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Welcome to Warner Memorial Library

The library website address is:

Step 2: Scroll to the middle of the screen. Click on MyAthens

Step 3: Type your username and password for MyAthens. For example: Username: wmljmsmith

Password: ********

Step 4: The choose databases window includes all databases available through MyAthens. Select eBrary by clicking on the database name.

Step 5: This is eBrary quick reader view. There are three main options to search eBrary. You can do Simple (default) search, Advanced search or Browse

Step 6: For now, let’s do a basic search on small business. In the search screen, type Small Business and click Search eBrary.



Step 7: Results page lists all full text materials that materials that matches our search. The results can be sorted by title, contributor, publisher or date

Step 8: In this example, there are more pages containing search results. To view additional pages, click on the page number to advance to a different page.

Step 9: Click on title to view a book of your choice. You will be taken to the pages and contents of the book you selected.

Step 10: Table of contents is listed on your right and book pages on the left. You may Click a chapter or page to read the book. Download eBrary Reader if you want additional features such as creating bookshelf (optional).

Step 11: At the top of the text is the navigation bar containing features such as info tools (to search within a book), move to previous/next page, zoom etc.

Step 12: If you decided to dowload eBrary Reader (not use quick reader view) your screen will have table of contents on the left and pages on the right.

Step 13: Whether you are using quick or eBrary reader, you can select text to paste into a blank Word document. A source citation will be provided.

Step 14: Previously highlighted text has been pasted into Word document. A source citation is automatically provided along with direct eBrary link


Electronic Books Database