fees and charges.

In depth view and complete information on Canadian Schools, Benefits of Studying in Canada and Cost of Studying in Canada.

Benefits of Applying through Education Solutions Canada ď ś

One application to access network of 55 Universities & Colleges in Canada

ď ś

Application remains valid for 1 complete year.

Qualify for an ESC $5000 Scholarship

We believe you will feel inspired to apply with the support of our passionate team at Education Solutions Canada. We look forward to assisting you with your educational journey in Canada. ď‚›

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Admission in Canada for Higher Study  
Admission in Canada for Higher Study