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oZ WORLD MEDIA, LLC 1100 H Street NW Suite M100 Washington D.C. 20005 Education Leaders Today is a quarterly B2B trade journal that services the education industry in private, charter, religious and magnet sectors. ELT has a readership of 20,000 headmasters within the education industry. We do not accept subscription requests from the general public, however, an abbreviated version is available on our website.

THE ESSENTIAL JOURNAL FOR EDUCATION Education Leaders Today has over 20,000 readers throughout the US. Our readership profile is comprised of private school business leaders (Principals, Board Members, Headmasters, Finance Directors), and federal, state and local government leaders who have demonstrated long term success and the will to survive in times of rough economic conditions. Our readership varies from leaders of small schools (150+ students) that operate locally with budgets of $3–$10 million annually to large universities (1500+ students) that operate in multiple locations with budgets exceeding $100 million annually. Our readers reflect the thought leadership of the education industry and the vendors that enable these schools to achieve unprecedented success. Our readers have the decision making authority and purchasing power at the schools they run. Collectively our readers are distinctly responsible for spending several billion dollars annually on services, salaries, materials and other products. Companies such as yours have a unique opportunity to showcase your products and services to these influential leaders. Your message is important and should be directed to those who are making the buying decisions. Education Leaders Today understands that relationships are the core of any successful business. Businesses do not exist in a vacuum. They are forged and guided by the strengths of their relationships. In the education industry, understanding this principle is what separates true industry leaders. Successful directors understand that maintaining and continuously developing solid relationships with not only parents and community leaders (i.e. their “customers”), but also with vendors and contractors plays a pivotol role in the shape of their school’s growth curve. We provide a forum for not only the exchange of groundbreaking information between cutting-edge decisionmakers, but also for strenghtening the links in the supply chain.



THE ORGANIZATIONS WE COVER We focus on the core operations of the schools we cover as well as their strategies for success. We provide the most in-depth view of any private school magazine on the market. In addition to institution profiles, we also cover hot topics in the education industry. We report on issues that have a national or global effect on specific industry

IN EACH ISSUE Each issue explains best practices that impact education leaders in the education industry. We also cover new advances in learning methodologies, curriculum advancements, existing and new laws that impact schools and tips for managing budgets, salary and campus real estate more effectively.

OUR DIFFERENCE Education Leaders Today seeks to publish indepth case studies on a variety of private schools and universities and to portray them in a positive light that captures the essence of the each school’s visions and goals. We do not make endorsements or publish information that may be damaging to any school or school association.

LOCAL & REGIONAL COVERAGE We offer local and regional case studies to ensure that we reach local companies that have a compelling story to tell. From Sioux Falls Construction to The Gilford Group we have a proven track record in covering successful local and regional businesslike. So, if you are a local advertiser this is a perfect opportunity to get your message out to your local market.

“We are the word of mouth!”

OUR READERS Our readers are the headmasters, superintendants, and senior executives who are responsible for running the largest, most successful private, religious, charter, and magnet schools and universities in America. They read our journal to gain additional insight into what is happening in their industry and to learn about external factors that may impact their business. They are the decision makers when it comes to purchasing for these schools. They collectively approve and manage execution for several billion dollars of products and services annually.

Reader Distribution

Reader Budget 10.95% 100MM+ 45.52% 10MM-49MM 26.1% 50MM-99MM 12.67% 2-9.9MM

4.76% 0-1.9MM

Reader Profile 0.54% Other 9.28% Parents & PTA

76.85& Principal/ Headmaster

Midwest 21%

West 3

Northeast %29

South 1

9.55% Administrators, association heads or board members

9% 250-499 School employees





USE FOR BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT Each of our case studies are formatted as compendiums (comprehensive compilation of a body of knowledge) and are made available as individual detailed case studies for schools who want to reuse them for business development or advertising purposes. Review our reprints section for more information.

CUSTOM BROCHURES If you are interested in a custom brochure for your company/school our design staff can create one for you. After the publication has been finalized our highly creative design team will customize a unique brochure for your company. The cover will spotlight your article from the issue and the inside spreads will solely contain information and advertisements about your business/school, affiliates and sponsors.

SPRING EDITION (April) Financial Management: Expense management techniques and tips are discussed. We make sure to bring you the latest information updates on employment costs, new tax rules and other financial management issues that affect the industry. Supply Chain Management: We cover the latest processes and techniques for supply chain management. Company Features: We cover 15 companies that have been successful despite the economic downturn.

FALL EDITION (October) Association Update: In this edition, we speak with several trade associations and member schools. Bid Strategies: This all important topic in educationis covered extensively. We look at techniques used in every subsector and the bid strategies that have been the most successful. Company Features: We cover 15 schools that have been successful in FY10.

SUMMER EDITION (June) Regional Update: In this issue, we explore 15 successful schools in 5 US Regions. Industry Spotlight: Spotlight on the most effective ways to maximize the 2-3 summer break Industry Events: We list the Summer’s Biggest Industry Events, Location and Times and Contact Info

WINTER EDITION (January) Top Executives of the Year: In this issue, we report on the top ten education executives in the US. Need Help?: We report on little known low cost options available to schoolsthat need financial or strategic assistance Looking Ahead: We have a Q&A session with the top pundits in the education industry to learn about what’s in store for 2011.

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ach morning the students, teachers, and administrators from Community preparatory School join together to recite a daily affirmation that includes the lines, “This day has been given to me fresh and clear. i can either use it or throw it away.” it reflects the spirit of responsibility and dedication that emanates throughout this 3rd- through 8th-grade private school based in providence, Rhode island. Dan Corley, head of Community preparatory School, founded the school in 1984. he started with 25 students and 49 Education Leaders Today Fall 2009

a dedication to providing a private school that would foster excellence in education for low-income students of mixed ethnicity. That philosophy continues today with 152 students, 34 percent latino, 24 percent African-American, 17 percent Bi-racial, 15 percent Caucasian, 7 percent Asian, and 3 percent NativeAmerican. Diversity is one of the keys to the school’s uniqueness. As is the high expectations for students. The school puts a good deal of responsibility on students, encouraging them to be self-directed learners. in 1996 the faculty adopted a Responsive

Classroom ™ approach that balances teacher-directed instruction with child-initiated learning. Students have “portgolios,” in which they set goals for themselves during conferences with teachers and parents at the beginning of each trimester. Ninety percent of the students receive substantial financial assistance for the $11,800 yearly tuition. The school depends on an 80 percent endowment to meet its $2.3 million operating budget. tuition covers only 20 percent of that budget. Most traditional private schools reverse those numbers with about 80


Headmaster Dan Corley discusses how Community Preparatory School succeeds by teaching the value of responsibility and dedication to its students

to 90 percent coming from tuition. Community preparatory School’s life-line is donations. however, that endowment is being threatened by the current turbulent economy. Within the past year, donations have dropped 30 percent. “there’s just no sense of what the future will bring in terms of the stock market. My guess is that it (endowments) will be a challenge for the next few years,” he said. But Corley is optimistic about the security of the school in the future, saying that strong, responsible fiscal management is the key. There are

business people on the school’s board and every year the school brings in more than they spent. one of those people is Dr. Robert W. hahn, who helped found the school and was Corley’s roommate at Brown University. hahn, who lives in Washington, D.C., has served as a senior staff member of the president’s Council of Economic Advisors and has worked as a consultant to government and industry on a variety of issues involving regulation and privatization. Community preparatory does receive title i funding and under the government’s new stimulus package. That could go up 51 percent in

the next two years if the stimulus funds will make it into non-public schools, Corley said. Corley hopes continued local and national press attention for the school’s innovative teaching and dedication to serving low-income students will help invigorate the flow of money. local television stations have highlighted the school’s calculator club and investment club. links on the schools website (www. enable visitors to view the press clips. Students in the calculator club are shown rejoicing, arms raised in the air as they calculate Education Leaders Today Fall 2009 50



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