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One-to-One Devices The Future of Learning in Irish Education

AT IT Systems, we are passionate about inclusive and impactful learning through the appropriate use of ICT. We believe that each student having their own device in a one-toone environment will be the future of mainstream learning in Ireland. ICT is redefining all areas of modern life, from early education right through to employment. In the next decade, we will observe a dramatic shift from paper to screen. This is already visible through the number of electronic examinations and eBooks, which are now being gradually introduced into the curriculum. Through one-to-one learning, you are ensuring your students are provided with the greatest opportunity to grow, develop and blossom into successful young adults. One-to-one technology champi-

ons ethical and sustainable decision making. Through these devices, your unsustainable overheads will be almost eradicated. The costs for parents and guardians may also be lowered through the buying of the digital copies of books. By making sustainable choices now you will undoubtedly contribute to a brighter future for the youth of today. One-to-one policy The implementation of a comprehensive one-to-one policy ensures that teachers, students and school leaders alike, have the greatest flexibility in how they operate. In the past number of years, there has been a distinct shift in focus from teaching to learning. One-to-one devices facilitate immersive learning through incorporating varied teaching meth-

ods into lessons. If implemented correctly, one-to-one devices can be a true catalyst of positive transformation within your organisation. "Through We need to invest in our school one-to-one infrastructure now, to ensure that learning, you students of today are ready for the are ensuring your students c h a l l e n g e s o f t o m o r r o w . Implementing a one-to-one policy is are provided an impossible task for any one indiwith the vidual. Our team at IT Systems will greatest opportunity to be on hand at each stage of this grow, develop period of transition to advise and support you. We will work hand in and blossom into successful hand with you to ensure that the ICT young adults" success you envision now, will become your everyday reality for years to come. Visit for more information or call our team on 061 375 140.

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