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How Education Location Is Changing Online Continuing Education The marketplace for required licensure, certification and continuing education courses is crowded, and individual schools sometimes have difficulty advertising their services. Education Location is an online destination where schools and prospective students can share relevant information about required courses. The site features listings for courses in a wide range of professional occupations, including both online and in-classroom courses. Indeed, online continuing education is one of the fastest growing markets in higher education. Education Location ensures that all students have fair and equal access to relevant data. For students, Education Location provides numerous value-added features. The site is free to use, and students are under no obligation to sign up for any classes. Once registered on the site Prospective students can quickly and easily search for classes they need. Filters allow users to sort results by discipline as well as geographic area. When the list of courses has been narrowed to just a few, the user can compare all the key details on a single page, making the final decision easy. For instance, not all online defensive driving courses are the same—some feature more lessons and a higher price point, while others may employ different teaching methods. Cross-comparison helps match student to class with a high degree of success. After selecting a class, users can even register and pay their tuition from their web browser. Schools benefit just as much as students from the services provided by Education Location. Perhaps most importantly, Education Location offers a powerful new way to advertise a school's unique offerings. The site charges no set-up fees or monthly fees to post school and course information. Traditional advertising literally cannot compare to online methods, especially considering the extraordinarily low cost of entry. Using the intuitive interface, schools can keep their













In the near future, Education Location has plans to launch a national advertising campaign, designed to drive even more traffic to the website. More course listings and more prospective students searching for those courses will create a vibrant marketplace for everyone. Soon, the site's inertia will take over, as the service becomes the go-to solution for continuing education online. Many professions have a licensure requirement over and above other potential higher education

requirements, as mandated by state or federal regulators. This prevents "just anybody" from practicing home inspection, for example. A license often represents the last hurdle between being a student and being a professional. Continuing education is one of the hallmarks of many professions, such as mortgage brokers, in which regulations and best practices are constantly evolving. Other professionals covered by the Education Location umbrella include real estate appraisers and agents, home inspectors, insurance agents, financial planners, engineers, cosmetologists and drivers ( driver's education and defensive driving ). Professional development ensures that a profession as a whole maintains the highest possible standards. Failure of a professional to keep pace may lead to revocation of licensure or certification. Education Location hopes to shake up the landscape of continuing education online and classroom. By bringing together a host of resources in one place, the site is already making life easier for those in select professions and markets.

How education location is changing online continuing education  

Education Location brings students and schools together in a common space. Schools can market their courses, while students can easily find...