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4 News: Viris crisis raises questions over the future of education; Universities and IoTs make joint Covid-19 appeal to students 5 News: Gaeloideachas criticises the process for selecting new secondary schools 7 News: Irish Universities Association launches the ‘IUA Executive Leaders Programme’; €3m to retrofit older third level buildings 8 COVER STORY: See your career going places with the ESB Networks Apprenticeship Programme 11 Promoting positive mental health and wellbeing in Irish schools 12 Tourism – a world of opportunities in a global industry at LYIT 15 Transforming Education at St Nicholas Montessori 17 News: Maynooth University recognised as a University of Sanctuary; Three Irish universities launch Embark Fund 19 News: ‘The Hub’ opens at University College Cork; UL and CAB target proceeds of crime on new course 20 FEATURE: Teacher training reforms are making progress 22 Launch your beauty career at Blackfock Futher Education Institute 24 SCFE students step up to a bright future 27 Make a positive mental health connection today with IACP 29 Inchicore College - your future starts here 30 Want to go to college? Not enough points? Sorted...come to DFEi 33 Different pathways to success at Pearse College 34 Dunboyne College: getting third level education off to the right start 37 Why choose an apprenticeship - Irish Register of Qualifications 38 FEATURE: Behind the scenes to a career in Blockchain 40 Careers in the Irish Defence Forces 42 Accounting apprenticeship option opens a gallery of opportunities 45 News: Research shows significance of native predators to naturally restore ecosystem 46 FEATURE: Ireland's critical energy balance 50 Training Services at Kilkenny and Carlow ETB 53 Solas - time for further education and training to shine 55 Green News: Electric cars better for climate in 95% of the world says research; World’s first hydrogen fuel cell passenger train takes its first steps; €1m invested in three geothermal energy projects 57 Creating awareness in Ireland about the Holocaust 59 Delphi Resort - great experiences in a stunning environment 61 Bring history to life at Cavan County Museum 63 Museum and stadium tours at Thomond Park Stadium 64 Follow the Camino - a school trip of a lifetime 65 National Museum - Proclaiming a Republic - the 1916 Rising 66 Kilkenny Civic Trust: Life and Death in Medieval Kilkenny 67 Explore Ireland's marine environment and biodiversity 68 Waterford Treasures: three museums in the Viking Triangle 71 Scala - creating a quiet and reflective retreat experience 72 The Edmund Rice International Heritage Centre in Waterford 73 Reviews - recently published books 74 Education Suppliers Guide Education 3

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Viris crisis raises questions Universities and over the future of education IoTs make joint AS we go to press, the coronavirus crisis is in full swing, bringing the education system to a halt and raising immediate questions as to how this academic year is to end, with big implications for exams and qualifications. As a periodical, we can't cover this news cycle which is changing by the hour. But the impact on education brings forward a central issue with which education has been grappling for the past 20 years and that is: what is the role of technology in teaching? In February an expert review on the use of iPads at a school in Meath recommended that traditional school books be reintroduced following problems with distraction and monitoring online activities. Less than a month later, our education system moved in its entirety from bricks and mortar to online. Without a doubt, that school in Meath is better prepared than many others because it was already carrying out many of its activities online. I know this because my daughter attends a secondary school that uses iPads. All the

teachers and students (and parents, to a lesser extent) were already versed on the software needed for texts and homework. Other schools will have had to start from scratch, a very difficult place to start when you can't gather teachers and students together to train and plan. Agreeing on which technologies and software to use is also going to be a huge task. This is the biggest experiment in education we have ever had. The immediate problem will be resources and this is going to have different outcomes for people of different incomes. A lot of students won't have access to good laptops or tablets. They won't have access to the broadband required. Their home life may make it very difficult to carry on learning as in school or university. Two take-aways from this. Firstly, having venues for education, schools, colleges and universities, is a fantastic resource. Secondly, technology is here to stay. We need to make it work, and for everybody. Niall Gormley

Covid-19 appeal to students

THE presidents of all of Ireland’s Universities and Institutes of Technology made an unprecedented appeal to their students to fully follow set guidelines on social distancing to protect themselves from infection from the coronavirus. In an email to their 250,000 students the presidents urged compliance with the HSE's social distancing advice and to limit gatherings and social interactions. The presidents also asked students to use online interaction and not to isolate themselves saying: "it is important for your mental wellbeing to keep in contact with friends and family; just please maintain social distancing by completely foregoing meeting in groups, especially social gatherings or party environments."

MAINTAINING YOUR COMPETENCY, MAINTAINING YOUR REGISTRATION The INMO represent four out of five nurses and midwives in Ireland, offering support at work, continuing professional development, library and information services, and a range of benefits to members. Nurses and midwives are always learning, and INMO Professional helps you do that, with over 100 programmes delivered by experts every year, all run exclusively to fit nurses and midwives' specific needs. We run face-to-face workshops, seminars, master classes, conferences and more across the country. Our courses are fully approved by NMBI, so will count for your continuing professional development. INMO Professional can meet all your professional development needs that supports continuing education, professional registration compliance, quality and patient safety, preparation for HIQA inspections and career development. INMO Professional offers: • • • • • •

Over 100 continuing education programmes Access to a team of specialist nurse educators and trainers Bespoke training packages to meet your needs Consultancy on nursing and midwifery professional issues NMBI Category 1 approved programmes QQ1 accredited programmes

We have a brand-new education facility in Dublin, but also provide on-site services across the country. On-site education can save you money and time, as our fees are per day, not per head, with no hidden extra charges. Thinking of taking a course, or looking to arrange on-site education? Just get in touch and we're happy to help.

The Whitworth Building, North Brunswick Street, Dublin D07 NP8H Tel: 01 664 0600 www.inmo.ie

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The Richmond Education and Event Centre, North Brunswick Street, Dublin D07 NP8H Tel: 01 664 0641 www.inmoprofessional.ie

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Gaeloideachas criticises the process for selecting new secondary schools SIX new post-primary schools are planned to open in 2020 and all are English-medium schools. Gaeloideachas, which promotes Irish-medium education, has criticised the process for selecting these schools. The organisation said that a significant number of parents in the catchment areas for the new schools had expressed a preference for Irish-medium education and are very unhappy that all six of the schools will be English-medium schools. Since 2011, the Department of Education have used a system based on parental expressions of interest to determine what kind of new schools will be established. Fewer new Irish-medium schools have been established as a result, says Gaeloideachas, because the process is weighted against the smaller number of parents who would choose a gaelscoil or gaelcholáiste. In the consultations re the six newlyannounced schools, 425 parents chose Irish-medium education as their preference

for their children. The demand was particularly significant in Dublin 6, where 172 parents chose Irish-medium education, and in Kilcoole, with 130 parents choosing it. An alternative to Gaelcholáistí? The Department has indicated that it will consult immediately with the patrons of the two new schools in Dublin 6 and Kilcoole to examine whether an aonad (an Irish language unit) should open as part of their new schools and if so, when it should open. Gaeloideachas says that there is a huge difference, however, between an Irishmedium post-primary school and an aonad. An aonad is a unit that provides post-primary education through Irish, but that operates under the roll number and management of an English-medium school. There are no criteria to ensure that quality Irish-medium education across a range of subjects will be provided in an aonad, however, and it is not a given that the

model of immersion education, nationally and internationally recognised as best practice, will be implemented, they say. “We’re very unhappy that the aonad model is being pushed again as the solution to providing Irish medium education at post-primary level” said Bláthnaid ní Ghréacháin, Gaeloideachas CEO. “It’s too vulnerable a model, and it doesn’t deliver quality. The Department doesn’t have a policy on what an aonad should provide or how it should be run.” Gaeloideachas has been campaigning for the reform of the process to establish new schools, so that equal opportunity can be given to parents who choose Irish-medium education for their children. “It’s become very clear from the patronage determination process that the Department intends to use the aonad model as a way of providing Irish-medium education on a phased basis” said ní Ghréacháin “but it’s not working.

Study History & Geography at GMIT BA (Hons) in History & Geography (GA887) BA in Culture & Environment (GA872) Higher Certificate in History and Geography (GA862) Career opportunities include: Teaching (graduates may progress to the Professional Masters in Education to teach History & Geography at second level), museums (education officer, documentation officer), historical researcher, archaeologist, ecologist.

Contact fiona.white@gmit.ie (094-904 3216) for details Education 5

Development of an Online Development of an Online Developmentfor of an Online Programme Teachers of Programme for Teachers of Programme for Teachers Gifted Students inStudents Regular Schools Gifted in of Regular Schools Gifted Students in Regular Schools E-Gift is an Erasmus+ funded project which aims to provide appropriate educational opportunities for gifted students at a school level.


easy to use resource that willthis giveaim, anyone To accomplish the d in the field of Gifted Education a better project focuses on increasing the c o m p e t e ntopic. cy and skills of nding of this important



educators in the field of gifted

E-Gift is an Erasmus+ funded project which aims to provide appropriate educational opportunities for gifted students at a school level. To accomplish this aim, the project focuses on increasing the competency and skills of educators in the field of gifted and talented education within the classroom, introducing them to the field’s key issues, approaches and This challenges. is an easy to do use will give It will soresource through the that development of ananyone Online Educational Resource for primary and post-primary interested in the field(OER) of Gifted Education a better school educators. This resource explains the concept of gifted understanding of this important topic. education using the three key pillars of gifted underachievers, gifted and disadvantaged, and twice exceptionality.

1 - Identification and talented education within

nd giftedness; Informal Identification Methods; the classroom, introducing them fication Methods; Identification in Special Populations


t o t h e f i e l d ’s k e y i s s u e s , approaches and challenges. 2 - Lived Experience

www.highability.eu www.highability.eu

lived experiences of the gifted; Learning Resources and I t w i l l d o s o t h ro u g h t h e ces; Lived experiences of special groups; Lived experiences d e lopment of an Online d formal educationalve settings

Educational Resource (OER) for 3 - Social and Emotional Wellbeing school primary and post-primary otional well-being; Beliefs about giftedness and gifted educators. chological adjustment of gifted students into school

STRAND 1 - Identification

Intelligence and giftedness; Informal Identification Methods; Formal Identification Methods; Identification in Special Populations

E-Gift is an Erasmus+ funded project which aims to provide funded 2project which aims to provide STRAND - Lived Experience appropriate educational opportunities for gifted studentsAISTAP concept of gifted education using Basic facts to lived experiencesfor of the gifted gifted; Learning Resources and appropriate educational opportunities students 4 - Teaching Strategies lived experiences; Lived experiences ofthe special groups; Lived experiences at a school level. To accomplish this aim, project focuses the three key pillars of gifted at aand school level. To accomplish thiseducational aim, the project focuses ectedness of Learning; Whole School Class Strategies; in Informal and formal settings gif ted and arners in practice;underachievers, Analysis of practice on increasing increasing thecompetency competency and skills of educators in the on the and skills of educators in the STRAND 3 - Social and Emotional Wellbeing d i s a d v a n t afield g e d ,of a ngifted d t w i c eand talented education within the classroom, of gifted and talented within 5 - Programme Design field Principles Social and education emotional well-being; Beliefs the about classroom, giftedness and gifted exceptionality. students; Psychological adjustment of gifted students into schooland lented Programmes; Assessing Needs, Resources and introducing themtotothe thefield’s field’s key issues, approaches introducing them key issues, and context; Promotion of mental health approaches and resilience in gifted students ciding on Selection Processes, Format and Curriculum; challenges. It will do so through the development of an Online challenges. It will do so through the development of an Online valuation, Action Plans, and Communities of Practice STRAND 4 - Teaching Strategies EducationalResource Resource (OER) primary and post-primary Educational (OER) forfor primary and post-primary The Interconnectedness of Learning; Whole School and Class Strategies; Supporting learners in practice; Analysis of practice schooleducators. educators.This This resource explains concept of gifted school resource explains thethe concept of gifted STRAND 5 -pillars Programme Design Principles education three key pillars of gifted underachievers, educationusing usingthe the three key of gifted underachievers, Gifted and Talented Programmes; Assessing Needs, Resources and gifted and twice exceptionality. giftedand anddisadvantaged, disadvantaged, and twice exceptionality. Networks; Deciding on Selection Processes, Format and Curriculum;

otion of mental health andresource resilience in gifted students E-Gift is an Erasmus+ This explains the

Co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union

Programme Evaluation, Action Plans, and Communities of Practice


AISTAP Co-funded by the Co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union

of the European Union

6 Education



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Irish Universities Association €3m to retrofit launches the ‘IUA Executive older third level buildings Leaders Programme’ THE Irish Universities Association has appointed Advance HE, a global not-forprofit higher education specialist, to deliver a new programme for aspiring and current executive leaders across its seven member universities. The IUA Universities Executive Leadership Programme, which will start in September 2020, is funded by the HEA and aims to develop and enhance the leadership teams in universities at a time of significant change and challenge in higher education. In a first of its type in Ireland, the Programme will be run for two cohorts and participants will explore a range of leadership and sector challenges common to universities around the world, but firmly set in the Irish higher education context. Jim Miley, Director General of the Irish Universities Association, said: “This is a really important initiative for higher education in Ireland. Outstanding leadership in our universities is a key enabler in realising

national goals. In a sector that is highly competitive around the world, it’s vital that our senior leadership teams have every advantage in sustaining and enhancing Ireland’s excellent reputation in teaching and learning and in research." Advance HE has modelled the IUA Executive Leaders Programme on its Top Management Programme for Higher Education (TMP HE), now in its 46th iteration, and the recently developed TMP HE Australasia. The programme will tap into Advance HE’s extensive global networks as a key part of the programme. Advance HE is familiar to many in higher education in the Republic and in Northern Ireland, with 22 members institutions (13 and nine respectively). There are 124 Fellows in the Republic of Ireland, and 10 institutions hold Advance HE Athena SWAN Charter awards which recognise initiatives to promote gender equality and fair and equal representation in higher education.

A NEW €3 million pilot programme to improve energy efficiency and support decarbonisation in higher education institutions as part of targets in the Climate Action Plan has been announced. Among the initiatives that will be considered include deep retrofitting of older or low energy efficiency buildings to bring them to at least B2 Building Energy Rating, viable renewable technologies, decarbonisation of heating systems and projects that deliver energy reduction and carbon savings. The programme will also help to develop and trial scalable approaches to retrofitting in a similar way to a pilot programme which is benefitting 33 schools over the last three years. The SEAI has provided consultancy support on Energy Efficient Design to a number of higher education institutions.

Education 7

See your career going places with the ESB Networks Apprenticeship Programme IN 2015, ESB Networks announced a five-year plan to recruit new apprentices as part of a large-scale recruitment and development programme. Since then, over 200 apprentices have been recruited, with 84 new recruits; 13 females and 61 males starting in our Networks Training Centre in September 2019. We will be recruiting up to 60 apprentices across the country again in 2020. Applications will be accepted via the ESB Networks website from the middle of February. High level of interest The 2019 ESB Networks Apprenticeship Programme recruitment campaign received 6,800 applications, highlighting the level of interest in the programme and a career that is diverse and challenging. As an Apprentice Network Technician (Electrician), recruits receive on the job training, working as part of front-line teams, as well as

classroom-based learning. Apprentices benefit from varied work experience, working indoors and outdoors, and learning about technology, customer service, and delivering results under pressure. They learn a variety of electrical and practical skills and, upon completion of the programme obtain a QQI Advanced Level 6 Electrical Trade Certificate. Seven phases The ESB Networks Electrical Apprenticeship is SOLAS standardsbased, consisting of 208 weeks over four years. During this time, there are seven SOLAS phases and ESB Networks off job training, including phases 1, 3, 5 and 7 are on the job, working closely with a qualified Network Technician on varied sites across ESB Networks. The SOLAS phases 2, 4 and 6 consist of off-the-job training modules, with phases in a SOLAS Training Centre and one of the IT Colleges around the country. Finally,

How to apply For those, who are interested in becoming an ESB Networks Apprenticeship, the programme will open to applicants on the February, 2020. All Interviews will take place from the middle of April to the Middle of May. With offers been made the last week in July/ first week in August. All new recruits will start their apprentices with ESB Network in late August / early September, 2020. The programme is open to individuals over 16 years of age on 1st June 2020. At the time of application, candidates must have obtained the following minimum educational qualifications: Junior Certificate (Ordinary Level) Grade C or higher at Ordinary Level (or Grade D or higher at Higher Level) in the Junior Certificate (or equivalent) in the 8 Education

"Having completed the four-year programme, apprentices will have gained experience working with a leading utility company" "A critical part of the Programme is the training and peer support given to the apprentices"

following subjects: 1) Irish or English 2) Mathematics 3) Science* 4) Any 2 other subjects * If you have not obtained the required grade in Science, Grade C or higher at Ordinary Level in any one of the following subjects is acceptable: Technology, Art

there are 24 weeks of ESB Networks off the job training which takes place in the ESB Networks Training Centre, Portlaoise. Having completed the four-year programme, apprentices will have gained experience working with a l e a d i n g u t i l i t y c o m p a n y. E S B Networks serves 2.3 million customers in Ireland, providing a safe and reliable electricity supply to homes, businesses and communities throughout the country - ESB Networks apprentices play an important part in delivering this service. Role combines both physical and logical Customer service is at the heart of ESB Networks, through their experience, ESB Networks apprentices will be at the fore in delivering and providing services to our customers. Though the job requires an element of physicality, there is much more to the programme than climbing poles and heavy lifting, the role combines both physical and logical activity.

Craft and Design, Technical Graphics, Materials Technology (Wood), Home Economics or Metalwork. Leaving Certificate Grade D / O6 or higher at Ordinary Level in the Leaving Certificate (or equivalent) in the following subjects: 1) Irish or English 2) Mathematics 3) Science Subject (Agricultural Science, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Physics & Chemistry)* 4) Any 2 other subjects * If you have not obtained the required grade in any of the above Science subjects, the following is acceptable at Leaving Certificate Level (Grade D/O6 or higher at Ordinary Level) : Art, Construction Studies, Design and Communication, Graphics, Engineering, Home Economics, Technical Drawing and Technology.

True to the fact that no two days are the same in the programme, apprentices will be assisting and dealing with a wide range of customer’s needs. In their day-to-day work activities they can be responding to faults and fault finding to maintain customer supply, connecting new customers, both residential and commercial to the electricity network, replacing and maintaining electrical assets and installing new elements to the electricity network like overhead wires and unground cable technologies. Peer support A critical part of the ESB Networks Apprenticeship Programme is the training and peer support given to the apprentices. Throughout the programme, apprentices work alongside and closely with experienced Network Technicians. While the job may be challenging, the apprentice is always part of a team who will be there to assist and support throughout the programme. ESB Networks greatly fosters and encourages the idea of creating a team and peer support network.

"Recruits receive on the job training, working as part of front-line teams, as well as classroombased learning. pressure"

Education 9


WHERE ARE YOU HEADING? Your growth starts at careers@circlekeurope.com 10 Education

Promoting positive mental health and wellbeing in Irish schools WALK in My Shoes is a mental health awareness and education campaign run by St. Patrick’s Mental Health Services. The campaign focuses on promoting mental health awareness in schools across Ireland. Develop a Positive Mental Health Culture We can all experience high level of stress as part of modern living, and this can lead to feelings of anger and anxiety, lowered self-esteem and self-confidence and depression. And as young people spend up to a fifth of their week in school, if the school environment develops a culture of positive emotional health, then young people learn that they can talk about and express emotions in a culture of respect. With this type of foundation in mental and emotional health, there is a strong chance that these young people will carry that learning throughout their lives. And learning about mental health from a young age will help

If the school environment develops a culture of positive emotional health, then young people learn that they can talk about and express emotions in a culture of respect

reduce the stigma associated with mental health which can be a needless barrier to accessing treatment. Walk in My Shoes Initiatives Walk in My Shoes runs a number of initiatives throughout the school year that are designed to promote positive mental health in schools. These initiatives include: • Mission Possible; School Achievement Awards recognises schools from all over Ireland for their effort and contribution to tackling the stigma surrounding mental health both in the classroom and in the wider community. • Frame of Mind short film competition is open to secondary school students. To enter Students, create a 2-3-minute-long video that tells a story they feel portrays a positive mental health message. • Transition Year Programme – we run five-one week long programmes every year that focus on various aspects of mental health as well as the career options available in this sector. • #MindYourSelfie Day aims to promote awareness of our free MindYourSelfie resource packs. We ask everyone to take a ‘selfie’ and post it on social media using the hashtag #MindYourSelfie. Walk in My Shoes Resources MindYourSelfie activity packs are free to use resources that have all been developed to promote a positive mental health. These packs include the following resources: • Our range of short mindfulness audio and video pieces are an effective way to introduce mindfulness and meditation into your classroom. These exercises not only help to improve students’ mindfulness but function to relax the tension and tightness that has built up within the body and mind. • Mindful colouring asks students to focus on how they choose and apply colour in a design to bring their awareness to the present moment. The classroom mindfulness colouring activity can help students feel more relaxed by paying attention to the present moment. • Our mental health and wellbeing calendar comprises daily actions that students can complete to promote positive mental health and mindfulness. • With our Selfie ‘Steem activity students share positive messages about one another. • Wellness Journals provide young people with a template to record their feelings and thoughts as a once off assignment or as a daily activity. Visit WalkInMyShoes.ie/mindyourselfie for more information about our great, free to use, mental health resource packs. And join our mailing list for reminders about our competitions and closing dates. Education 11

Tourism – a world in an exciting and LYIT School of Tourism, formerly the Tourism College Killybegs, is the oldest campus outside Dublin dedicated to education and training in Culinary Arts, Hospitality Operations and Management, and Tourism. Established in 1969, and celebrating its 50th anniversary in 2019, the campus has produced graduates who are renowned all over the world, ensuring that today’s graduates will be recognised as having received the education and training required to reach the top levels of the industry. Our education offering is expanded through a range of academic partners throughout Europe, where students can choose to study or complete an internship for a semester, supported through Erasmus+. We have partners in Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Malta, Romania and Turkey, and we are constantly enlarging our network to benefit our students. Our US industry partners visit Killybegs every year to recruit for Summer placements, Internships and Graduate Programmes. To facilitate our expansion plans we have completed a renovation project to include a new state-of-the-art training bar, collaborative learning room for group work and a new library/research facility. Minister for Education, Joe McHugh TD announced in August 2019 an additional fund of €1.8M for additional work in Summer 2020 in preparation for our expanded programme offering. On completion of a programme of study at the School of Tourism, you will be perfectly placed to take

the first step on your career, which will inevitably be exciting and fulfilling. Tourism – a world of opportunities in an exciting and global industry Tourism is Ireland’s largest indigenous industry employing 230,000 people nationally, one in every ten of the labour-force. The industry is twice the size of agriculture and far bigger in employment than the construction industry, the IT industry, or the financial services sector. It crucially cannot be outsourced or off-shored and its economic benefits are felt both in our cities but also throughout rural Ireland. 10 per cent of the workforce in Ireland is employed in the tourism industry, and this rises to 14 per cent in rural locations. On a global scale, growth in tourism is most significant outside of our normal markets of Europe and the USA, with significant business growth in Asia and Africa. Tourist profiles are changing and those working in tourism now require a set of skills that reflect the global nature of the industry. Why study a programme in Hospitality, Tourism or Culinary Arts? Career opportunities, both here in Ireland and abroad, are almost limitless in the sector. The structure of all our programmes allows students to undertake work placements and internships at home and over-

Graduate case study - taking opportunities available GIRTS Mihalkins graduated in 2016 with a BA in Hotel, Restaurant and Resort Management. As a student he stood out as a consummate professional, displaying a flair for perfection in practical settings. He gladly took the opportunities available to compete in a range of national and international competitions, winning gold medals and acclaim from industry mentors. This extra-curricular activity allowed Girts to work with the Capella group, at home, but also for his third year internship, at their Washington DC property in the USA, managing their rooftop bar operation. He returned to Donegal to take up the position of Assistant Conference and Banqueting Manager at Co Donegal’s only 12 Education

5* property, Solis Lough Eske Castle. In September 2018, he enrolled in the BA (Hons) in Hotel Management, and on completion of this one-year, add-on, programme he is ready to take on a senior role in a luxury hotel anywhere in the world. He is now ready for his next challenge and is happy to seek the assistance and support of the School of Tourism and our global industry recruitment partner HOSCO. He has recently been offered two management roles in the Seychelles and Dubai, and has taken the role of Assistant Outlet Manager at the Kempinski Emerald Palace in Dubai. We wish him well in this next stage of his exciting career.

of opportunities global industry seas, so that they are best placed to enter the world of work on graduation. The School of Tourism continues to develop its professional network to facilitate and support students in selecting their career paths. When choosing a career in the tourism industry, you are setting yourself apart from the many thousands of individuals who work in the industry on a casual basis, either while studying for other careers or while between jobs. Graduates of specialist programmes are destined for senior career roles, many of which are new to the industry. Non-traditional roles such as Digital Media Managers are now as common as traditional roles such as Food and Beverage Director, Revenue and Reservations Managers or Destination Travel Executives, and programmes are designed to open up opportunities in a range of industries with links to tourism, from Finance, IT, Media and Marketing and Outdoor / Extreme Travel Experiences.

Dr Ciarán Ó hAnnracháin, School of Tourism, LYIT

A WORLD OF OPPORTUNITIES AWAITS YOU! LYIT School of Tourism, Killybegs, Donegal has been providing world-class education and training for the tourism industry since 1969. Today it is a thriving specialist campus offering a range of full and part-time programmes in hospitality, tourism and culinary arts.

Full-time Programmes • Higher Certificate in Arts in Bar and Restaurant Supervision • Higher Certificate in Arts in Culinary Arts • BA / BA (Hons) in Hospitality and Tourism • BA / BA (Hons) in Culinary Arts • BSc / BSc (Hons) in Culinary Science • BA in Hospitality Management (Industry-based)

Part-time and CPD Programmes • Diploma in Restaurant Operations Management • Hotel Revenue and Digital Media Management • Food and Beverage Operations • Apprentice Chef De Partie and Sous Chef • Primary Food Hygiene and Management of Food Hygiene

For further details contact: Dr. Ciarán Ó hAnnracháin Head of School of Tourism t: 07491 86603, e: ciaran.ohannrachain@lyit.ie

For news, industry reports, job postings and more like our facebook page www.facebook.com/lyit.tourism

Education 13




WWW.SMSI.IE At the St. Nicholas Centre of Excellence in Montessori Education, we have been preparing Ireland's leading Montessori teachers and early years practitioners since 1970. We are fully accredited by QQI and our programmes are recognised by DCYA (for free childcare scheme capitation rates), Pobal and SUSI (for student grants - full-time only). IRELAND'S ONLY DEDICATED MONTESSORI COLLEGE

14 Education


Transforming Education Interview with B.Ed (Hons) in Montessori Education, Programme Director Siobhan O’Reilly NESTLED in the beautiful seaside town of Dun Laoghaire is St Nicholas Montessori College, a teachertraining college specialising in Montessori Philosophy and Methodology. For the past 50 years, St Nicholas Montessori Society has been training and equipping Montessori professionals in Ireland. So how is St Nicholas Montessori College transforming education across the country through the first B.Ed in Montessori Education in Ireland. Why a B.Ed? When QQI made the B.Ed award stem available to colleges of Higher Education, we saw this as a critical opportunity to have our graduates recognised for their professional contribution to education in Ireland. The B.Ed award stem speaks to the College’s mission, values and reputation as the Centre of Excellence in Montessori Education in Ireland.

Siobhan O'Reilly

"Our excellent programmes open many opportunities as reported in our most recent graduate survey showing an employment rate of 100%"

How do I apply? You can apply through the CAO for both the B. Ed Montessori Education (Level 7) and a B.Ed. (Hons) Montessori Education (Level 8). - Level 7 requires O6/H5 in five subjects including Maths and English - Level 8 requires H5 or above in two higher level subjects plus a minimum of four O6 subjects including Maths and English Direct entry through Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) is also available for those with previous degrees and certifications. What are the Career paths for graduates? - Teachers/Owners/Managers of Montessori and Early Years settings - Teachers in Montessori

Primary Schools - Managers/Administrators/ Inspectors in Community, City and County Childcare Committees When is your next Open Days? - 10 October 2020, 10am-1pm - 6 February 2021, 10am-1pm Final thoughts? St Nicholas Montessori Society Ireland is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year; a testament to the growing demands for Montessori education not only in Ireland but abroad. Our excellent programmes of education open many opportunities for our graduates as reported in our most recent graduate survey showing an employment rate of 100%. For more information on our courses, please visit www.smsi.ie.

Why choose this programme? Dr Montessori’s philosophy and method of education has been highly respected in Ireland for the past century. This programme is unique because it covers all aspects of Montessori philosophy and pedagogy for children aged from birth to twelve years of age, while also covering all of the core modules common to early years’ degrees. Education 15



Interactive Displays for Education Buy or lease from as little as €11 a week (& vat)

➢ 5 Year warranty ➢ Antiglare glass ➢ 4K Ultra High Resolution ➢ 32 watts of sound ➢ Software included ➢ Screen-Share between devices ➢ Zero Touch – no figure drag ➢ 30,000 hour average life

Suppliers of Projectors, Charging Trolleys and Visualizers


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Three Irish universities launch Embark Fund

Pictured Dr Cliodhna Murphy, lecturer in Law, Philip Berman, Chairman of Places of Sanctuary Ireland and Prof Philip Nolan, President of Maynooth University

Maynooth University recognised as a University of Sanctuary

Maynooth University has been officially designated as a University of Sanctuary in recognition of its initiatives to promote a culture of welcome for refugees, asylums seekers and other migrants into the community. Sanctuary universities have a demonstrated commitment to welcoming asylum seekers and re f u g e e s o n t o t h e i r c a m p u s

through initiatives including bursary and scholarship schemes, and adopting strategies to integrate them into their community. The university marked its designation by bringing together poets, students, academics, journalists and civil society actors to discuss the meaning of Ireland as a place of sanctuary. The event heard a call for an end to direct provision.

TECHNOLOGICAL University Dublin, RCSI University of Medicine and Health Sciences and Trinity College Dublin have launched the Embark Fund, a pilot programme to support the development of early-stage commercialisation projects. The fund is available to researchers in TU Dublin, TCD and RCSI providing of up to €15,000 over four months to support the development of early-stage commercialisation projects. At this stage, the ideas may be ready to apply for further funding from, for example, the Enterprise Ireland Commercial Feasibility Fund or Commercialisation Fund, or other sources of proof-of-concept funding. On a long-term basis, the Embark Fund to encourage more researchers to engage in commercialisation and spin-out creation and create a shorter path to market.

Mary Immaculate College

SEE WHAT MIC HAS TO OFFER YOU MIC is a university level College of Education and the Liberal Arts, serving the needs of a growing and diverse population of just over 5,000 students.


• BA in Contemporary and Applied Theatre Studies: (MI001) • Bachelor of Arts: (MI002) ** New for Entry 2020: Bachelor of Education – Primary Teaching International: (MI004) • Bachelor of Education – Primary Teaching: (005/006) • BA in Early Childhood Care and Education: (MI007) • B Ed in Education and Psychology: (MI008)


• BA in Education, Business Studies and Accounting: (MI009) • BA in Education, Business Studies and Religious Studies: (MI010) • BA in Education, Gaeilge and Religious Studies: (MI011) • BA in Education, Gaeilge and Business Studies: (MI012) • BA in Education, Mathematics and Gaeilge: (MI013) ** New for Entry 2020: BA in Education, Mathematics & Business Studies: (MI014)

For further details contact: MIC Admissions T: +353 61 204 929 Office, South Circular Road, Limerick E: admissions@mic.ul.ie

Mature Learner Programmes: • Foundation Certificate for Mature Learners • Teacher Education Access Course for Mature Learners Postgraduate Programmes: MIC also offers a wide range of postgraduate qualifications up to and including Masters and Doctoral degrees in the Liberal Arts and Education.


www.mic.ie Education 17

Higher Diploma in Business

in AQUABUSINESS This course is designed to cater for those looking to enter management roles in Aquabusiness, Aquaeconomics, financial or regulatory roles in R&D or in a seafood processing company. The course may also appeal to those looking to start an Aquabusiness company or expand an existing company into new markets.


Developed in partnership with Board Iascaigh Mhara (BIM – Ireland’s Seafood Development Agency), this programme offers modules in: — Aquabusiness Environment* — Law and Regulation for Aquabusiness* — Strategic and Innovation Management* — Financial Management and Planning* — Marketing Management in Aquabusiness* — Work Placement or Work Based Project *Available as individual module certificates at Level 8 at a cost of €450 each.

COURSE FEES 2020-2021

Open to candidates from the SEAFOOD INDUSTRY including fisheries, aquaculture & seafood processing Supported by: • Irish South and East Fish Producers Organisation (ISEFPO) • Irish South and West Fish Producers Organisation (IS&WFPO) • Women in Fisheries Network (WIFN)

€2,500, however fees could be reduced if paid in full before September and if candidates are successful in securing fundings assists.

For information on course content and applications please contact:

Applications are invited on the BIM grants portal www.bim.flexigrant.com for European Maritime Fisheries Fund (EMFF) assistance towards the cost of this programme. Grant aid of 50% of course fees and learner support costs are available for individuals in the sector at bim.flexigrant.com.

Brian O’Loan BIM Email: aquabus@bim.ie Mobile: 087 2626578


— NFQ Level 7 or level 8 Award or equivalent in a related discipline. — Candidates who do not have a Level 7 or higher award but have other relevant industry experience may be eligible for the programme through RPL. Candidates may be required to attend an interview.


This course will take place every fortnight on Fridays and on Saturdays from 10-4pm over the academic year. Location: Institute of Technology Carlow, Wexford Campus, Summerhill Road, Wexford Course Start: September 2020 Closing date for applications: Friday, 21st August 2020 Ireland’s EU Structural and Investment Funds Programmes 2014 - 2020 Co-funded by the Irish Government and the European Union

18 Education

Dr Janette Davies Deputy Head Wexford Campus IT Carlow Email: janette.davies@itcarlow.ie Phone: 053 9185808

“I recommend anyone working in the Aquaculture industry in management to engage with this programme, it is very comprehensive, relevant and practical. I will encourage all future employees to do this course if they do not have a business background.” Mag Kirwan – Goatsbridge Trout Farm

EUROPEAN UNION This measure is part-financed by the European Maritime and Fisheries Fund

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‘The Hub’ opens at University College Cork ONE of the oldest buildings in the centre of the UCC campus has been conserved and transformed, and is now open as the Hub, a new centre designed to streamline student services and support student learning. The Hub, which extends over five floors, unites student services at a single point of contact for 26,000 undergraduate and post-graduate students and is located in the historic 170-year-old Windle Medical building, previously used for training generations of doctors. Located adjacent to the Boole Library and the historic Quad, the Hub will be the home for a range of student support services, student clubs and societies, while also providing new flexible study, teaching and event spaces. Amongst the services to operate from the new building are the Careers Service, Disability Support Service, UCC Plus, Student Well-being, Peer Support and the Student Experience Office. Two of the main A new state-of-the-art

radio station has been incorporated into the Hub, while a large multi-purpose event space, the Atrium, makes up the majority of the ground floor. The old anatomy lecture theatre has been transformed into an intimate 70 seater indoor amphitheatre, while a new public space between the Hub and the Quad will allow for outdoor student and community events. The €17.5 million Hub was financed by the European Investment Bank. The building will be the most energy efficient on campus, and is fully accessible and is the location for the first Changing Places facility in Cork.

UL and CAB target proceeds of crime on new course A NEW course launching at University of Limerick will provide training to law enforcement in the area of proceeds of crime investigation, asset identification, seizure, confiscation and recovery. UL and the Criminal Assets Bureau (CAB) are to work together on the new Postgraduate Diploma in Proceeds of Crime and Asset Identification. The new course starts in September and will be run out of UL’s School of Law. The objective of the postgraduate diploma is to provide a recognised standard of training for staff in CAB and other law enforcement, regulatory and administrative agencies in both Ireland and internationally who require academic and professional training in the field of specific investigations. This training will help to establish standard operating procedures and identify best practice in effective proceeds of crime investigations.


branches across Ireland


Email: generalate@fmsa.net

Education 19

Teacher training reforms are making progress Ireland's teacher training structures have been undergoing reforms recommended by the 2012 report on the system. A new review of the reform process has been released and here is an edited copy of the executive summary.

IN 2012, the report of an International Review Panel, chaired by Professor Pasi Sahlberg, proposed a vision for the restructuring of initial teacher education (ITE) provision so that: “by 2030 Ireland will have a network of teacher education institutions based on a small number of internationally comparable institutes of teacher education." In addition: "each of these institutes will offer research-based teacher education in internationally inspiring environments, provided at Masters level initially or through continuing professional development. Each will also offer further professional development services on the continuum ranging from early childhood to in-service training of teachers and leaders”. The report recommended that the then 19 separate ITE institutions be reconfigured to provide six new institutes or centres for teacher education. New review It was decided in autumn 2017 that a review be undertaken to report on the extent to which the recommendations of the 2012 report had been implemented. The review was carried out in May 2018 by Professor Pasi Sahlberg, advised by Professor Áine Hyland with executive support provided by Valerie Harvey, Sarah Fitzgerald and Laura Austin of the HEA. The team visited all publiclyfunded higher education institutions offering ITE in Ireland with a particular focus on the extent of the 20 Education

structural and cultural changes which have taken place since 2012. It also considered the effect of the reforms on the quality of instruction, on pedagogy, and on the educational experience of teacher-education students. It assessed the impact of the reforms on research capacity in the teacher education institutions, as well as linkages between theory and practice from the students’ perspective. Considerable progress The review found that considerable progress has been made over the past five years in implementing the recommendations of the 2012 report. From the restructuring perspective, the recommendations have been fully implemented in the case of three centres, i.e. DCU Institute of Education, Maynooth University,and University College Cork/Cork IT. In the case of NUI Galway/St. Angela’s – implementation of the recommendations is almost complete and senior management teams in both institutions are committed to finalising the incorporation of St. Angela’s into NUIG as soon as legal issues are resolved. In Limerick, there have been significant developments since 2012. Art and Design students from Limerick Institute of Technology now attend lectures and tutorials with Professional Master of Education (PME) students in UL. Mary Immaculate College (MIC) – incorporating St. Patrick’s in Thurles – now provides ITE across

The Structure of Teacher Education in Ireland: Review of Progress in Implementing Reform is available at hea.ie

the continuum of early years, primary and post-primary as well as providing Continuing Professional Development (CPD), Masters and doctoral programmes. MIC, UL and LIT collaborate on research, CPD and Masters and Doctorate programmes through the National Institute for Studies in Education (NISE) and it is anticipated that collaboration between MIC and UL will grow and strengthen in the years ahead. The review report recommends that MIC be recognised as a free-standing provider of ITE and that issues relating to inconsistency of staffing arrangements across the sector be addressed.

Separate clusters As regards the 2012 proposal that TCD, UCD, NCAD and Marino Institute of Education be reconfig"It also ured as one centre, the report considered accepts the point made by the four the effect of the reforms on institutions that the logical approach would have been to propose two the quality of instruction, on separate clusters, one made up of pedagogy, and TCD and MIE and one made up of UCD and NCAD. on the In the case of the TCD/MIE cluseducational ter, the report notes that MIE is the experience of only provider of ITE which is still teacherdirectly funded by the Department education of Education and Skills and recomstudents" mends that MIE be brought under the auspices of the HEA like all other ITE providers. It also recommends that research and other collaborations between all four providers right across the two clusters should be extended and developed.

Further recommendations As well as recommending that Ireland should have seven centres of excellence in ITE (as opposed to the six centres recommended in 2012), the report makes a number of further recommendations and raises some issues for consideration. It states that in all seven centres, the key strategic focus should be on creating a coherent range of ITE provision from early childhood education to adult and higher education teacher preparation. This should take place by further strengthening research-based approaches to teacher education, quality of pedagogy and instruction throughout various programmes, building coherent linkages between theory and practice and broadening internationalisation of ITE, including both students and academic staff. Self-improving system It recommends that higher education authorities and other policy makers should aim at creating a selfimproving professional ITE system in Ireland where centres of excellence would have more autonomy from the state level central administration and would enhance collaboration with each other. It suggests that the authorities should provide timely and continuous feedback to the centres, especially when there are reasons to publicly recognise good work done. Incentives should be provided to encourage the centres to reach their strategic goals – for example, part of the annual spending on CPD could

be distributed to the centres through a competitive funding scheme that would seek novel and innovative solutions to further develop the impact of CPD provision. As regards research-based ITE, while recognising developments since 2012, the team recommends that all centres should make extra efforts to ensure that students understand not just how to read and do research but also how to think as researchers when working in or with schools and why it matters. School placement The team also notes that ITE programmes now place a stronger emphasis on school placement than was the case in 2012. However, in view of issues raised about difficulties experienced by some student-teachers in relation to school placement, the report recommends that a review of current placement practice be undertaken and based on the findings of that review that necessary changes be made in policy, funding and practice in order to bring practical elements of ITE closer to the universities. The report also recommends that two or three centres might arrange to have a clinical teacher training school or schools closely integrated into their normal operations. Such a development should be introduced on a pilot basis in the first instance and should include rigorous and ongoing evaluation of the quality of student outcomes. The report commented that while most centres referred to anecdotal

"It states that in all seven centres, the key strategic focus should be on creating a coherent range of ITE provision from early childhood education to adult and higher education teacher preparation"

evidence to indicate the success of their restructured programmes, there was a dearth of empirical evidence to support these claims. The review team therefore recommends that ITE centres collectively and in collaboration with higher education authorities and policymakers, design a survey instrument that would help to monitor the progress and further development of ITE in Ireland. This could be an annual or biannual online survey that would focus on essential aspects of the evolution of ITE in Ireland, including student experiences of growing into the teaching profession, the impact of research as part of ITE, the effectiveness of practical training and the relevance of pedagogy used in teaching and learning.

Positive reform experience The review team commends the leadership and staff of all institutions on their commitment to the implementation agenda and on the outcomes achieved. It notes that the "The team was structural reform of ITE in Ireland took place at a time of national ecogratified to hear staff in a nomic retrenchment while also coinciding with significant reform of number of ITE programmes following the decicentres sion to extend those programmes by commenting an additional year (i.e. an additional positively on 60 ECTS credits). the reform The team was gratified to hear experience" staff in a number of centres commenting positively on the reform experience, in spite of the challenges and difficulties experienced during the process. Education 21

Launch your beauty career WITH graduates including Suzanne Jackson, Rose Connolly, Lyndsey Cavanagh, Michelle Regazzoli (Mrs Make Up) and Jennifer Rock (The Skin Nerd), to name but a few, Blackrock Further Education Institute (BFEI) is justifiable proud of the success of its beauty and make up graduates. International awarding bodies, ITEC and CIDESCO, certify BFEI’s full time, one and two year courses, in a wide range of skill areas including Beauty Therapy, Nail Technician with Eyelash and Eyebrow Treatments, Holistic Therapies and Theatrical, Media and Fashion Make Up Artistry. Excellent working knowledge Using professional product ranges and state-of-the-art equipment, students studying at BFEI will gain an excellent working knowledge of a range of treatments, and will learn the professional skills required for a successful career in this thriving industry. We are proud of our long association with professional skin care company, Dermalogica, and honoured to have been selected as Ireland’s first Dermalogica School of Excellence, in 2019, receiving recognition for training our students in a simulated Salon environment to the highest standard using a wide range of Dermalogica products. Students are also trained to use the Matis skincare range and are provided with an opportunity to compete in the Matis Student of the Year competition each year to win the opportunity to travel on an all-expenses paid trip to the exclusive Matis headquarters in Paris. Holistic and Sports Massage Students on our Holistic and Sports Massage courses study for qualifications in Anatomy and Physiology, Holistic Body Massage, 22 Education

"Students studying at BFEI will gain an excellent working knowledge of a range of treatments, and will learn the professional skills required for a successful career in this thriving industry"

Reflexology, Nutrition, Sports Massage, Aromatherapy, Stone and On-Site Massage. Our Theatrical, Media and Fashion Make Up Artistry course is well established, and we have over time, developed excellent relationships with employers including Inglot, Monroe Recruitment and Benefit Cosmetics. These companies recruit directly from BFEI assured of the quality of graduates who have undertaken a one year full time course. The additional industry standard training provided to students on the course including training in Tanning, Advanced Special SFX, Drag training and hair styling including Up Styling, enhances graduates employment prospects. Management roles In September 2019, we launched a new one year, full time, course in Salon Management. This course is aimed at students who aspire to management roles within the beauty industry. Course content includes managing clients, scheduling and managing staff, marketing and promotion and health and safety. This course will provide graduates with the necessary skills and confidence to avail of a range of management employment opportunities in the industry. Erasmus opportunities BFEI has been involved in Erasmus+ mobility projects since 2018. Students from our beauty therapy courses are provided with an opportunity to undertake a 3 week work experience placement in 4 and 5 star spas and salons in Tenerife, Spain, in March each year. This year, for the first time, our Make Up students spent three weeks working with a designer in Tenerife to prepare for the Carnival of Santa Cruz de Tenerife, one of the largest

carnivals in the word. Funding is provided to students to cover the cost of flights, accommodation and living expenses, under Erasmus+, the EU's programme to support education, training, youth and sport in Europe and is coordinated by Ireland’s national agency Léargas. Students who have participated have improved both their technical and personal skills and have described it “the experience of a lifetime!” Internship programme Exciting plans are currently underway to develop an internship programme for Beauty Therapy students in partnership with the Irish Spa Association. Commencing in September 2020, second year beauty therapy students attending BFEI will be provided with an opportunity to work in a luxury Spa one day per week while continuing to attend College for the remaining four days to add to the portfolio of qualifications gained in first year. This new initiative seeks to address the current recruitment crisis in the Beauty Therapy industry and will enable BFEI graduates to avail of the many employment opportunities currently available in the Spa industry. There are many benefits to participating in an internship programme including providing students with valuable hands on experience that cannot be obtained in a classroom, increasing their confidence and providing an opportunity to develop and refine both practical and soft skills while networking with professionals in the beauty industry. BFEI is delighted to be involved in this new initiative and we look forward to working with the Irish Spa Association and its partners to offer students the opportunity to participate in this new internship in September 2020. Apply now at www.bfei.ie for all courses commencing Sept 2020

Education 23

SCFE students step up to a bright future IT’S that time of the year again when school leavers and other adults are planning for next September. The value of Further Education or Post Leaving Certificate courses as an alternative pathway to higher education is now widely understood especially by students who find the Leaving Certificate model of assessment does not work for them. Sallynoggin College of Further Education has a long history of providing courses at QQI Level 5 and Level 6 as well as other industry recognised certification including ITEC, REPS Ireland, The Irish Board of Speech and Drama, IAOT and the State Junior Trade examinations. These qualifications ensure that students have the relevant expertise, skills and experience to gain employment in their chosen field with the option of progressing to higher education if they wish. SCFE College has a truly diverse range of courses on offer, including our newly introduced courses; Pre University Primary and Post Primary Teacher Training, Inclusive Education and Training, Pilates Teacher Training and Musical Theatre and Dance. We are delighted to offer a new traineeship in Pilates Teaching and Sports Therapies for people working in the fitness and wellbeing industries.

Design by Susan Clandillon Fashion Design student 2019/2020

24 Education

her Sewphie label. Multi award winning designer and SCFE graduate Sarah Murphy who specialises in easy-to-wear eveningwear recently made a bespoke dress for Sinead Burke’s Late Late Show appearance. Sinead later posted that she was: “honoured to wear an "These incredible dress by a young Irish qualifications designer”. ensure that Beba Apparel is a Label produced students have by Laura McCormack who went the relevant straight into business producing expertise, festival and leisure-wear as soon as skills and experience to she graduated. Stylist Courtney Smith recently gain featured her own wardrobe in The employment in Gloss magazine, encouraging us to their chosen choose our clothing carefully and to field with the buy for lasting appeal. option of Watch out for Tuul Dovdon who progressing to is launching an ethical and sustainhigher able cashmere collection in the very education if near future. The future is indeed they wish" bright.

Applications now open for September 2020

Choose what’s right for you, and the staff of Sallynoggin College will be there to help and support you on every step of your journey. Step up to Fashion at SCFE: Keeping it Sustainable SCFE has a long history of success in the area of fashion design, fashion buying, styling and visual merchandising and fashion industry practice. In planning for the future the SCFE Fashion Design department are commitment to teaching ethical and sustainable fashion design. This term our Fashion Design students are working hard to finish their garments for our ‘Step Up’ Fashion Show to be held in the college on 2 April 2020. The show this year looks at stepping up to commit to circular fashion to help against the climate crisis and global warming. Level 5 students are upcycling beach-found clothing, donated by An Taisce’s Clean Coasts collected on Sandycove beach last summer. Former students step up to the future of fashion The success of former SCFE students reflects the quality of the opportunity that choosing a PLC course provides. Jake McGoldrick a SCFE Fashion Design graduate, currently a second y e a r s t u d e n t i n We s t m i n s t e r University was recently shortlisted by Rihanna as one of four fashion design students with the possibility of interning with her Fenty Label in Paris for a year. Recent graduate Sophie Murphy, having progressed to Grafton Academy has become one of the big names in streetwear for women with

Design by Susan Clandillon Fashion Design student 2019/2020

SCFE The International Dimension SCFFE is keen to promote learning at an international level. Our Advanced Early Childhood Care and Education students have just returned from a very exciting and informative trip to Norway with our partner KVT College in Trondheim where they undertook a two-week work experience placement in Norwegian early years education services. This once-in-a-lifetime opportunity has not only greatly improved the professional skills and employment potential of the students involved but has also enhanced their lives in many other ways.

FIND OUT MORE: Check us out at www.scfe.ie for a full list of courses. Contact us: reception@scfe.ie Tel: 01 285 2997 Follow us on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter @ SCFEOfficial

Another group of students from the Advanced Hospitality, Travel & Event Management course have completed a three-week work placement in top hotels and resorts in Tenerife. This experience has ensured that our students have a very attractive CV to present to employers when they graduate this year. In March SCFE hosted a group of Childcare students and their teachers from KVT Trondhiem who spent two weeks in Dublin. Following this SCFE is continuing to expand the international aspect of our programmes by promoting partnerships with other European colleges. And of course if you are a student of fashion you must visit the Paris the home of style. Our Fashion Design Students visited the the Premiere Vision Fabric Trade Fair in Paris in February. Meanwhile the Fashion Industry Practice students travelled to Paris in January to visit “Who’s Next” the ready-to-wear trade show showing the Autumn/Winter collections for 2020/2021. Future proofed SCFE continues to ensure that our courses are up to date, relevant and future proofed to give our students the edge in their chosen field. To find out more visit www.scfe.ie. Applications are now open for September 2020. Apply online at scfe.ie Email: reception@scfe.ie Tel: 01 285 2997

SCFE Students and work colleagues at Hotel Gala Tenerife

Fashion Buying Styling and Visual Merchandising Students prepare for the Photoshoot



CREATIVE STUDIES QQI Level 5: Art, Craft & Design - Portfolio Preparation QQI Level 6: Advanced Art & Design QQI Level 5: Photography QQI Level 5: Professional Floristry DANCE/PERFORMING ARTS QQI Level 5: Musical Theatre & Dance QQI Level 5: Performing Arts for Theatre, TV and Film including the Diploma of Associate in Acting Performance QQI Level 6: Advanced Performing Arts FASHION, HAIR & BEAUTY QQI Level 5: Fashion Buying, Styling & Visual Merchandising QQI Level 6: Advanced Fashion Industry Practice QQI Level 5: Fashion Design QQI Level 6: Advanced Fashion Design QQI Level 5 & ITEC: Hairdressing and Beauty Therapy QQI Level 6 & ITEC: Advanced Hairdressing and Beauty Therapy FITNESS, HEALTH AND WELLBEING All Courses recognised for membership of REPS Ireland QQI Level 5 & ITEC: Fitness Instruction & Exercise QQI Level 6 & ITEC: Personal Training and Sports Therapies Including Sports Massage & Physiotherapy Assistant QQI Level 6 & ITEC: Personal Training and Strength & Conditioning QQI Level 5 & ITEC: Yoga Teaching including Wellbeing and Holistic Studies QQI Level 6 & ITEC: Pilates Teaching including Somatic Studies QQI Level 6: & ITEC Traineeship in Pilates Teaching and Sports Therapies CHILDHOOD EDUCTION QQI Level 5: Early Childhood Care and Education with Montessori QQI Level 5: Early Childhood Care and Education including Special Needs Assistant QQI Level 5: Early Childhood Education and Training with Childminding Practice QQI Level 5: Pre University Primary and Post Primary Teacher Training QQI Level 6: Advanced Early Childhood Care and Education QQI Level 6: Advanced Special Needs Assisting SOCIAL STUDIES, YOUTHWORK AND DISABILITY STUDIES QQI Level 5: Social Studies including Criminology and Addiction Studies QQI Level 6: Advanced Social Studies including Advocacy QQI Level 5: Youth Work and Community Development including Criminology and Addiction Studies QQI Level 6: Inclusive Education and Training, Disability Studies and Special Needs Assisting TOURISM & TRAVEL QQI Level 5: Airline and Travel Industry Studies QQI Level 5: Hospitality & Tourism Industry Studies QQI Level 6: Advanced Hospitality, Travel & Event Management

SCFE students taste outdoor life in Trondhiem Norway.


Fully funded work experience placements in European countries available for some of our courses

Our QQI Qualifications provide access to Degree courses and/or employment No CAO points required for Leaving Certificate Students Mature students welcome Recognised for SUSI Grant funding available for Social Welfare recipients and exemptions for medical card holders

For more information check us out at www.scfe.ie or email reception@scfe.ie or phone 01 2852997

Applications for September 2021 Open November 2020 Apply on line www.scfe.ie View our brochure online

Sallynoggin College of Further Education is a Constituent College of Dublin & Dún Laoghaire Education & Training Board

Sallynoggin College of Further Education is a Constituent College of Dublin & Dún Laoghaire Education & Training Board

Education 25

Open Days 2020

April 21st Tues. 4pm - 7pm May 20th Wed. 10am - 12noon All our courses range from QQI(FETAC) levels 4, to levels 5 and 6. They are accredited by Quality and Qualifications Ireland (QQI). They are qualifications in themselves but can also be used to progress onto Third Level. NEW Environmental Science (Envir. Science) NEW Pre Emergency Services (Pre Emergency)

We welcome all ages from school leavers to Mature students. PLC Grants; Back to Education Allowances; Vocational Training and Opportunities scheme (VTOS) are available. If you are an early school leaver, unemployed, wanting to upskill, seeking to go on to Third Level - we offer We are situated 5 minutes you a platform. from Kille ster Dart Station which is two stops from Connolly Station.


26 Education

Make a positive mental health connection today! Poor mental health is touching our lives in ways it has never done before. People across all walks of our society are facing mental health struggles every day. Talking therapies have been proven to be an effective means of easing the effects of poor mental health. The Irish Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (IACP) and our members are committed to promoting safe and effective talking therapy for all people living in Ireland, from any background of any age. We’d like to help all those in need to take first steps towards positive mental health by connecting them with our members. Someone to Listen There are times in our lives when we or someone we know might struggle with mental health and need someone to talk to in a non-judgemental manner in a safe environment. Someone who is a qualified, accredited and vetted mental health professional. Many people in this situation are unclear where to find a qualified professional. The IACP can help you to make this first connection. When speaking with IACP staff,

you can be assured of the strictest confidentiality. Call us today on 01 230 35 36 to help you find an accredited therapist in your area. Alternatively, you can visit www.iacp.ie, where you will see our online directory. In our directory, you can find a list of our members in your area. These members can help with a range of issues including: Anxiety, Bereavement, Trauma, Stress, Self-Esteem Issues, Relationship Difficulties, Anger, Depression, Childhood Issues, Cancer Support, Work Related Issues, Addictions, Abuse, Adoption, Autism, Cultural issues, Dementia, Disability, Eating Disorders, Financial Issues, Infertility, Obsessions, Personal Growth, Phobias, PTSD, Sexuality, Self-harm, Suicidal Feelings, and Pregnancy. Who are we? The IACP is the leading and largest professional body for counselling and psychotherapy in Ireland with over 4,200 members.

"There are times in our lives when we or someone we know might struggle with mental health and need someone to talk to in a nonjudgemental manner in a safe environment"

Go to iacp.ie or call us on 01 230 35 36 today to take the first step to a positive mental health connection.



Education 27

COURSES FOR 2020/ 2021


Advanced Animal Science (L6) Animal Science- 6M5153

Childcare Early Childhood Care and Education 5M2009

Pre Third Level Arts General Studies- 5M3114

Advanced Beauty Therapy & Make-Up Artistry Year 2

Computer Systems and Networks 5M0536

Sound Engineering and Music Technology Sound Production - 5M2149

Advanced Certificate in Audio/ Visual Media Production (L6) Advanced Certificate in Media Production - 6M5130

Sustainable Construction Technology Construction Technology-5M5010

Special Needs Assistant Intellectual Disability Practice - 5M1761

Fitness and Health Sports and Recreation - 5M5146

Sport, Recreation and Exercise 5M5146

Security Systems Technology Security Systems Technology - 5M2109

Sports Therapy and Injury Management (L6) Sports and Recreation - 6M5147

Hairdressing & Barbering Year 1

Sports, Physical Fitness and Massage (L5) Sports and Recreation - 5M5146

Alternative Health & Well-Being Therapies

Hairdressing & Barbering Year 2

Tourism and Travel Industry Studies Tourism with Business - 5M5011

Animal Care- Animal Care 5M2768

Healthcare Support /Health Services Skills 5M4339/ 5M3782

Accounting Technician Apprenticeship (L6) Advanced Certificate in Accounting

Applied Psychology Community Health Service s - 5M4468

Journalism, Photography and New Media Journalism - 5M2464

Youthwork QQI Level 5 Health and Welfare 5M4732

Applied Social Studies Applied Social Studies 5M2181

Multimedia Production 5M2146

Art, Craft and Design Portfolio Art Craft Design -5M1984

Nursing Studies 5M4349

Adult Access/ VTOS Option 1: Social and Health Care Studies Option 2: Childcare and Youth Studies Option 3: Business Studies

Beauty Therapy Year 1

Pharmacy Assistant - Community Health Services 5M4468

Business Studies Business Studies - 5M2102

Photography and Digital Media Photography - 5M2094

Canine Grooming Animal Care- 5M2768

Advanced Photography QQI Level 6 Advanced Certificate in Photography - 6M3732

Advanced Certificate in Childcare (L6) Early Childhood Care and Education - 6M2007 Advanced Certificate in Social Care (L6) Social & Vocational Integration - 6M2218 Advanced Special Needs Assistant (L6) Inclusive Education and Training 6M2263



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Your future starts here INCHICORE College is a leader in further education. Renowned for our friendly and welcoming atmosphere and our excellent range of innovative courses, studying with us will take students to the next level of their education and/or career pathway. With courses in the Creative and Performing Arts, Business & Computers, Sport, Nursing and Healthcare, Childcare & Education, Theatre, Tourism, Dance, Costume & Make Up our graduates have gone on to achieve outstanding success in both employment and higher education. As a college, we are committed to the personal and professional development of all our students. Employers value graduates who have both professional knowledge but also skills such as team work, flexibility, decision making and creativity. Our courses empower students to develop all of these skills and our graduates are much sought after in an ever-changing employment market. Many of our students go directly into employment on successful completion of their courses where they are highly regarded for their work ethic. A dedicated team All our courses have a dedicated team of highly qualified staff with vast industry experience and who retain close links with their fields. Therefore, students can be sure that the education they receive is of a high quality and meets their individual needs. For example, our small class sizes and flexible teaching methods allow for greater participation and students can learn in ways that best suit them. Our students are central to our purpose and we are committed to their success. Inchicore College graduates go places. We have an outstanding track record for student progression to higher education. For example, every year, graduates from our Nursing Studies course perform exceptionally well in achieving CAO nursing places via the higher education links progression system. Students also gain advanced entry to higher education in many Irish educational establishments and many progress to study in the UK through our well-established links. For instance, graduates from our Assistant Occupational Therapy course have advanced to degree level study in Scotland. The Erasmus+ programme At Inchicore College, our Erasmus+ programme is second to none. Shortlisted for the 2019 Education Awards, this highly regarded work placement programme offers students the opportunity to work and study in countries such as Sweden, The Netherlands, Spain, Austria, Finland, Italy and France. For students who are considering their educational choices for 2020, Inchicore College of Further Education offers the very best of courses with proven pathways to employment and higher education. Look no further.

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Sorted... WHEN summer is over, seaside towns have more to offer than icecream cones and candy floss, and the Victorian seaside town of Dún Laoghaire is no exception. In the quiet end, bordering on leafy Monkstown, a restrained revolution is playing out in a modest building on Cumberland Street. The warriors are students and teachers carrying the banner for that educational sector that does not receive the same media attention as other educational sectors; extraordinary when you think that it is Further Education colleges like DFEi that are very real channels into third level institutions for school leavers who are disappointed with their Leaving Certificate results, and mature students who are looking to improve their prospects. It’s what a casual observer would call a win, win situation in the educational stakes. Personal missions So, let’s dust off our imaginary satchels and go inside the building where we will be met by a veritable ant colony – stairs and corridors filled with students of all ages and from diverse backgrounds, each focused on their own very personal mission. The short-term mission might be getting a seat in the canteen; the longer term one will, of course, be getting a place in a third level college or finding employment; but students always work better on a full stomach, so, while the queue for the canteen moves at its own pace let’s take a quick tour of DFEi. IIf you are lost, Kieran at reception will point you in the right direction, so don’t hesitate to ask him. Perhaps you would like to see the Learning Centre, and why not? It is a very bright and attractive space, specifically designed as a study hub replete with banks of computers. It is also 30 Education

on this corridor that you will get that recognisable smell of newly sawn wood. If you dream of designing and making your own furniture, or making and repairing musical instruments, this is where you need to fulfil that dream. Or perhaps you look at the bigger picture – the buildings that house the furniture and the musical instruments. If this is the case, you need to look at DFEi’s Architectural Te c h n o l o g y & D e s i g n o r Construction & Engineering Technology courses. STEM cells It may seem insincere to say that STEM is a ‘no brainer’ but when you think about it, it’s true. Courses related to Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics have proven to be reliable and sustainable routes to gainful employment. DFEi’s Pre-University Science courses in Laboratory Techniques and Food Science & Nutrition are the perfect first steps to a STEM career. Indeed, the Expert Group on Future Skills Needs has identified a dearth of graduates to fill available scientific jobs. If you are more attracted to the binary than the organic, a bit ‘nerdy’ perhaps, or a fan of the IT Crowd, you need to check out DFEi’s Computing & Electronic Technology or Software Development courses. These courses are supported by FIT (Fast Track into IT); a unique IT led initiative giving students the opportunity gain the skills that lead to employment. It’s true then; STEM is a ‘no brainer’. ‘Front of house’ roles Of course, while the STEM people are beavering away in the background, other personality types like to be ‘front of house’, or managing situations. If you fall into this category you should consider DFEI’s courses in Marketing & Event

Management, Business Studies with Law, or Police & Security Studies. If your desired theatre of action falls into the medical sphere, DFEi’s Community & Social Care course will get you started on the path that will enable you to work with dementia sufferers, or people with disabilities, mental health or social issues. If your heart is set on the nursing profession, you need to consider DFEi’s very popular Nursing Studies course. The success rates from this course are very high for progression to third level nursing degree programmes in Ireland and the UK. Some people are attracted to the unconditional love of animals; and where would the world be without domestic pets, farm animals and wildlife? Delivered by practicing professionals, DFEi’s Animal Health Care courses boast state of the art facilities and provide regular field trips. On occasion, you might be surprised by a preponderance of dogs around the building; probably a clue that the animal grooming class has gone ‘live’ or the canine obedience class needs willing woofters. You will be relieved to learn that the large farm animals do not stalk the corridors of DFEi but are instead receive visits from the animal care students. Going digital The doings of humans, animals, and machines make for an interconnected machine in a complex world; a world that needs to be interpreted, entertained, investigated, and reported on. We’ve got it all covered at DFEi with courses in TV & Digital Film, Digital Radio Production, Journalism for the Digital Age, Sound Production, and Music Production. The Higher National Diploma in Music Production is taught by working professionals. On each of these courses you will use industry standard equipment and software. You can do your own

Don’t have enough points?

come to DFEi recording in the sound studio, broadcast your own show in the radio studio, or edit your own programme in the TV studio. Why not tune in to 107.8fm and listen to DFEi’s very own radio station, The Wave? You will find an archive of accomplished documentaries. Of course, nothing goes unnoticed by journalists, and the journalism students in DFEi are given every opportunity to report on the doings of the humans, animals and machines that make for that interconnected machine in a complex world. Having visited the Criminal Courts of Justice and listened to the evidence in a murder trial, sat in on a Dail debate, or grappled with the spectres of Brexit and Trump, the journalism students have plenty to write about.

will be taught basic research skills, referencing systems, and general academic conventions across all courses. Experience at DFEi has taught us that every student does not learn in the same way or at the same pace. If you have particular learning support requirements, they will be met at DFEii. A tried and tested way DFEi’s quality assured courses are open to anyone who is seeking the knowledge, skills and competencies to enhance their employment opportunities or educational progression. If you did not get enough points for your chosen third level course, consider spending a year in DFEi. It’s another tried and tested way to get a place in college, as incidentally, is our legendary Arts, Culture & History course – an excellent founda-

"The academic life of DFEi is punctuated by a vibrant calendar of social events showcasing the talents of the students. If you like an audience, there’s a captive one in DFEi.

tion for pursuing an arts degree in NUI. With subjects like archaeology, folklore and local history, this course is perfect for those of you who want to use your fascination with the past to propel your academic career forward. The formula is simple – eight QQI Level 5 or Level 6 modules with as many distinctions as you can get. But it takes work on your part. You need to come to class, complete assignments on time and prepare for exams. The teachers are there for you every step of the way if you are there for them. Find out more Look at our website on www.dfei. ie; it’s really rather attractive and the menu is quite tempting; our brochure is not bad either. We don’t offer ice-cream or candy floss but we do offer a fine education.

Showcasing talent The academic life of DFEi is punctuated by a vibrant calendar of social events showcasing the talents of the students. If you like an audience, there’s a captive one in DFEi. Sound Production students compose their own material to audition for the annual college album release. The skills of the Event Management, Office Administration and Security students are always sought for college events. Gigs, concerts, and talent shows are enjoyed by both students and staff, usually in the canteen, also known as The Hub, which as well as providing hot food, is equipped with a stage, sound booth and acoustic panelling. Ladder to a third level DFEi’s courses are designed to meet current industry standards. Students are taught the fundamental skills and survival techniques that will put them on the ladder to a third level qualification. You will be taught how to present work in written and oral format. You Education 31

32 Education

Different pathways to success at Pearse College PEARSE College of Further Education is based in Crumlin in Dublin city. Their courses are designed to prepare students for employment and third level education in an adult-friendly environment. But the College is not only a training ground for third level, it's also a pathway to employment and up-skilling. Furthermore, we have a long and proud tradition of offering the Adult Leaving Certificate The College also provides a range of courses including Business and IT, Architecture, Sport and Soccer, Science and Horticulture, at all levels on the QQI Framework. Pearse College has excellent progression links to Ireland’s leading universities including Trinity College and all the leading IT’s including TU Dublin. Further adding to the learning experience are the supports the College offers including a guidance counsellor and a disability officer. They also run regular literacy, numeracy and assignment support workshops. Applications are open all year round so students can access their comprehensive and informative website and start their journey to Pearse College immediately.

My Journey to Third Level started with a small step – enrolling in a University Access Course - a step scary but worth it, and now I am studying for a BSc in Economics, and all the credit goes to the the fundamentals I learned in UAC and the tools were sharpened at Pearse College. Zaur, UAC 18' studying Economics in UCD "Attending Pearse College definitely gave me the confidence and the tools for my degree course. "Aside from the academic subjects, the Course equips students with very practical but essential training in research, referencing and essay writing." Connie Morahan, UAC’19 studying History and Political Science in TCD “The year I spent at Pearse College has been an integral part of my time at Trinity College. I learned the skills

necessary to succeed at third level. " Rachel Merriman, UAC’18 studying Sociology & Social Policy in TCD “Now in TCD, we’re constantly reminded of the requirement to be able to write clearly and concisely all of which was covered in Pearse College. "Peer support is very important and the friendships and support that started in Pearse has extended to College life.” Anne Fitzharris, UAC’19 studying History in TCD “Without the guidance and encouragement from all the tutors and staff at Pearse, I probably wouldn’t be studying in UCD today. Having amazing tutors to advise, encourage, and inspire the pursuit of education is such a gift…” Conor Gibbons, European Studies and Languages ’19 studying Languages Linguistics and Culture in UCD

our community • your college Celebrating 50 years at the heart of education in Crumlin

Come and join us - we have a wide range of courses to suit all ages: Business, IT skills, Coding, Archaeology, European Studies, PreUniversity Engineering, University Access, Furniture Making, Complementary Medicine, Food Science, Laboratory Science, Soccer Coaching, Sports Management, Horticulture, Architectural Technology, Caring for the Older and Younger Person, Sports and Fitness and Photography, PreApprenticeship in Construction & Engineering Technology; PreApprenticeship in Laboratory Technician/Analyst and Skills to Advance Go online for more information or apply for a course today at www.pearsecollege.ie

Pearse College Clogher Road, Crumlin, Dublin 12 Phone: 01-453-6661 / 01-454-1544 www.pearsecollege.ie

start: education • career • life Education 33

Academic year Sept 2020 – May 2021 Post Leaving Cert Courses at QQI Level 5 & 6 • • • • • • • • • •

Applied Social Studies Youth and Community Work *New Applied Psychology Criminology and Psychology *New Childcare/Special Needs Assistant * Nursing Studies Health Service Skills * Pre-Paramedic Fire and Ambulance *New Nutrition, Health and Well Being Pharmacy Assistant

• • • •

Pre-University Arts Pre-University Liberal Arts Pre-University Teaching Pre-University Journalism, Digital Media and Public Relations *New Pre-University Law Pre-University Business Law Pre-University Science/Agricultural Science Pre-University Forensic Science *New Pre-University Environmental Science *New Pre-University Sports and Food Science

• • • • • •

• Pre-University Business • Pre-University Business and Accounting *New • Office Accounts, Administration and Information Processing (Family Friendly Timetable) *New • Online Marketing • Legal and Medical Secretary/Office Administration • Creative Digital Media * • Computer Systems and Networks • Architectural Technology and Design *New • Graphic Design • Media and Film Production

• • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Tourism and Travel * Airline Studies Beauty Therapy * Hairdressing * Animal Care * Horsemanship and Equine Business/Science * Professional Cookery * Sports Management & Coaching * Sports Injury Prevention Physiotherapy Studies *New Music Performance Sound Production Art Portfolio (Fine Art & Design 2D Options) *New Animation * Level 6 Option Offered

• Pre-University Journalism, Digital Media and Public Relations • Pre-University Forensic Science • Pre-University Environmental Science • Pre-University Business and Accounting • Criminology and Psychology • Community and Youth Work • Office Accounts, Administration and Information Processing • Architectural Technology and Design • Physiotherapy Studies • Art Portfolio with Fine Art and Design 2D Options • Pre-Paramedic Fire and Ambulance • Wednesday 01st April 2020 • 29th April, 27th May 2020

APPLY ONLINE - www.dunboynecollege.ie ‘–ƒ…–‘ˆˆ‹…‡‘ǣDunboynecollege@Lmetb.ie‘”ǤǣͲͳͺͲʹ͸ͷ͹͹ —„‘›‡ ǡ—„‘›‡—•‹‡••ƒ”ǡ—„‘›‡ǡ‘Ǥ‡ƒ–Šͺ͸ͻͳ

Dunboyne College of Further Ed 34 Education

@Dunboyne College FE


Getting third level education off to the right start IN September Dunboyne College of Further Education commenced its 17th year of offering a quality education product to Meath, west Dublin, north Kildare and surrounding areas. We have grown to over 900 students doing QQI level 5 and 6 courses at our campus in Dunboyne Business Park. As well as being the only dedicated PLC further education college in County Meath, west Dublin, north Kildare and the surrounding areas, over 90% of the students who have achieved a full QQI level 5 award with Dunboyne College in recent years have received third level offers and countless others have proceeded directly to employment. New skills and confidence The feedback on the courses from students has been excellent in terms of the new skills and confidence; students felt they received the confidence to go on to future learning, to build up their skills, and to access job opportunities. Courses are increasing in popular-

ity with this year over 2300 students applying for 900 places. One year QQI level 5 Programmes like the majority run in Dunboyne are an ideal way to pursue a course in an area of interest and to access a third level course. Flexible options By having a day a week in work experience students can also put into practice their skills and assess their competency. The flexible options in Dunboyne allow students to sample various modules in September to make sure they are pursuing the correct course choice. DCFE also runs a week of short courses in subject related skills to make sure everyone is suitably equipped to fully engage in their programme. Students often do far better at further education level as they are now studying in an area of their passion and aptitude like nursing, sports, computers or science rather than in the Leaving Cert where Irish English Math’s etc were compulsory.

"As students also learn referencing, research and self-directed learning they tend to stay the full third level course afterwards, unlike many who go straight from Leaving Cert and not be fully sure of their options"

As students also learn referencing, research and self-directed learning they tend to stay the full third level course afterwards, unlike many who go straight from Leaving Cert and not be fully sure of their options. Dropout rates of less than 3% at higher education for those who do a further education course like those in Dunboyne College first, can be compared to an average of 8 to 10% drop out rate in the universities and 20% in the IT colleges. Expanding into new areas Dunboyne College will be expanding into many new areas of educational opportunity in the coming years and anyone wishing to obtain further information on these opportunities should find us online at www.dunboynecollege.ie or on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. There is an on line enrolment ongoing, with interviews on the 29th April, 27th May and late June 2020. Late applications will be taken until late September depending on availability on the courses. Education 35



G E L L O S C R A E Y 0 5



T: (01) 454 0044 E: info@liberties.cdetb.ie @libertiescollege @LibertiesCollD8

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Informatio n Technolog y

Start Learning Something New. Apply online at www.libertiescollege.ie

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Our new pre-apprenticeship course in ICT/Networking opens doors to careers in IT.


With QQI Level 5 and Level 6 qualifications, our students greatly improve their prospects for a third level qualification.


Gen Edu eral cation


Our practical courses meet the needs of students and employers and are focused on emerging employment and 3rd Level opportunities.

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Why choose an apprenticeship? YOUNG people all around the country are turning their thoughts to life after school and making plans for future careers. For some, this may mean applying through the CAO for third-level studies at university. But for many others, there is a growing area of opportunity in apprenticeships. What’s new in apprenticeships? Recent developments in apprenticeships have resulted in exciting new opportunities for apprentices to earn as they learn. In 2019, new apprenticeships in hairdressing, retail supervision and sales were added to the list of 13 apprenticeships awarded by QQI, with more planned for 2020. A week in the life of an apprentice Generally, you will spend four days a week working as a regular employee, being paid while you learn and entitled to annual leave and other benefits. The remaining day is spent in college, acquiring knowledge to complement your on-the-job learning. ‘Earn as you learn’ - work as an apprentice During the four days in work, you will train under an apprentice mentor. Your mentor will guide and monitor your progress in your chosen career, ensuring that you have the necessary work skills and competencies. The student’s life – study as an apprentice Once a week, you will live the student’s life - attending lectures, receiving one-to-one instruction, and attending demonstrations. With access to all college facilities, you will have dedicated study time to complete project work, and your college mentor will be on hand for advice and guidance. Is an apprenticeship right for me? Embarking on an apprenticeship programme requires a high level of self-motivation, drive and self-discipline, as you navigate through the programme and complete the necessary modules through various modes of learning. You won’t be alone, however. Most programmes establish a Community of Practice (CoP): a group of people who share a passion for the industry you are joining. Regular interaction through the CoP helps apprentices better understand their job and is a critical element in the apprenticeship journey. What are my next steps? Firstly, you must register as an apprentice with an approved employer. Once registered, apprentices are required to participate in an induction session hosted by the (provider) college they will attend once a week. Finally, employers will organise on-site workplace induction and orientation for new employees. As a full-time employee, you will receive an employment contract.

Here are the exciting, new apprenticeship programmes that have been quality-approved by QQI. • Advanced Certificate in Accounting • Advanced Certificate in Original Equipment Manufacturing • Advanced Certificate in Auctioneering and Property Services • Advanced Certificate in Computer Networking • Advanced Certificate in Software Development • Advanced Certificate in Cyber Security • Advanced Certificate in Culinary Arts • Advanced Certificate in Hairdressing • Certificate in Craft Butchery • Advanced Certificate in Sales • Higher Certificate in International Financial Services • Higher Diploma in Financial Services Analytics • Advanced Certificate in Retail Supervision

Find out more about all these programmes at irq.ie Education 37

Behind the scenes to a career in Blockchain Nina Kanti is a blockchain developer with Deloitte and as such is one of only a small number of women working in this space in Ireland. Blockchain is a decentralised distributed ledger which enables you to transfer virtually everything of value peer-to-peer THERE are two Bs that highlight heavily in Nina Kanti’s life, that’s blockchain and boxing. Kanti is a blockchain developer with Deloitte and as such is one of only a small number of women working in this space in Ireland. Often times she’s the only woman in the room but she says this has never stopped her or held her back, in fact she uses it as a driving force to push her forward. “They’re both male dominated but when you try either, there’s a lot of impact you can make. You shouldn’t be scared to be the only girl in the room. You can knock it out of the park and feel good about yourself in both career and sport,” she says. Like bitcoin Blockchain has been around for quite a while, many will have heard of Bitcoin, but even so, often people don’t understand its importance, relevance or uses. Kanti explains it succinctly: “It is a decentralised distributed ledger 38 Education

which enables you to transfer virtually everything of value peer-to-peer. Simply put, it’s a growing list of records that are linked using cryptography, with every participant on the blockchain network having this ledger or record of transactions.” She gives a simple example. “Say you have a classroom of 30 people, all with their notebooks out. I say ‘I’m drinking tea from a blue cup’ and everyone writes that down. Two days later I say to the group, ‘remember when I had tea from a red cup’. I will be corrected by the group - they will say ‘you had tea from your blue cup’. We are trusting everyone in the group. "I can then transfer this tea to another student and everyone in the classroom makes a record of that transaction in their notepad - it enables trust without trusting one party and it allows us to transfer this cup of tea “peer-to-peer”. But why is it important that we know and learn about it? Because blockchain has the potential to dis-

“Often times she’s the only woman in the room but she says this has never stopped her or held her back, in fact she uses it as a driving force to push her forward”

rupt a number of industries and helps enable a positive user experience, Kanti says. “With blockchain we take back the ownership and have full authority of our data, blocking big tech companies from monetising our data on our behalf. World of mistrust "In a world where there is a lot of mistrust, for example, blockchain has helped us to ensure our diamonds aren’t from unethically sourced countries, or the produce and clothing we buy are sustainable and ensuring certificates are valid and haven’t been tampered with, which is something I worked on for DNV GL. "Like the internet disrupted society, blockchain has the potential to do the same. It ensures trust and transparency in a world where we no longer trust banks to hold our assets or ensure the meat we eat is from grass-fed cows or 'as advertised' in shops,” she says.

“I knew I wanted to do something that hadn’t been done before, so I could really make my mark in the industry”

Kanti works within quite a small team in Deloitte, therefore gets to participate within the including, strategy and engineering side of things. Graduating from DCU with a degree in Computer Engineering with a major in Internet of Things (IoT) last year, she did her thesis in blockchain. Making her mark Having gone to an all-girls school, she says engineering is not something that was pushed, with most following the “normal” paths into nursing or teaching. “I knew I wanted to do something that hadn’t been done before, so I could really make my mark in the industry,” she says. She fell into all STEM subjects; Chemistry, Physics and Biology due to an overlap in timetables. Originally she wanted to do Accounting, History and Biology. “I’m glad things happened the way they did as I had an amazing

“I get to teach and speak at various tech events, both internally and externally, from our clients to secondary school students about blockchain.”

Physics teacher who inspired me and told me to look into engineering when I went to open days. There are so many aspects to engineering or areas you can work in including biomedical, technology, music and food to name a few- its very broad.” As a consultant, Kanti says she loves the fact there’s always something new on the horizon. “Especially in the blockchain EMEA lab, most of our clients are international, allowing me to travel a lot. Currently I travel to Switzerland for client work once a month which I love. "I get to work with some the biggest companies, as well as start-ups. There’s a lot of flexibility there and opportunities, whether it’s learning about new technologies or how a specific industry works. "I also like that we get to contribute to opensource projects and make headlines by working on cutting edge technology, for example with DNV GL. “We’re a relatively small team

which means I get to wear a lot of different hats in the office. I’m not just a developer, I’m involved in the business and strategy side of blockchain too, which I enjoy. "I get to teach and speak at various tech events, both internally and externally, from our clients to secondary school students about blockchain.” Boxing clever Letting off steam, she now boxes twice a week. Previously she competed in college. “I got hurt all the time because you’re not holding back and they’re not holding back. You dust yourself off and get back in the game. And you feel like a badass doing it - much the same way when you solve a problem by yourself in blockchain,” she laughs. A lesson for us all! For more behind the scenes from STEM careers visit www.SmartFutures.ie Education 39

Careers in the Irish Defence Forces THE Irish Defence Forces is the military of Ireland. We encompass the Army, the Naval Service, the Air Corps and the Reserve Defence Forces. The Army is a standing force and provides the primary capabilities for joint military operations at home and combined military Peace Support Operations abroad. The Naval Service is the State's principal seagoing agency with a general responsibility to meet contingent and actual maritime defence requirements. It is tasked with a variety of defence and other roles. The role of the Air Corps under the Defence Act is to contribute to the security of the State by providing for the Military Air Defence of its airspace. Defence Forces personnel lead a "Life less Ordinary". No two days are the same in the lives of our personnel. All aspects of military life are varied and for each member of the Force each day may bring a new challenge. WHO WE LOOK FOR? General Service Recruitment The Irish Defence Forces are looking for motivated, physically fit, team orientated individuals to enlist as General Service Recruits. As a recruit, you will train to become an infantry soldier. On completion of the initial training program, successful recruits 40 Education

are promoted to the rank of Private 2*. Following a second period of basic training, applicants are promoted to the rank of Private 3*. Applicants should have: • The ability to work in disciplined military environment. • The ability to work with others in a team. • The ability to work well in a high pressure and physically demanding environment. • Be willing to serve aboard for extended periods of time. • Be a minimum of 18 years of age and under 25 years of age on the date deemed as the closing date for applications. On qualification recruits take up a position as a three star private in one of the following Service Corps — Infantry, Artillery, Cavalry, Supply & Transport or Communications Information Systems. After basic training, opportunities exist to undertake further training as anything from a heavy vehicle driver, to a chef, vehicle mechanic, armourer, IT technician, combat engineer, emergency medical technician and many other roles. Officer Cadetships The Defence Forces are also looking to enlist Officer Cadets. A Cadet is a Military Officer in training. Officers are the leaders, decision makers and managers of the

"The Irish Defence Forces are looking for motivated, physically fit, team orientated individuals to enlist as General Service Recruits"

Defence Forces. They are the platoon commanders in our Army, the pilots in our Air Corps, and the navigators and engineers in our Naval Service. An Officer leads, directs and motivates our frontline troops. The role comes with very real mental and physical challenges, with Officers being expected to lead from the front in all situations. Officer Cadets engage in 15 months training in the Military College, Curragh Camp, Kildare, covering many basic and practical soldier skills and military fields of study before taking up an operational appointment in the Permanent Defence Forces. The Defence Forces is looking for people who have the potential to: • Plan, prioritize and organise. • Analyse problems, in order to generate appropriate solutions. • Be clear, concise and with effective communication skills. • The ability to motivate others and work with a team. Can you do all of this while working in a very high pressure, mentally and physically demanding environment? After completing Officer training, cadets are commissioned into a Service Corp — Infantry, Artillery, Cavalry, Supply & Transport or Communications Information Systems. As a young Officer many more opportunities for development,

growth, variety and responsibility will come your way. Applicants must be 18 years of age or over and under 26 years of age on the date mentioned in the notice for the current competition. Trainee Military Aircraft Technician We also look to enlist Trainee Military Aircraft Technicians. The successful applicants will serve a 4 year apprenticeship program and will become Aircraft Technicians in our Air Corps. Technicians provide the maintenance and servicing of Air Corps aircraft, their engines, systems, equipment and weapons. The Air Corps is looking for young, enthusiastic and technically minded individuals who are looking for the opportunity not just to learn a new trade but also to practice it in chall e n g i n g s i t u a t i o n s . Tr a i n e e Technicians undergo their academic training at the Technical Training School, located in Casement Aerodrome, the home of the Air Corps. All Candidates must be 18 years of age and less than 23 years of age on the closing date for receipt of applications. WHEN DO WE RECRUIT? We normally recruit General Service Recruits in March and September. We advertise the Cadet Competition in January/February for induction in September. We also advertise for Air Corps Trainee Military Aircraft Technicians in January/February for induction in September WHEN AND HOW TO APPLY? All applications are made by completing the online application on our website. The online application is only available when we are running a recruitment competition. We do

NOT accept applications outside these times. WHAT IS THE TRAINING LIKE? General Service Recruit The training for General Service Recruits is initially for 15 weeks. The Recruit Training Syllabus is designed to produce a physically fit, disciplined and motivated Two Star Infantry Soldier with basic military skills. Recruit training is foundation military training. It is followed by 3 Star training and at a later stage by Trained Soldier Specialist Training courses. Recruits may be required to complete their training in any Defence Forces location and following their training, may be posted to any Defence Forces location subject to Defence Forces requirements. Once training is successfully completed the fully trained soldier will be sent to their allocated unit. Cadetships Cadets train for a total of 15 months. The training is conducted in the Military College, Defence Forces Training Centre, Co. Kildare. The purpose of cadet training is to develop character and leadership skills and instil a sense of duty and responsibility in the cadet. To benefit from that training, which is conducted in an environment of strict discipline, the cadet needs mental acuity and physical agility. During training an Army Cadet masters basic military skills, such as rifle marksmanship, as well as developing the leadership skills required of an Army Officer. Air Corps and Naval Service Cadets also undertake leadership and foundation military training before specialising as pilots, navigators or engineers. On commissioning the new Officer takes up a leadership position in one of the Army Corps.

"The Recruit Training Syllabus is designed to produce a physically fit, disciplined and motivated Two Star Infantry Soldier with basic military skills"

"The purpose of cadet training is to develop character and leadership skills and instil a sense of duty and responsibility in the cadet"

Third Level Education Personnel of the Army, who were inducted as an Officer Cadet and successfully completed their Officer Cadet training and who have not previously attained an Honours Bachelor Degree (Level 8 of the National Framework of Qualifications) or equivalent may be assigned to a course of study leading to a degree at National University of Ireland, Galway or a course of study leading to a degree at some other third level college of education. On completion of the first year of training, Naval Service cadets spend the second year of the cadetship studying for a degree at the National Maritime College of Ireland. Trainee Military Aircraft Technicians Tr a i n e e M i l i t a r y A i r c r a f t Technicians initially complete basic military training of seven months duration before commencing their technical training. In total their training takes approximately 4 and a half years and is completed at the Air Corps Technical Training School, Casement Aerodrome, Baldonnel. The Air Corps Technical Training School is EASA (European Aviation S a f e t y A g e n c y ) a p p ro v e d a n d approved by DIT (Dublin Institute of Technology) to deliver the Bachelor of Engineering Technology Degree in M i l i t a r y Av i a t i o n Te c h n o l o g y. Through these programmes the trainee technicians will be instructed in all disciplines of aircraft maintenance including fixed and rotary wing aircraft, power plant and avionics. The EASA modules (Theory and Workshop Practical’s) and their associated examinations are completed entirely, prior to the trainees’ advancement through advanced access onto the Bachelor Engineering Technology Degree in Military Aviation Technology.

For more information on careers in the Irish Defence Forces visit www.military.ie/en/careers/army-careers/how-to-join/ Education 41

Apprenticeship option opens a gallery of opportunities "The practical nature of the programme, the salary and the fully-funded fees make the Accounting Technician Apprenticeship particularly appealing to School Leavers who prefer learning by experience to full-time college education" THE wonderful environs of Dublin’s National Gallery have become the workplace of an accountancy apprentice thanks to a programme which allows students earn while they learn. The gallery houses an amazing collection of European art spanning the 14th to the 20th-century. And now it’s the place of work of Katie Haverty, who has recently finished her first year of the Accounting Technicians Ireland (ATI) programme. Supportive Student Katie (20), from Finglas started with the ATI apprentic eship after becoming disillusioned with a full-time college course, joining nine finance staff at the Gallery. “I began an arts degree, but there was only 12 hours of study across the whole week and I had to travel to the college for only one hour a day,” she said. “I deferred the course for a year and began working as a pay role clerk, which I loved, so I when I saw the apprenticeship course online I 42 Education

liked everything it offered. “The tutors and my employers are so supportive and you get 15 days study leave a year for exams. “If you were in full-time study and had a part-time job, you wouldn’t get that. This course really takes the stress out of studying while working. “There’s nothing else like it and I’ve already recommended it to my friends.” Work-based learning T h e A c c o u n t i n g Te c h n i c i a n Apprenticeship is a funded, workbased learning programme in which locally-placed apprentices earn at least €19,000 a year and it has created 160 jobs. Head of Finance at the National Gallery of Ireland, Mary Leane, has described the concept as fantastic, with quality of training second to none. “I’ve always had a lot of time for accounting technicians, but this course is a step ahead of the rest,” said Mary. “I’ve often come across graduates who aren’t able to put theory into

"The tutors and my employers are so supportive and you get 15 days study leave a year for exams"

practice after they qualified. “But this course enables the student to apply what they have learned straight away, which makes the academic side easier for them. “The balance between theory and practice is brilliant. “Classes are small and the college monitors both the student’s work and checks on the employer also. “I would highly recommend the course to any employer, especially as there are no recruitment or course fees involved.” Applications for the apprenticeships, which will be based in Dublin, Wicklow, Cork, Waterford, Limerick, Galway and Monaghan are now open. Leaving Cert students and mature learners can apply for the programme through Accounting Technicians Ireland. A real alternative This apprenticeship provides a real alternative for Leaving Certificate students who prefer practical training to a full-time college programme, or for students who may have

Head of Finance at the National Gallery of Ireland, Mary Leane (l) and Katie Haverty, who has recently finished her first year of the Accounting Technicians Ireland (ATI) programme at the Gallery. Pic: Fintan Clarke

The practical nature of the programme, the salary and also the fully-funded fees really make the A c c o u n t i n g Te c h n i c i a n Apprenticeship particularly appealing "This to School Leavers who prefer learnapprenticeship ing by experience and work to provides a real full-time college education, accordalternative for i n g t o G i l l i a n D o h e r t y, C h i e f Leaving Operations Officer at Accounting Certificate Technicians Ireland. students who prefer practical In-demand accountancy training to a “When students complete the full-time apprenticeship programme, they will college have a strong, in-demand accountprogramme" ancy QQI Level 6 award, two years of solid work experience and the opportunity, if they wish, to progress Progress on to further study across accountancy, Successful graduates of the business or finance,” said Ms apprenticeship programme may then Doherty. progress on to full Accountancy with “This is a pan-sectoral programme Chartered Accountants Ireland or which meets the needs of industry, one of the other professional practice and the public sector, and accountancy bodies. graduates enjoy exemptions from the full range of professional FIND OUT MORE: accountancy bodies including Visit www.accountingtechniciansireland.ie Chartered Accountants Ireland, CPA, and select Apprenticeship study option. ACCA and CIMA.” embarked on a college course and found that it didn’t suit them. It is also an attractive option for existing employees and mature learners who would like to pursue a career in accounting. Large accountancy firms such as Grant Thornton, smaller high street practices as well as organisations in industry and the public sector have embraced the new apprenticeship programme. Their apprentices work in the office four days a week and study in a local college one day a week during the two-year programme, which begins in September.

Accounting Technicians Ireland ATI is the leading professional body for Accounting Technicians on the island of Ireland. We educate, support and represent over 10,000 people working in the profession. Established in 1983, we pride ourselves on providing an internationally recognised business qualification and on promoting the highest educational, technical and ethical standards to our members. Our qualifications differ from many other academic programmes as they combine professional exams with practical work experience. Members are entitled to put the letters MIATI after their name. We are a partner body of Chartered Accountants Ireland and an associate member of the International Federation of Accountants. We have offices in Dublin and Belfast and links with local networks throughout Ireland. Education 43


Leaving Cert students: Here’s a valuable Accounting career opportunity The National Accounting Technician Apprenticeship CONTACT US:

www.accountingtechniciansireland.ie 01 649 8191 apprenticeship@accountingtechniciansireland.ie

Become an Accounting Technician Apprentice €19,700

0 6

Earn at least the minimum wage on this work-based learning programme Pay no college registration or tuition fees - apprenticeship programme is fully funded by SOLAS You’ll earn a Level 6 Advanced Certificate in Accounting in just two years Become a Member of Accounting Technicians Ireland (MIATI) and enjoy increased earning power

The apprenticeship is a logical fit for Mazars, as Accounting Technicians are an essential part of our team. The combination of classroom learning with practical workplace training ensures that, when qualified, the apprentice will be equipped with all the necessary skills to progress as far as they want to within our team.

Developing a career for the future. Accounting Technician skillsets are always required by employers in all sectors.

Jennifer Kelly, Outsourcing Director

Other features of the Accounting Technician Apprenticeship ■ You’ll be mentored in the classroom and the office throughout the work-based learning education training programme ■ Three weeks’ study leave each year to help you prepare for your exams ■ You can use your qualification and experience to get a well-paid job in accountancy and finance, or go on to further study with Chartered Accountants Ireland, other professional accountancy bodies or higher education institutes

129279_ATI_LC_APPLICANT_FLYER A5_2020 V5.indd 1

44 Education

11/03/2020 14:51

................................................................................................................................ NEWS

Research shows significance of native predators to naturally restore ecosystem A NEW research study led by Queen’s University highlights the crucial role that recovering native predators can play in conserving the natural ecosystem. The research reveals how a native predator, the pine marten, is helping to conserve the UK and Ireland’s only native squirrel, the red squirrel. Following introductions in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, the invasive grey squirrel had replaced the native red squirrel across much of its former range in the UK and Ireland. The pine marten, a recovering predator in the UK and Ireland are naturally controlling introduced grey squirrels, while simultaneously helping to secure the survival of native red squirrel populations. Until now, little was known about how the pine marten which predates both grey and red squirrels was able to negatively affect invasive grey squirrel populations while positively affecting their native cousins. Through the exposure of red and grey squirrels to pine marten scent at twenty

feeding sites across Northern Ireland, the researchers used cameras to record how the different squirrel species responded to their shared predator, the pine marten. They found that native red squirrels showed clear behavioural responses to pine marten scent, while grey squirrels did not. Red squirrels visited the feeders less often and increased their vigilance when pine marten scent was applied whilst grey squirrels did not change their behaviour. This is likely a response to red squirrels sharing a landscape with pine marten over a long-

period of time, with grey squirrels being relative newcomers to the threat that the pine marten poses. Grey squirrels showed a lack of behavioural response to the cues of the pine marten, making them highly vulnerable to predation. This assists in explaining the higher occurrence of grey squirrels than red squirrels in the diet of the pine marten, and why grey squirrel populations are declining wherever the pine marten recovers. If invasive species lack behavioural responses to recovering native predators with whom they do not share evolutionary history; the ongoing predator recovery in Europe could have immense potential to restore and regulate ecosystems our fractured ecosystems. The study, funded through an online public appeal and published in February in the Royal Society Open Science, highlights the importance of conserving and supporting our recovering native predator populations in Europe.

Education 45

Ireland's critical Wind 743 Ktoe

Hydro Hy dro 60 Ktoe

Biomass & Other Renewables 60 Ktoe

NonRenewable Wastes 60 Ktoe


Oil 7,148 Ktoe

Total Primary Energy Requirement 14,653 Ktoe

Natural Gas 4,480 Ktoe


2019 Report

725 Ktoe

Peat 686 Ktoe

Electr Expo

(net) 2 Source: ENERGY IN IRELAND 2019 Report 46 Education

energy balance By Niall Gormley

Natural Gas Own Use/Loss


58 Ktoe

THE chart shown here represents all the sources for the energy we use in the Republic of Ireland and where that energy is consumed. It shows the huge tasks facing us as we try to make our way of life sustainable and it shows the huge opportunities that are open to us. Ireland's education sector will be a key element in solving the policy dilemmas we face and the solutions will have to come from investment in research and development, technology and people. >>>

Oil Refining 93 Ktoe

11 Ktoe

ricity orts

2 Ktoe

Electricity Transformation & Losses 2,187 Ktoe

Transport 5,202 Ktoe

Total Final Consumption 12,324 Ktoe

Residential Agriculture & Fisheries 251 Ktoe

Services 1,484 Ktoe


2,786 Ktoe

2,601 Ktoe Note: Some statistical differences exist between inputs and opuputs Education 47

Ireland's critical energy balance >>> The way we currently use energy is unsustainable and change is coming under pressure from a number of areas. Climate change is the obvious immediate problem, but others including airborne pollution and the economic cost of imports, are also vitally important and immediate. As is clear from the charts our energy use is increasing again as the economy recovers from the Great Recession. The good news is that carbon emissions have been somewhat decoupled from energy use, so that even as demand for energy increased our carbon emissions dropped somewhat. Electricity generation has seen the greatest impact of renewables as wind energy has increased and coal and peat declined. But we can see from the main graphic that electricity only accounts for around one fifth of our energy consumption. Transport remains almost totally dependent on oil and Ireland doesn't have any oil wells so all of that energy is imported. Electric vehicles are a large part of the answer but the transition is painfully slow. However, technology is making batteries last longer and making charging quicker. This month, Alstom announced a successful experiment to power trains using hydrogen. This technology could be particularly useful in Ireland where the mainline rail has not been electrified, saving huge capital costs and eliminating emissions (See Green News). The transition to a low carbon economy is going to require enormous investments in research and development and in skilled workers to implement all the retrofitting and building required. Are our second and third level education sectors preparing tomorrow's students and the institutions themselves for the opportunities coming down the line?

2018 Key Trends

ECONOMIC GROWTH (modified domestic demand)






Energy use

Energy-related CO2 Emissions

















+0.5% point increase from 2017 to 2018




-0.2% point decrease from 2017 to 2018




-0.2% point decrease from 2017 to 2018

Electricity +3.1% point increase from 2017 to 2018

Note: Figures are all 2018 compared with 2017, unless otherwise stated.

48 Education



Are you getting in this summer?

Know what you’re getting into… A Lifeguard qualification opens the door to jobs nationwide and abroad. For more see www.watersafety.ie Education 49

Services at Carlow ETB TRAINING Services at Kilkenny and Carlow ETB offer an extensive range of free full time training programmes for young people and adults who wish to develop the skills and competencies that are required for the workplace and/or progression to further education and training opportunities. All of our courses lead to nationally and internationally industry recognised accreditation. Furthermore, many of our courses lead directly into employment. Traineeships A Traineeship is an occupational skills development programme which is designed to provide flexible training solutions to the identified needs of Irish industry and local businesses. Traineeships gives participants the opportunity to develop cutting edge skills and knowledge on-the-job, making them more skilled, more employable and enhancing their career options and enables employers to access a pipeline of talent and learners. Traineeships are structured learning programmes which lead to awards at NFQ levels 4-6. They are between 6-20 months in duration and learners will complete at least 30% of learning on the job. For further information visit www.traineeship.ie Generation Apprenticeships The SOLAS Standards Based Apprenticeship is a system of employment focused training and 50 Education

education which enables an individual to obtain the knowledge, skills and competencies required to perform effectively as a craft person in industry. It also enables the individual to progress through further education and training within the national framework of qualifications leading to a QQI level 6 Advanced Craft Certificate. Apprenticeship has long been an accelerator for individual and corporate development in Ireland. Generation Apprenticeship is a major expansion project to more than double the number of learners of all ages and backgrounds taking the apprenticeship route. This promises to be a huge source of inspiration in opening apprenticeship into a full range of twenty-first century industries and skill sets. SOLAS has the responsibility for promoting and overseeing the training and education of all the apprentices in the current 27 designated crafts. A national standard is delivered for each craft based on the occupational analysis of that craft, written as key learning outcomes and structured in modular format. New Apprenticeships New Apprenticeships are currently available and are being developed in conjunction with SOLAS and lead industrial consortia across a wide range of industries and sectors, some of which include New Apprenticeships will combine

The 27 designated crafts are as follows:

"All of our courses lead to nationally and internationally industry recognised accreditation. Furthermore, many of our courses lead directly into employment"

• Agricultural Mechanics * • Aircraft Mechanics * • Brick and Stonelaying • Carpentry & Joinery • Construction Plant Fitting * • Electrical * • Electrical Instrumentation * • Electronic Security Systems * • Farriery • Floor & Wall Tiling * • Heavy Vehicle Mechanics * • Industrial Insulation • Instrumentation * • Metal Fabrication • Motor Mechanics* • Painting & Decorating * • Pipefitting • Plastering • Plumbing * • Print Media * • Refrigeration & Air Conditioning * • Stonecutting & Stonemasonry • Sheet Metalworking • Toolmaking • Vehicle Body Repairs * • Wood Manufacturing and Finishing • Mechanical Automation and Maintenance - MAMF * * A person wishing to become an apprentice in one of the trades marked * must pass a colour– vision test approved by SOLAS.

In Training Services we run traineeships in the following areas

Culinary Skills



Professional Bus and Coach Driving

Software Developer

Van Delivery Driver

Healthcare Assistant

Office Administration

practical on-the-job learning in sponsor companies, with off-the-job training, which will be delivered by the ETBs and/ or recognised training and education providers. This will allow Apprentices to develop technical knowledge through formal qualifications, as well as key workplace skills and competencies through experiential learning. The programmes will lead to QQI awards from level 5 to 9 on the NFQ. The duration of these apprenticeships will range from two to four years, depending on the chosen field of learning and the degree of difficulty involved in meeting the learning outcomes for the particular apprenticeship programme. Community Training The community Training centres (CTC’s) provide training to early school leavers aged between 16 and 21 years, who are most in need of basic vocational training. This training provision is divided between in centre learning and linked work experience. Courses lead to Major awards at QQI Level 3 and 4 or VTCT awards.

New Apprenticeships are currently available and are being developed in conjunction with SOLAS and lead industrial consortia across a wide range of industries and sectors, some of which include: • Accounting Technician, Level 6 • Industrial Electrical Engineer, Level 7 • Commis Chef, Levels 6 • Financial Services, Levels 6-8 • Insurance Practitioner, Level 8 • Manufacturing Engineer, Level 7 • Polymer Processing Technologist, Level 7 • Manufacturing Technician, Level 7 • ICT Network Engineer, Level 6 • ICT Software Developer, Level 6

Our Contact Details: Office: Training Services, Kilkenny and Carlow Education and Training Board, Unit 4 Danville Business Park Kilkenny 056 7813014

www.kcetbtraining.ie Training Centre: Unit K, IDA Business Park, Purcellsinch, Dublin Rd, Kilkenny 056 789456 Education 51

We are the makers.

Pre-University Science

The future is what you make it.

learning works 52 Education

thisisFET.ie @thisisfet

Time for further education and training to shine New campaign ‘This is FET’ showcases further education and training FURTHER Education and Training (FET) can have such a positive impact on the lives of individual learners, businesses and communities. It is time for FET and the opportunities it brings to be recognised and valued. This narrative is starting to be shared and people are starting to appreciate the massive impact FET can have. No matter where you are in your education or your career, FET courses offer flexible, life-long learning. A new campaign aimed at showcasing further education and training kicked off with an official launch by Minister for Education and Skills, Joe McHugh TD, at an event recently where a panel of FET graduates including Harry McCann, Entrepreneur and Managing Director of Trendster Media; Shauna Keogh, Emmy-nominated TV producer and director; and costume designer, Kate Stitt shared their FET experience. The campaign, run by SOLAS, the Further Education and Training Authority, is centred around a new website, thisisfet.ie, which sets out to showcase stories of people who have completed FET courses and the wide arrange of career options that exist for people who undertake such courses. It is designed to speak directly to and engage with young people, to show that there are options available to them when considering their postsecondary plan and that FET is an option worth considering. Stories of learners, graduates and employers about the positive impact FET has had on their careers and businesses are shared. Information about the diverse range of FET courses can also be found on the website.

An example of some of the success stories featured on thisisfet.ie are: • Danay Berhane, who has always wanted to be a chef. Following a ‘Professional Cookery’ course in Cork College of Commerce, he graduated from CIT and was crowned the 2019 Dairy Chef of the Year competition in Paris, and now works in Adare Manor; • Kate Stitt, who following a degree in Fine Art, worked in retail. Following a ‘Nationwide’ episode on the costume design, she enrolled at Inchicore College of Further Education and has just graduated top of her class; and • Former event manager Laura Mulkeen, who always had a passion for craft-focused work. She completed welding courses in Donegal ETB and now works as a coded pipe welder. These stories and many more are available to read in full on thisisfet.ie A highlight of the campaign and in keeping with the theme of shining a light on FET, were the light projections profiling FET learners and graduates that lit up some of

Ireland’s most iconic buildings including The Rock of Cashel, Tipperary, Barnado’s Square, Dame Street, Dublin and Cork College of Commerce, Cork City. A banner also draped Liberty Hall in Dublin. FET, offers a wide variety of lifelong education options to anyone over 16, and includes apprenticeships, traineeships, Post Leaving Cert (PLC) courses, community and adult education as well as core literacy and numeracy services. FET courses and programmes are provided through the Education and Training Board network throughout the country as well as through other local providers including online through SOLAS’ eCollege. Through the extensive ETB network, FET has a presence in every town and every community in Ireland. Not only does this mean that FET is easy to access, it also means that ETBs are close to and responsive to the needs of the community. FET is for everyone and is in every community in Ireland. Further information on FET and the ‘This is FET’ campaign can be found at: www.thisisFET.ie Facebook: #ThisisFET; Twitter: @thisisfet Education 53

Summer Gaeltacht Courses 2020 Ionad / Location Meath Droim Rí 1 Meath Droim Rí 2 Meath Droim Rí 3 Meath Droim Rí 4 Meath Droim Rí 5

Dátaí / Dates 07 June–27 June 28 June–11 July 12 July–25 July 26 July–8 Aug 09 Aug–22 Aug

Level Secondary School Secondary School 4th-6th Class 4th-6th Class Secondary School

Donegal Gaoth Dobhair 1 07 June–27 June

Secondary School

Meath Ráth Chairn 1 Meath Ráth Chairn 2 Meath Ráth Chairn 3

Secondary School Secondary School Secondary School

07 June–27 June 05 July–25 July 26 July–15 Aug

For further information or application forms contact us on 01-8259342 or eolas@cnb.ie Ionad Óige na hÉireann, Coláiste na bhFiann, Droim Rí, Co. na Mí


School Tour as Gaeilge?

Need a school tour with a difference? Our residential school tours will be tailor made to suit YOUR school. We help you choose from some or all of the following depending on the length of your stay with us: Team Building Exercises, Vocabulary Development Games, Climbing Wall, Workshops in African Drumming, Sean-Nós Dancing, Hip Hop, Music, Arts & Crafts, Sport, Yoga, Drama, Archery, Treasure Hunts, Tour to Hill of Tara & Trim Castle. For more information contact us on +353 1 8259342 or eolas@cnb.ie Ionad Óige na hÉireann, Coláiste na bhFiann, Droim Rí, Co. na Mí


.....................................................................................................................GREEN NEWS

Electric cars better for climate in 95% of the world says research FEARS that electric cars could actually increase carbon emissions are unfounded in almost all parts of the world, new research shows. Media reports have regularly questioned whether electric cars are really greener once emissions from production and generating their electricity are taken into account. But a new study by the universities of Exeter, Nijmegen and Cambridge has concluded that electric cars lead to lower carbon emissions overall, even if electricity generation still involves substantial amounts of fossil fuel. Already under current conditions, driving an electric car is better for the climate than conventional petrol cars in 95% of the world, the study finds. The only exceptions are places like Poland, where electricity generation is still mostly based on coal. Average lifetime emissions from electric cars are up to 70% lower than petrol cars in countries like Sweden and France (which

get most of their electricity from renewables and nuclear), and around 30% lower in the UK. In a few years, even inefficient electric cars will be less emission-intensive than most new petrol cars in most countries, as electricity generation is expected to be less carbon-intensive than today. The study projects that in 2050, every second car on the streets could be electric. This would reduce global CO2 emissions by up to 1.5 gigatons per year, which is

equivalent to the total current CO2 emissions of Russia. The study also looked at electric household heat pumps, and found they too produce lower emissions than fossil-fuel alternatives in 95% of the world. Heat pumps could reduce global CO2 emissions in 2050 by up to 0.8 gigatons per year – roughly equal to Germany’s current annual emissions. The study examined the current and future emissions of different types of vehicles and home heating options worldwide. “We started this work a few years ago, and policy-makers in the UK and abroad have shown a lot of interest in the results,” said Dr Jean-Francois Mercure, of the Global Systems Institute at the University of Exeter. “The answer is clear: to reduce carbon emissions, we should choose electric cars and household heat pumps over fossil-fuel alternatives.”

World’s first hydrogen fuel cell €1m invested in passenger train takes its first steps three geothermal THE Coradia iLint is the world's first regional passenger train to enter service equipped with fuel cells to convert hydrogen and oxygen into electricity, thus eliminating pollutant emissions related to propulsion. The train is completely quiet, and its only emission is water. Purpose-built for use on non-electrified lines, it provides clean, sustainable traction with no sacrifice in performance. It has a range of approximately 1000 kilometres – the same as equivalent-size diesel multiple units. The

train is developed and produced by Alstom. “Tests in the Netherlands demonstrate how our hydrogen train is mature in terms of availability and reliability, providing the same performance as traditional regional trains, but with the benefit of low noise and zero emissions. It is also easy to integrate in an existing fleet and is compliant with all safety regulations. The Coradia iLint hydrogen train is a reliable emission-free train ready to help transport us to a carbonneutral Europe,” said Bernard Belvaux, Managing Director, Alstom Benelux. The development of long distance hydrogen trains could help Ireland transition its rail fleet to low carbon energy without having to electrify lines. Ireland's current inter-city fleet are all diesel powered which will come under scrutiny as diesel has problems with particulate pollutions, leading to proposals to ban diesel cars in city centres. The Coradia iLint has seen 18 successful months of passenger service on a Bremerhaven line in Germany, where total of 41 Coradia iLint have already been ordered.

energy projects

THE SEAI and Geological Survey Ireland have announced €1M in funding towards innovative research projects targeting geothermal energy. Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies was awarded funding for the DIG project (De-risking Ireland’s Geothermal energy potential). It aims to reduce risk in harnessing Ireland´s geothermal energy potential using a multi-scale and multi-disciplinary approach. Gavin and Doherty Geosolutions Ltd has been awarded funding for a project titled ThermoWell. It will apply novel drilling and exploration techniques for deep geothermal resources. Terra GeoServ Ltd has been awarded funding for their research project ShallowTHERM. This project will test a methodology to estimate the underground heat-exchange potential for shallow geothermal installations, in particular, vertical closed loop collectors. Education 55

NEW! €200,000 VIRTUAL REALITY EXPERIENCE FOR WICKLOW GAOL June 2019 Wicklow Historic Gaol will launch a spectacular new virtual reality experience themed – ‘The Gates of Hell’.

The fully immersive experience will transport visitors back in time to Wicklow Gaol in the 1700s – a grim 3-dimensional world of corruption, rebellion and dark dungeons. Some of the Gaol’s most notorious prisoners will feature and there may even be a guest appearance from one of the haunted Gaol’s famous ghosts! The hugely-anticipated new experience has been made possible following the awarding of a €200,000 grant from Fáilte Ireland.

Wicklows Historic Gaol • Kilmantin Hill Wicklow Town • Co Wicklow • 0404-61599

www.wicklowshistoricgaol.com 56 Education

Creating awareness in Ireland about the Holocaust HOLOCAUST Education Trust online resources through our own Ireland (HETI) was established in website (www.hetireland.org) and in 2005 as a not for profit national cooperation with Scoilnet. HETI organises a variety of leccharity. The vision of HETI vision is to cre- tures, exhibitions and other public ate awareness in Ireland about the events throughout the year. To keep up to date please visit our website or Holocaust and its consequences. We are sharing good practice in Facebook page. delivering Holocaust education, Increasing antisemitism remembrance programmes and In response to increasing incicountering antisemitism and racism. On behalf of the Department of dences of antisemitism across Europe Justice and Equality, HETI organises and here in Ireland, HETI has develthe annual Holocaust Memorial Day oped and piloted three new 90 commemoration in the Sunday clos- minutes long programmes: est to on January 27, which make • to assist teachers and pupils in preparing for school visits to the anniversary of the liberation of concentration camps and Auschwitz. memorial sites (such as In partnership with the Auschwitz – Birkenau) Department of STYLE Education and Skills HETI poster NEW LAND_Layout 1 20/02/2020 14:20 Page 1 HETI provides teacher education and • to use archive resources in

"To help young people to become “upstanders” rather than bystanders when faced with prejudice and injustice"

teaching about everyday life and resistance in the Warsaw Ghetto • to help young people to become “upstanders” rather than bystanders when faced with prejudice and injustice A further important aspect of HETI’s work is international cooperation in projects and networks. HETI is a member of the Irish delegation at the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance. HETI also organises international study visits. HETI, in association with the History Teachers Association of Ireland, awards the annual Mary Elmes Prize in Holocaust Studies for Transition Year students, If you wish to discuss any of our programmes, don’t hesitate to contact our office.

Berlin Study Visit 14 – 17 April 2020

A visit to the city of Berlin in the country where National Socialism originated. It includes an overview of Jewish Berlin and its history and also visits to Holocaust sites. Working with Holocaust scholars and educators, the programme allows participants to grasp the enormity of the Holocaust and its resonances within the city. Visit includes: • Walking Tour with a focus on Jewish historical sites and commemoration of Nazi victims; Memorial for the murdered Jews of Europe; House of the Wannsee Conference; Grunewald Deportation Site; Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp; The Anne Frank Centre; Otto Weidt House and the Silent Heroes Archive Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe

Cost: €595 (inclusive of travel, hotel and entrance fees)

For further information please contact: Holocaust Education Trust Ireland, Clifton Street, Dublin 2,programmes, Ireland. For information andHouse, detailsLower aboutFitzwilliam all our teacher education contact: Tel: + 353 1 6690593 Email: info@hetireland.org www.hetireland.org

Education 57

Learn through adventure with Donegal Adventure Centre • One of Ireland’s premier adventure facilities located in Ireland’s Surfing capital

• Field Studies residential programmes in partnership with Field Studies Council

• Residential and day tours all year round to suit all budgets

• Gaisce Awards

• Language & Adventure Programme for secondary level schools

• Full 24 hour supervision is included in our programmes

Donegal Adventure Centre

Bayview Avenue, Bundoran, Co. Donegal. F94 EK7V

T: +353 (0)7198 42418 E: info@donegaladventurecentre.com W: www.donegaladventurecentre.com







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58 Education

Great experiences in a stunning environment DELPHI Resort is nestled in the heart of the Delphi valley, Connemara, an area of outstanding natural beauty. Located on a 200 acre forest site along Ireland’s Wild Atlantic Way, breathtaking mountain vistas provide a dramatic backdrop to the Resort which overlooks the banks of the Bundorragha River. Delphi Resort has undergone a huge transformation over the last 30 years, without losing its roots as a premier adventure destination in Ireland. Established over 35 years ago as an adventure centre and hostel catering for both domestic and international school children, Delphi Resort has evolved into one of Irelands' leading destinations and now boasts a newly built 206-bed Failte Ireland ‘Welcome Standard’ approved hostel, 4* Hotel, Restaurant, Bar, Spa, Yoga Studio, Cafe, and onsite Adventure Centre. Outdoor education Throughout the years the schools and youth group outdoor education and adventure programmes have remained at the heart of Delphi Resorts’ offering. Delphi Resort’s stimulating environment helps to change perspectives and broaden the horizons of pupils. There is something exhilarating about being outdoors and Delphi Resorts’ multi-activity programmes encourage students to experience the great outdoors through an exciting itinerary of land and water-based activities. Everything from a Gaisce hike to kayaking the Killary Fjord, the infamous Bog Challenge, Aerial Zip-Line and Trekking, Archery, Climbing and much, much more. Building students' skills These activities help build students’ self-confidence and develop greater emotional intelligence, inter-personal skills and team spirit in a safe and awe-inspiring environment. Delphi Resort offers all-inclusive actionpacked school/youth group packages with activities running from 9.30am-9pm daily and 24 hour supervision provided for students. One teacher travels free of charge per 15 students, with teachers accommodation provided in the 4* Hotel. Over 200 school/youth groups choose Delphi Resort annually for their adventure trip, with over 99% of the school’s and youth groups Delphi welcomed last year planning a return trip. Some of the feedback from past groups include “Delphi just keeps getting better and better” and “Best school tour bar none!”

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More than an adventure centre Today, Delphi is far from just an adventure centre, it is an experience – one that warmly welcomes all visitors, from those seeking adrenaline-fuelled adventures, action-packed school and youth group tours, corporate team bonding trips to romantic getaways, quality-time family trips or those seeking pure relaxation.


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Bring history to life at Cavan County Museum

Virginia Road, Ballyjamesduff, Co. Cavan, Ireland. T: 353 (0)49 854 4070 • E: ccmuseum@eircom.net

TAKE a magical walk back through time in the historic wonderland that is Cavan County Museum! This exciting and vibrant museum takes history off the page and brings it to life with larger-than-life outdoor exhibitions such as the World War I Trench Experience and Battle of the Somme Installation, giving you the opportunity to walk around the largest replica trench in Ireland or Britain and experience how it felt to fight in 'the war to end all wars'. It’s so realistic, you can practically feel the bullets flying overhead, so make sure you keep low!! The 1916 Rising Experience Exhibition evokes the chaos and violence of the Easter Rising with a giant replica of the GPO and a walk-though tunnel, mirroring the cramped conditions endured by the rebels.


Fascinating artefacts Indoors, Cavan County Museum is a treasure trove of fascinating artefacts from our past, such as ancient arrowheads that our ancestors used to hunt, the mysterious three-faced Corleck Head, and the ancient, cursed Killycluggin Stone. After touring the Museum’s indoor and outdoor exhibitions visitors can enjoy a stroll around The Nuns’ Walk, refreshments in our Coffee Shop or browse around the Museum’s Craft Shop. Cavan County Museum, Ballyjamesduff, is open Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday from 10am - 5pm. www.cavanmuseum.ie

OPENING TIMES Tuesday to Saturday 10am – 5pm Sunday (June, July, August, September) 2pm – 5.30pm Monday – Closed • • • • • • •

FACILITIES INCLUDE Exhibition Galleries over 3 Floors • Playground Outdoor WWI Trench Experience • Picnic Area 1916 Rising Experience • Gardens and Walkways Coach and Car Park • Audio Visual Displays Disabled Access • Art Gallery Craft and Coffee Shop • Guided Tours The Nuns’ Walk • Entertainment Venue


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Organising a school trip? We’re with you every step of the way

Everything you need for the perfect school trip • Over 20 years’ experience • A wide range of inspiring destinations • Your own dedicated destination expert to work with you to create the ultimate trip itinerary • Instant access to our award-winning online school trip organiser & travel app • 24-hour emergency cover, audited accommodation, transport & excursions

• Reassurance for parents & teachers with NST’s Locate My Trip app, providing live updates on your group’s tour location • On-the-ground support from NST’s representatives, guides & escorts in many destinations • Fully bonded through ABTA, ATOL & IATA and bonded & licensed by the Irish Government as a travel agent

Start planning your next school trip today! Call our team of group travel experts on +353 (0)1 8940300 or visit nst.ie

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Museum & Stadium Tours at Thomond Park Stadium - an ideal stop on your School Tour Day THO M OND Pa r k i s th e h o m e ground of Munster Rugby, one of the most successful and best supported rugby clubs in the world. The famous venue, renowned internationally for its unique history and atmosphere, has been redeveloped and now boasts an increased capacity of 25,600 plus an extensive range of conference & banqueting facilities and state of the art Museum that have further enhanced its glowing reputation. Thomond Park Stadium can offer a truly unique experience including a visit to the fully interactive Munster Experience Museum, plus a stadium tour that offers an exclusive chance to follow in the footsteps of your Munster heroes by taking a look behind the scenes at the historic Thomond Park Stadium

Located close to many attractions in the Shannon Region, why not take in some sporting history as well as Irish history?! The visit begins with a guided tour of the spectacular Thomond Park Stadium, from a seat in the home dressing room to a walk down the tunnel. Interactive museum Also included is a visit to the interactive museum and specially commissioned film that showcases the proud heritage of Munster Rugby. The specially commissioned film, ‘We are Munster’, portrays the tradition and history of the club, and the unique bond it shares with its loyal supporters. The stadium tour takes you to places usually only accessible to play-

"The specially commissioned film, ‘We are Munster’, portrays the tradition and history of the club, and the unique bond it shares with its loyal supporters"

ers and officials. Reasons to visit Thomond Park Stadium & Munster Experience Museum? • Fully guided tour with experienced Tour Guides • Experience the history of Munster Rugby through visual aids & images • Test your skills in the interactive game zone • Ample car parking and easy access to all major routes • Perfect for both Primary and Secondary schools. • Tour Time: 1 hour 15 minutes approx Quote ‘Education Now’ when booking for €5 per pupil on 061 421100 or email: museum@ thomondpark.ie to claim this special school tour rate

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A School Trip of a Lifetime!

FollowTheCamino.com/Schools Info@followthecamino.com

Give your students the gift of an unforgettable trip on the famous Camino de Santiago. The Camino Provides A great tool for your students to develop soft skills The Camino de Santiago is a great tool for you as an educator to help your students to develop soft skills like team working and empathy. A formula to unfold your student’s curiosity What better way to grow than by going out of your comfort zone? Introduce your students to the world beyond the classroom and boost their curiosity to learn more about Spanish culture and traditions.

A great way to practice their Spanish and to explore Spain’s history The history in the Galician region is perhaps the most interesting in all of Spain. Known as the seventh Celtic nation, it is home to ancient relics, pagan folklore, and a colourful living history unlike anywhere else.

Follow the Camino has your back every step of the way! From day one, you’ll be supported by one of our Camino planners to plan the perfect school trip for your students. Before the trip • Customised and flexible itineraries • Group booking of up to 70 people • Teachers go free

Walking the Camino provides a great boost of confidence for

• Easy payment system

students, particularly at a time in their life when students may need it most!

• Information talks

• Flights

During the trip • Airport & luggage transfer

Gonzaga College – Jun 2018 (5th year)

“Just returned from an amazing 5 days on the Camino! It was a complete unknown, and even more risky taking 15 students with me but Follow the Camino did a fantastic job!!! Thank

• Hostel, breakfast, dinners and picnic lunch • Experienced guide • 24/7 Emergency support in Spanish/English

you so much everyone who helped to make our trip so special. Everything went like clockwork. Connections were there on time and smiling faces and helpfulness were always evident. Thank you all from all of us!! 64 Education


€390 / student


Proclaiming a Republic: The 1916 Rising experience - facing the physical reality of the events of Easter Week through physical proximity to the people and events through their everyday, personal belongings, allowing us to follow the stories of those caught up in the events of that momentous week – combatants, civilians, and survivors alike.

THE National Museum of Ireland has a long tradition of exhibitions relating to Easter Week 1916. In 2016 the NMI at Collins Barracks created the 100th Anniversary exhibition “Proclaiming a Republic: The 1916 Rising” - the largest ever display of objects from this period. This extraordinary exhibition, which has been visited by hundreds of thousands of people from across the world, will shortly be coming to an end. Many of the exhibited objects had never been on public display before while others, such as the Irish Republic flag which flew over the GPO, were specially conserved. This exhibition offers visitors the unique

The last date to view this exhibition is Sunday April 19th, 2020. Location: National Museum of Ireland - Decorative Arts & History, Collins Barracks, Benburb Street, Dublin 7. www.museum.ie

15-year-old Charles Darcy was a shop assistant and a member of the Irish Citizen Army. He was killed in action at City Hall on Easter Monday, 1916. His mother, Elizabeth, passed his medal and his Memoriam card over to the care of the National Museum of Ireland.


This is as close as it gets.

EXHIBITION closes April 19th 2020! Collins Baracks

Benburb Street, Dublin 7.

Free Admission www.museum.ie

Open: Sunday & Monday 1pm to 5pm. Tuesday to Saturday 10am to 5pm.

Closed: Christmas Day & Good Friday.

LUAS Red Line Museum Stop

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Life and Death in Medieval Kilkenny

Exhibition Now Open Kilkenny City

SINCE 2017, the Medieval Mile Museum has shared the stories of Ireland’s most powerful patrons and inspired creators. In what was a 13th century parish church, the award-winning museum is now an amalgamation of cutting-edge architecture, archaeology, history and exhibition design. When skeletal remains were discovered on site in the summer of 2016, the local community watched archaeologists uncover the findings. Now these remains, concealed for centuries, are central to a fascinating permanent exhibition. “Until the mid-1600s, only the very wealthy were buried in coffins” said Grace Fegan, Curator. “Poorer parishioners’ bodies were put directly into the soil, dressed in a shroud. It is ironic that these people are now alongside the grandiose, ornamental tombs of the super wealthy inside St Mary’s. It’s a nice ending to what must have been a very hard life”. A professional archaeologist, Grace is well placed to assist students develop an historical consciousness, learn to work with evidence and acquire the ‘bigger picture’ through interactions with the museum’s collections. “It’s a joy to welcome students of any age to the museum, especially when the visit finishes with our famous LEGO Hunt!”. FIND OUT MORE: For more information or to plan your visit go to www.medievalmilemuseum.ie/schools

the pirate adventure park at

Get top Marks for Your school tour With a rich heritage including Grace O’Malley (16th century pirate queen), Ireland’s most beautiful historic house, and the awardwinning Pirate Adventure Park, you’ll be top of the class when you choose Westport House for your school tour! It has the ideal blend of fun, activity and education – the school tour that will satisfy everyone.

School Tour Visits – what is included? Your admission price of €14 per person includes the pirate adventure park and unlimited use of the rides. add on a tour and admission to Westport house for €1. the panning for Gold experience and hook a Duck games are not included and are priced at €3 per turn.

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Hours of Fun the pirate adventure park delivers hours of fun ideally suited to junior infants through to sixth class students – with something for all ages. the pirate adventure park features unlimited use of: • The Pirate Queen’s Ship (swinging ship ride) • Pirates Plunge • Kiddie Zipwire • Treasure Island Express • The Giant Swan Pedal boats • Cannon Ball Run (slippery slide ride), • The Pirates Den (indoor soft play area). • Jump Around ride Int ordererested In • Mini Ferris Wheel Ing lu nch? no • Vortex Tunnel Please problem. pre-b o • Playground by Gracy’s nch a ok your Graclu t y • Disc Golf and B ’s Pizzeria istro in f armya the • Play Village - Mini Westport rd .

please visit

www.WestportHouse.ie or call (098) 27766 to book in.

Explore Ireland’s marine environment and biodiversity GALWAY Atlantaquaria is the National Aquarium of Ireland. As Ireland’s largest Native Species Aquarium, we are the perfect location for school tours, field trips and workshops based around Ireland’s diverse marine environment and biodiversity, sustainability, environmental awareness, care and ecology investigation. We cater for students of all ages, with options available to pre-school, primary, secondary and third level educational needs. We are located on the seafront in Salthill, within easy access to parking, food service providers and habitats to explore.


· · · · ·

Educational options Our educational options include: Galway Field Studies Modules including Grassland and Seashore Ecology Investigations (secondary level only) Seashore Safaris (preschool and primary)* Animal anatomy workshop based around a squid dissection (primary and secondary)* Engineering Workshops based on designing flood defences* (primary and secondary) Maths Workshop based around tank design in the aquarium (primary and secondary) Sustainability Workshop based on

fisheries and sustainable food production (secondary) · Marine Litter Workshop based on materials and environmental "We cater for awareness and care, and students of all responsible personal choices. ages, with Option to include a beach clean options on our local shore available to available to schools. (primary and secondary) pre-school, · Water Investigations Workshop primary, based on the properties and secondary and characteristics of water and the third level oceans. (pre-school and educational primary)* needs" *DPSM accredited workshops. All workshops include a one hour guided tour of the aquarium.

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Waterford Treasures: three museums in the Viking Triangle DELVE back in time with a tour that’s bound to bring out your inner Strongbow or Aoife in the most ancient part of Ireland’s oldest city ‘Veðrafjǫrðr’ (Waterford). Waterford not only boasts the House of Waterford Crystal and three museums but features an award-winning walking experience, the Epic Tour of the Viking Triangle. From the Vikings to the Victorians, the one hour all weather trip gets you into six national monuments, including Greyfriars Medieval Franciscan Friary, the Mayor’s Wine Vault and Christ Church Cathedral, all in the capable hands of professional guides. Comes to life History really comes to life at the award winning Medieval Museum. This stunning modern building incorporates a 13th century Choristers' Hall and a 15th century wine vault. Our professional guides regale visi-

68 Education

tors with tales of times gone by with the help of a priceless collection of unique artefacts. Among the great treasures of international importance are the 4 metre long Great Charter Roll dated to 1373, which Queen Elizabeth specifically asked to view on her state visit to Ireland, the only piece of King Henry VIII’s clothing to survive – the ‘Cap of Maintenance’ and the 15th century cloth of gold vestments - the only complete set of High Mass Vestments to survive in Northern Europe. The story of Waterford Within a few metres of the medieval museum is the beautiful Georgian Bishop's Palace built in 1743. It is here that the story of Waterford from 1700 to the 1970s is told by re-enactors against a backdrop of rare 18th century Irish furniture, glass silver and paintings. The Bishop’s Palace is home to the

From the Vikings to the Victorians, the one hour all weather trip gets you into six national monuments

only surviving Napoleon Bonaparte’s Mourning Cross and the world’s oldest piece of Waterford Crystal crafted in 1789. Unveiled in 2019 as p a r t o f t h e g u i d e d t o u r, ‘Masterpieces in Glass’ is a re-enactor led experience culminating in a 17 minute 4D presentation detailing the long history of glass making in Waterford and vividly immersing you 18th and 19th century Waterford. At Reginald’s Tower (named after the Viking chief who founded the city in 941) you can get up close and personal with weapons from a Viking warrior’s grave. All these attractions are only 15 minutes away from the seaside town of Tramore and Mount Congreve Gardens in Kilmeaden, 20 minutes from the fishing village of Dunmore East, 25 minutes from the Dunbrody Famine Ship in New Ross and half an hour from the Copper Coast Geo Park. www.waterfordtreasures.com

Enjoy an authentic eighteenth century Georgian grand residence, the Bishop’s Palace in 1743. Don’t miss: the oldest surviving piece of Waterford Crystal in the world (1789) and the only surviving gold mourning cross commissioned by Napoleon’s mother on the Emperor’s death in 1821. Unveiled in 2019, spectacular new 4D Masterpieces in Glass experience.

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What will your next challenge be? Community life as a priest or brother will allow you to learn and grow as a person. As you come to know yourself, you will discover who it is God created you to be. www.rosminians.ie Matt Ganey

Institute of Charity

Rosminians 70 Education

Help us make a difference in difficult times.

Creating a quiet and reflective retreat experience REDEMPTORIST Youth Ministry is one of the largest providers of School Retreat programmes on the island of Ireland with teams in Belfast, Cork and Galway. Annually, close to ten thousand young people experience a retreat with one of our teams. Our teams in Cork and Galway are very busy during the academic year. Scala Retreat and Conference centre is located in the Blackrock area of Cork along the river Lee. Situated opposite Blackrock Castle and Observatory, Scala is an oasis of peace and quiet in a big and busy city. Class group retreats Scala offer retreats for Confirmation class groups in primary school and retreats from 1st to 6th year in secondary school. The facilities and the grounds at Scala help create a quiet and reflective experience for our retreats.

Our retreat programmes are tailored towards each particular year group exploring the human and spiritual needs of young people through, prayer, creativity, debate and meditation. The Scala retreat is a one day retreat beginning at 9:30am and concludes at 2:45pm. In addition to our retreat programmes Scala can also offer one day programmes in the following areas: group wellness day, mentor training, Leadership training & student council training. For further information on our programmes or to book a retreat please contact us on 021-4358000 or email info.scala@cssr.ie

retreats for Confirmation class groups in primary school and retreats from 1st to 6th year in secondary school. "Our retreat The Esker Experience can be overprogrammes night or for one day. The day retreat are tailored begins at 9.30am, and concludes at towards each particular year 3.30pm. The over-night gives the young people more time to engage group with issues, and to bond with each exploring the other as a group. The Sacrament of human and spiritual needs Reconciliation is offered on the overnight experience. of young The Esker Youth Village can cater people for large groups over-night,- with through, two dormitories, 35 beds in each, prayer, and use of the retreat house nearby. creativity, Our programmes make use of the debate and beautiful nature in the surrounds of meditation" Esker.

Get the Esker Experience Esker Retreat Centre is located in west of Ireland, outside Galway city in the town of Athenry. Esker is a rural retreat centre which provides

For more information or to book a retreat please contact us on 091-844007 or email info@redemptoristsesker.ie

Young people are welcomed to Scala to participate in: ✔ Confirmation and secondary school retreats ✔ The Meitheal Youth Leadership Programme ✔ Leadership and mentor training

Esker Retreat Centre

✔ Service projects

Scala Retreat and Conference Center Castle Road, Blackrock, Cork, Ireland Tel: 021 435 8800 | Email: info.scala@cssr.ie


Esker is a rural retreat centre, near Galway city, which provides retreats for confirmation class groups in primary school and retreats from 1st to 6th year in secondary school. The Esker Experience can be over-night or for one day

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The Edmund Rice International Heritage Centre in Waterford THE Edmund Rice International Heritage Centre in Waterford, Ireland, is the resting place of Edmund Rice, founder of the Christian and Presentation Brothers. It is also the site of an impressive visitor centre, thriving community centre and beautiful chapel. Admission is free, and all are welcome. As well as being a visitor attraction and place of pilgrimage, the Edmund Rice Centre is also the heart and soul of the local community. One of the main ministries is the Information and Integration Unit which helps refugees, asylum seekers and other immigrants to integrate into the local community. The centre is also used as a meeting point and recreational base by local businesses and community organisations.

Being a Brother for the World

Edmund Rice Museum Officially opened in 2008, the Edmund Rice Heritage Centre tells the story of Edmund Rice, the Ireland in which he lived and the growth of his congregations throughout the world. This modern museum has many captivating features including a multimedia tour of 18th century Waterford, complete with the sights, sounds and even smells of the city streets and dwellings. One of the centrepieces of the museum is a facial reconstruction of Edmund Rice. Thanks to the miracle of modern science, visitors to the centre can travel back in time and come face to face with a laser-generated image of Blessed Edmund’s head, made of resin, paint and clay. There’s also a life size replica of his

bedroom and a typical classroom in which he taught. "This modern museum has many captivating features including a multimedia tour of 18th century Waterford, complete with the sights, sounds and even smells of the city streets and dwellings"

Community centre Of course, there’s more to the Edmund Rice Centre than the museum and chapel. As well as being a visitor attraction and place of pilgrimage, it’s also the heart and soul of the local community. One of its main ministries is the Information and Integration Support Unit which helps refugees, asylum seekers and other immigrants to integrate into the local community. Activities include English language classes, computer skills, a drop-in centre, cultural events and free legal aid. Find out more about the visitor centre and the museum online at www.edmundrice.ie.

Are you wondering about what the next step in your life might be? Do you wish to make a difference in the lives of others? Christian Brothers offer new ways of being present and active, in education, community development and with marginalised people.

For information on becoming a Christian Brother contact Brother Dominic Sassi cfc dominicsassi@gmail.com 087 343 7958


72 Education

Christian Brothers

RECENTLY PUBLISHED ...........................................................................................................

Return to Sender - Revisiting John Hinde's Ireland By Paul Kelly

THROUGHOUT Paul Kelly’s childhood his father, Patrick Kelly, sent John Hinde postcards to him in California when he was visiting the land of his youth. By the time he was nine, Paul was accompanying his father on these trips, and developed his own love of Ireland. His father died in 2015, and in 2018, Paul came back to live in Ireland with his family. Return to Sender is his tribute to John Hinde, whose jewel-bright Ireland was the stuff of his childhood dreams. John Hinde was a pioneer of colour photography and one of the most successful postcard publishers in the world. His largest collection of postcards celebrated Ireland. He portrayed an island brightened by his imagination, a place where children were red-haired and freckled, the sun always shining, and the sky forever blue. Return to Sender pairs Hinde’s iconic postcards with corresponding contemporary photographs. The side-by-side contrast of these thenand-now photographs, illustrates the ways Ireland’s rural and urban landscapes have changed over the decades. Gill Books • Around €20 Hardback

The Sound of the Shuttle Essays on

Cultural Belonging & Protestantism in Northern Ireland

By Gerald Dawe

The Tribe: The Inside Story of Irish Power and Influence in US Politics By Caitriona Perry

THE Sound of the Shuttle is a compelling selection of essays written over four decades by Belfast-born poet Gerald Dawe, exploring the difficult and at times neglected territory of cultural belonging and northern Protestantism. The title, taken from a letter of John Keats during a journey through the north-east in 1818, evokes the lives of the thousands of workers in the linen industry, tobacco factories and shipyards of Belfast. Sketching in literary, social and political contexts, Dawe offers insights into the debate about a ‘New Ireland’ by bringing into focus the experiences, beliefs and achievements of a sometimes maligned and often misread community. Irish Academic Press • Around €19

In The Tribe, Caitríona Perry is on familiar ground, returning to Washington and the green strongholds of the US. Irish Americans were once considered kingmakers in local and national elections, but generations of assimilation and rising numbers of newer immigrants have diluted that power. Many even argue that the concept of an Irish vote is dead. But through exclusive interviews with powerful Irish American insiders a clear sense that the Irish are still wielding valuable soft power at the highest levels of US politics emerges. Here, Caitríona Perry gets to the heart of the source and effectiveness of Irish power and influence in America. Gill Books • Around €22 Hardback

Introducing John Moriarty

The Lammisters

Edited by: Michael W. Higgins

By the Institute of Public Administration

In 'Introducing Moriarty' Canadian theologian and academic Michael W. Higgins compiles the essential writings of Irish philosopher and mystic, John Moriarty. This distillation of Moriarty’s texts on ecology, mysticism and spirituality is a perfect introduction to the work of this complex and, at times, esoteric philosopher. Higgins’ commentary provides an excellent guide to one of the country’s most enigmatic modern thinkers and is an essential addition to the library of anyone interested in Irish philosophy and spirituality. Lilliput Press • Around €12

Hollywood, 1923. Having ascended into the pantheon of America’s Most Wanted by dispatching his mortal foes to the holding pens where Cecil B. DeMille keeps his expendable extras, Irish bootlegger Rusty McGrew goes on the lam with the shimmering goddess Vanessa Hopgood, her enraptured swain Sir Archibald l’Estrange-B’stard, and Edward ‘Bugs’ Dooley. Delighting in rapid-fire dialogue, subversive genre-bending and metafictional digressions, The Lammisters is a comic novel that will likely be declared a wholly original comedy classic by anyone who has yet to read Flann O’Brien, Jane Austen, PG Wodehouse or Laurence Sterne. No Alibis Press • Around €14 Education 73


Performing Arts



Phoenix Performing Arts College

AG Easy Cleaning

Diligent Cleaning



Unit 2 Docklands Innovation Park, East Wall Road, East Wall, Dublin Call 085 815 4437 admin@phoenixpacs.com www.phoenixperformingartscollege.com

Phoenix is the only college of its kind in Ireland offering students full time professional training in performing Arts while still achieving a second level education and qualification which allows access to many colleges and universities. Our aim is to prepare students for a career in the performing arts and entry into the leading performing arts colleges worldwide.

Transport Nolan Coaches Unit 18, Block 5, Port Tunnel Business Park, Clonshaugh, Dublin 17, D17 HW65 (01) 847 3487 info@nolancoaches.ie www.nolancoaches.ie

Nolan Coaches is a family run business which now has three generations of experience in the coach hire business. The business was founded in the 1940’s by Jimmy Nolan. Today the company is run by David Nolan, who has been running the operation since 1993. Based just 5 minutes from Dublin Airport, Nolan Coaches provides top quality Irish coach and bus hire services around the Dublin area. Whatever your coach hire needs, from sports club to weddings to school day trips to private hire, Nolan Coaches will ensure that your group has a great experience. 74 Education

087 321 3415

085 272 7845 / 01 551 0371





Vic Bhugaloo

Nicole Henry

AG Easy Cleaning is here to make to life easier, providing an efficient and effective cleanliness suitable for your individual requirements. Our experienced team can take care of your house, apartment, pub or office, giving you more time for the things that really matter. The services are available weekly, monthly or as a one-off.

Eco Group Services Maynooth, Co Kildare +353 1 601 6393 info@ecogroup.ie www.ecogroup.ie Bernie / Kieran

We are a leading supplier of deep home cleaning services to residences in the greater Dublin area. We offer first class cleaning and janitorial services tailored to suit your unique requirements. We’ve been doing this for many years now and in that time, we’ve built up a reputation for high standards and integrity, so you can trust us to deliver quality. Choose Diligent and you won’t be disappointed. At Diligent, we like to create a long-term relationship with our clients. We get to know their specific needs and requirements so we can deliver exquisite and effective deep cleaning services. We are a 100% Irish owned company working out of Dublin.

Eco Group Services is 100% Irish owned and managed. Our ethos is to provide a quality contract cleaning service using the most advanced products available. Our commitment to excellence has enabled us to become leaders in the industry.

To list your company in the Suppliers Guide, please call

Tel: 01-8329246 or Email: education@clubi.ie

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Profile for Michael  Farrell

Education Magazine